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Join our host Nick Caruso and a rotating cast of Gear Patrol staffers every week as we have a good time discussing and debating products, their stories, and the culture surrounding them.


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Join our host Nick Caruso and a rotating cast of Gear Patrol staffers every week as we have a good time discussing and debating products, their stories, and the culture surrounding them.








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That Time Tons of Kids Couldn't Sleep Because of Google

Google Home updates cause (figurative) nightmares, Lamborghini is making an off-road Huracan, and Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard for almost $70 billion. Navigation: 05:24 – Google Home's White Noise Update Wreaks Havoc 16:54 – Lamborghini Takes the Huracan Off-Road 27:15 – Microsoft Buys Activision Blizzard 39:53 – Our Favorite New Gear Releases Featured and Related: Google fixes issue with the Assistant's white noise sound that had sparked user outcryThe VergeSolved: Re:...


Can a Car Actually Be Vegan-Friendly?

Which automakers produce the most vegan-friendly cars, a machine that projects aromas like speakers throw sound, and how COVID changed our shopping habits. Navigation: 03:23 – Vegan-Friendly Cars: Which Brand Offers the Most Overall? 20:00 – What the Hell Is a Smell Speaker? 29:20 – COVID's Effect on Our Shopping Trends Featured and Related: Study Finds Out Which Are The Most Vegan-Friendly AutomakersVegan Friendly CarsVegan cars: how veganism and sustainability shape the...


We React to Your 2022 Gear Resolutions

It's no surprise that Gear Patrol fans have great taste and lofty product resolutions for 2022. Also in this episode: F-150 Lightning popularity and the Library of Pursuits. Navigation: Featured and Related: Ford's F-150 Lightning Electric Truck Is Shaping Up to Be Insanely SuccessfulGear Patrol2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Markups Surprising Some Reservation HoldersFord AuthorityMeet the All-New, All-Electric 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EVGear PatrolThe Four Biggest Myths of the US Economy -...


Can 2021's Gear Trends Accurately Predict What's in Store for 2022?

Electrification, memeification and sustainability take top prize. Featured and Related: This Year in Gear: the Most Notable Releases of 2021Gear PatrolGear Patrol (@gearpatrol) InstagramGear Patrol Reels + Reviews of TikTok ProductsThe 19 Coolest Electric Vehicles We Saw in 2021Gear PatrolAll the Coolest Weed Gear That Came Out in 2021Gear PatrolLooking Back on 2020 and Forward to 2021Psychology TodayCOVID economy in the United StatesMcKinseySensibill's Barcode Report Recaps 2021 Spending...


Can We Please Get More Affordable Collabs Like This G-Shock?

Matter claims to weave together all your disparate smart home devices, Loro Piana is tracking wool origins, and John Mayer's second G-Shock collab drops. Episode Navigation: 04:50 – Matter and the promise of a unified Smart Home 22:10 – Loro Piana customers can track its wool origins 34:49 – John Mayer x Hodinkee x Casio G-Shock = a very desirable, approachable collab Featured and Related: Gear Patrol's Best Gifts 2021 — Ideas for Christmas, Birthdays & MoreApple, Google, and Amazon...


​​The 10 Most Revolutionary Products of 2021

The winners of this year's GP100 include the 2021 Game Changers: products that represent a massive shift in their respective categories. Episode Navigation: 00:00 – What Is a Game Changer? 06:41 – I/O MAG Imprint 3D Goggle from Smith 13:15 – Whoop Any-Wear 19:15 – KYX Sneaker Rental 27:46 – Bose SoundControl Hearing Aids 37:47 – Dyson V15 Detect 44:32 – Fellow Drops 51:55 – Apple MacBook Pros 57:50 – Syng Cell Alpha Speaker 1:04:11 – Rivian R1T 1:11:11 – Bremont...


Has BMW's Design Language Finally Jumped the Shark?

Virgil Abloh's legacy, BMW's questionable new SUV, and LEGO makes.... wooden shelves? Episode Navigation: 02:36 – Virgil Abloh's Legacy 20:14 – BMW's New XM Concept Design Is Questionable 33:52 – LEGO Makes Home Furnishings Now Featured and Related: Virgil Abloh, Path-Blazing Designer, Is Dead at 41New York TimesVirgil Abloh Fans Build Altar at Off-White StoreNew York TimesVirgil Abloh's Life Celebrated In Louis Vuitton Runway ShowVultureLouis Vuitton Unveils Virgil Abloh Statue at...


Inspired by Terminator 2, CLIP is the Future of 3D Printing

Continuous Liquid Interface Production is the next generation of 3D printing, and is equal parts SciFi and magic. Featured and Related: How 3D Printing Could Change the Future of GearGear PatrolThe Promise of 3D Printing Fulfilled | CarbonJoseph DeSimone: What if 3D printing was 100x faster?The Gear Patrol Magazine Subscription • Gear Patrol StoreToday in GearSign Up for the Gear Patrol Dispatch Newsletter and Never Miss a StoryGear PatrolFast Company's 2020 Innovation by Design...


Bad News: Earth Is Running Out of Coffee Beans

Have we passed the "EV inflection point?" Will the coffee bean crisis kill your caffeine supply? Who is Netflix Games made for? Episode Navigation: 03:06 – Ford F-150 Lightning: Are We Long-Last at an "EV Inflection Point"? 17:13 – The Coffee Bean Crisis: Why Cups of Joe Could Cost $20 Soon 37:08 – Netflix Games: Will Hardcore Gamers Go For It? Featured and Related: Today In GearGear PatrolSubscribe to the Gear Patrol DispatchTudor's Pelagos FXD Marine NationaleJack Daniel's...


