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Episode 178: A Discovery in Bogota Colombia, That Can Help Your Business

Learn Something easy you can do to immediately grow your revenues 5-10%


Episode 177: 9 Reasons the Arts are more Important than Sports

Recent research reveals that students who take four years of arts and music average almost 100 higher points on their SATS than those who take a half-year or less. Have children or grandchildren? Want them to have a rich life. Maybe you should encourage them to grab a paintbrush instead of a football. 9 reasons why the arts are better than sports.


Episode 176: The 8 Traits of the world’s best CEO’s

Description: After studying more than 220,000 companies for books and having conducted more than 34,000 interviews with the most successful leaders, business owners and CEO’s in the world, Jason complied a list of the eight traits that truly great leaders share. He reveals them in this episode of the Game Changers©.


Episode 175: 5 Game Changers from Jeff Bezos and Amazon

Followed the company from its infancy but they never -explain – qualified for one of my books. But it’s tough to ignore advice form a guy who has a net worth of 158 billion dollars. Half of all online searches start on Amazon, 50% of Americans belong to Prime, and the company receives 1 of 2 dollars spent online. Article by Randall Lane, Editor of Forbes and have always admired him.


Episode 174: 5 Easy Steps for Being Mentally and Physically Fit

With 1.3 million listens and downloads and growing every week, this is, The Game Changers with Jason Jennings, NY Times, WSJ and USA TODAY bestselling author of eight books on leadership, growth, innovation, speed, reinvention…. Dale: You’re a fitness fanatic but we’ve never talked about it before, but, I guess that’s the subject today…what caused this to pop up your radar?


Episode 173: 9 Steps for Cultivating a Fierce Sense of Urgency

This episode is based on content from Jason’s book, Hit The Ground Running and reveals 9 simple steps for creating a fierce sense of urgency in any business or organization.


Episode 172: 6 Tips for Getting the People Who Can Make or Break You on Your Side

There’s a group of people whom you probably deal with frequently who can quickly make you or break you. But, many companies, small and large pay little attention to keeping these people on your side and turning them into partners. In this episode, Jason explains how to turn your vendors and suppliers into a cheerleading squad for your business.


Episode 171: The Three Powerful Forces of Positivity

Positivity is a powerful force that is oftentimes overlooked. A positive thought, a positive mindset, or a positive point-of-view has the potential to change your entire outlook on any situation. Find out why is positivity so important and how can you lead with positivity.


Episode 170: 12 Ways to Survive and Thrive in Busy Airports

Since his first book, almost 20 years ago, Jason has logged an average of 300,000 miles annually in air travel. If anyone is an expert at navigating airports around the world it’s him and, in this episode, he’ll reveal the 10 ways he survives and thrives while circumnavigating the problems most travelers confront.


Episode 169: Seven Tips for Reinventing a Mature Business

Marcus Theaters, the 4th largest movie chain the US is reinventing the movie going experience and their CEO, Rolando Rodriguez, has seven secrets for reinventing mature businesses.


Episode 168: Five Things You Need to Know About Asia

Jason recently returned from a month-long speaking and ‘snooping around’ tour to Asia and Southeast Asia and, despite having previously visited and worked in the region more than 50 times he was blown away by what he witnessed. Here’s what you need to know.


Episode 167: Jason Jennings on Why It Is Important For Businesses to Put Systems in Place

After 166 episodes of The Game Changers Dale Dixon and Jason Jennings had never met in-person. That all changed on the eve of Jason’s departure on a three-week speaking, adventure and ‘poking his nose around tour of China, Cambodia, Laos, Hong Kong and Singapore. During their lunch together, Jason gave Dale a sneak preview of what he’d be sharing with the leadership of one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.


Episode 166: Where Pigs Do Fly: 5 Vital Customer Service Lessons from the Honey Baked Ham Store

When it was time to buy a holiday ham Jason headed to the Honey Baked Ham store in northern California. He knew it was an hour-long drive, knew the store would be mobbed, called ahead anyway and was blown away by 5 Star customer service that he received and that any business can copy.


Episode 165: Six Simple Steps for Getting a Job & Career with Any Company You Choose

Nick Stathis, the Director of, Portfolio Financial Group, in Queensland, Australia, and a former client, reached out to Jason and asked if he remembered teaching a session titled, “How to Get a Job with Any Company Your Choose.” This episode reveals the six steps for getting a job and a career with any company you choose. It’s a fact; 80% of jobs are never advertised! Why in the world would anyone spend all their time scanning job postings, filling out forms and submitting resumes only to,...


Episode 164: 3 Things You Don’t Need to Know but Probably Should

Dale Dixon, the host of, The Game Changers©, just attended a Tony Robbins fifteen-hour workshop. Ever wondered about what goers on? We’ll review it for you. Do you know what the letters in the word ‘fine’ stand for? Once you do you’ll permanently banish the word from your vocabulary and think twice before interacting with anyone who uses it. Do you ever hear buzzword phrases like, ‘aggregating leading-edge functionalities’ and wonder if you’re stupid because you have no idea of what they’re...


Episode 163: Why a Nudge Might Be Enough to Get the Job Done

There was a big problem at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. Men were missing the urinals, cleanup was getting out of hand, and, nothing seemed to fix the problem until, one person had a bright idea that cut cleaning costs by 80%. The story is hilarious and true and will introduce you to the concept of nudging; how to get people to act in their own best interests without rules, decrees, policies and punishment. Learn how to nudge in the latest episode of The Game Changers©


Episode 162: 10 Ways to immediately make your business more productive

Sixteen years and six books ago, I was fortunate enough to write my second NYT and WSJ bestseller, Less Is More. A few weeks ago, I received a call from the leader of a company who wanted a speech based on that book, specifically, the last few pages of the book, where I’d written a summary of my findings into the most productive companies in the world. I didn’t remember what he was referring to and decided I’d better reread the book. And, there it was, at the end of the book; a short summary...


Episode 161: An Easy and Proven Way to Increase Your Income 10 Times

I’m working on a new book and, earlier this week, came across a few statistics that were shocking! Did you know that ten years after completing their studies, 3% of Harvard’s MBA graduates were earning 10 times the income of the other 97%? The 3% only did one simple thing the other 97% didn’t do. It’s something you can do today. And, I bet you’ll get the same results. I’ll tell you all about it in the latest edition of, The Game Changers©.


Episode 160: Yikes! 6 Surprisingly Good Lessons Learned from a Timeshare Presentation

Last week, while sneaking in a few day’s of vacation, I voluntarily attended a timeshare presentation. I wanted to know if all the horror stories I’d heard about them were true. Worldwide, timeshares are a 50 billion dollar a year business and some of the biggest and most respected names in hospitality are the big owners. The three hours I spent with the various representatives were enjoyable but, most importantly, I walked away – after finally saying no – with a real respect and admiration...


Episode 159: 10 Ways to Become a World Class Listener

I have a suggested resolution for you; in 2018, everyone should strive to become a better listener because listening is magnetic and the people who really listen to us are the ones we move toward, believe and they are the ones with whom we want to be close. We reveal the, 10 Secrets of Listening, in the latest edition of, The Game Changers.