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Two Things You Should Know If You Have A Start Up Company.

I will be speaking my mind on two things I wish I would have executed a bit more than I did. The could have drastically changed the growth in any of my past businesses. For those with start-up companies. This information is crucial. I would take a few seconds and give it shot and see how it can change your perspective. Since it is only a 5 min podcast. On my next episode, I will be having an entrepreneur go into depth on how crucial and important those two things are for a business. How can...


EP.0 -The Intro

This EP is just an introduction to what the podcast will be streaming as well as future streams. We will officially launch EP.01 February 22 on Apple Podcast, Spotify. Its first ever series and episode's called " Nxt Gen Entrepreneurs " where I will be interviewing some on the youngest and upcoming entrepreneur's. Where I will also be asking business related question and Lifestyle. Will be out by the end of February or first week of March. Thank you for listening, if you have anyone in...