What Does The Perfect Wardrobe Look Like?

Read the Series Below • Men's Footwear Essentials • Pants, Shorts and Sweats to Build Your Wardrobe • The 8 Types of Tops You Should Own • Accessories to Add Interest to Your Outfits


2022 Range Rover: Is the New $104,000 SUV Still King?

The Winter Gear Awards, Land Rover redesigns the Range Rover, Urwerk reveals a (strange) $275K watch. Episode Navigation: 03:56 – The Winter Gear Awards 25:23 – The 2022 Range Rover Is Expensive and Not "Beautiful 43:11 – Uwerk UR-112 Aggregat, a Wildly Weird New Watch Featured and Related: The 2021 Winter Gear Awards: Full List of WinnersThe 2022 Range Rover Continues Land Rover's Legacy, But Forges Its Own Design PathGear PatrolRange Rover home page2022 Range Rover Offers a BMW...


Is Bremont's New ENG300 Truly an In-House Movement?

Apple's huge new slate of products, the Porsche 718 Cayman RS melts the 'Ring, and Bremont *may* have a new in-house movement.


The 31-mph VanMoof V Is the Brand's Fastest eBike Ever

The 31-mph VanMoof V eBike, Sunglasses Made from Microorganism Poop, and Supply Chain Stress. Episode Navigation: Featured and Related: VanMoof V dual-motor ebike will have a top speed of over 30 mphNew AtlasVanMoof unveils 31 mph ‘hyperbike’ electric bicycle with two motors and full suspensionElectrekVanMoof's New eBike Is Its Fastest EverThe VergeBelieve it or not, this US-built fast e-bike hits 45 mph and 80 miles of rangeElectrekFastest Electric Bike: We Review the Fastest E-Bikes...


Why Did Ferrari Hire Jony Ive?

Ferrari hires Jony Ive, livestream shopping's rising popularity, and a biometric security dongle. Episode Navigation: 02:41 – Ferrari Hires Jony Ive and Marc Newson 17:45 – Is Livestream Shopping... a Thing? 30:08 – Yubico's New Biometric Security Dongles Featured and Related: Former Apple design boss Jony Ive partners with FerrariEx-Apple designer Jony Ive is now designing expensive things for Ferrari, tooThe VergeJony Ive and Marc Newson’s LoveFrom joins forces with...


The Myth of Weightlifting and 'Getting Swole'

Casey Johnston's Substack newsletter, "She's a Beast," the merits of Amazon's new Halo View fitness tracker, and a discussion of the Rivian R1T. Episode Navigation: 05:02 – Casey Johnston, author of She's a Beast 34:37 – Amazon Halo View, Halo Fitness, and Halo Nutrition 47:03 – Reactions to... Reviews of the Rivian R1T Featured and Related: She's a Beast: a Swole Woman's NewsletterCasey Johnston on TwitterCasey Johnston on InstagramArchive of "Ask a Swole Woman"...


What Will Autonomous Cars *Feel* Like?

The future of mobility and "living rooms on wheels," plus: we ponder whether e-Readers are still relevant and discuss what to wear to the office these days. Episode Navigation: Featured and Related: A Ford Engineer Reveals 10 Things You Need to Know About Self-Driving CarsGear PatrolSelf-Driving Cars? They're Still Not Here YetGear PatrolAn Electric VW Bus Could Be Volkswagen's First Self-Driving CarGear PatrolSelf-Driving Cars FAQ: How Far Away Is Far Away?Motor TrendOpinion: You will...


Apple's Latest News: Nothing Groundbreaking, Just 20% Better

The biggest announcements from this week's Apple Event; the Michelin Uptis airless tire; Taco Bell wants to recycle your used empty plastic sauce packets. Episode Navigation: Featured and Related: Everything Apple Announced at Today's Big iPhone EventGear PatrolSmartphones May Be Too Good– NYTMichelin's airless passenger car tires get their first public outingNew AtlasThe TWEEL - radical new wheel technology (UPDATED)New AtlasMichelin homepage for airless tire conceptMichelinUPTIS...


Will Digital Driver's Licenses Be a Privacy Nightmare?

Government IDs on your phone; trucks are finally getting smaller; and after 18 months of COVID WFH, what products have endured, and what do we really need now? Episode Navigation: 03:10 – Apple's Forthcoming Digital Driver's Licenses 16:00 – Compact Pickup Trucks: A Welcome Automotive Segment? 27:20 – The "Logi Dock" and Our Relationship with WFH Products 18 M0nths post-COVID Featured and Related: The new digital driver’s licenses from Apple sound slightly creepyVOX/RecodeYou’ll soon...


Would You Trust a Robo-Taxi?

IKEA's new buy-back-for-store-credit program, Spotify's latest product and feature launches, and the impending reality of autonomous taxis. Episode Navigation: 2:35 – IKEA Buy Back Program Being Piloted in Pennsylvania 22:05 – Spotify Adds a Ton of New Features, Expanding its Market Dominance 32:30 – Hyundai Debuts its Ioniq 5 Robo-Taxi, Due Out in 2023 Featured and Related: Ikea is launching a furniture buyback programFast CompanyBuy Back programIKEAInside Ikea’s plan to reinvent...