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Connor Beaton — Ex-Opera Singer Turned Global Advocate for Men’s Health

In my conversation with Connor, we tackle many harmful stereotypes about men and masculinity. We examine how men are conditioned to suppress their emotions (except rage), never ask for help, and to fight (both physically and metaphorically) their way out of every problem. We discuss the toll these negative behaviors take on men's lives — and how they can learn healthier ways to engage with other people and the world. Check out the show notes to this episode for a full, time-stamped list of...


Michael Dash — Overcoming Addiction as an Entrepreneur and Reclaiming Your Happiness

In this episode, Michael shares the hard-won lessons, habits, and insights that helped him break the lifelong cycle of addiction that haunted him since adolescence. Even if you’re not struggling with addiction, his advice will help you dismantle negative patterns in your thinking and behavior — and replace them with much healthier and more wholesome alternatives. For the full list of everything we cover in the interview, check out the show notes below! What you will hear: [00:18]...


Jaime Geffen — How to Build a 7-Figure Business, Raise a Child, and Get Healthier Than Ever

In this episode, Jaime reveals how she positioned her company to attract her ideal clients, how she balanced being a mom and growing a 7-figure business — and how her newfound passion for fitness and healthy eating is helping her become a better entrepreneur. Check out the show notes below for the full list of topics we cover in today’s interview! What you will hear: [00:45] Introducing Jaime [03:22] Jaime’s journey to event production [05:23] Pivoting to branded events and...


Dave Meltzer — How to Make a Lot of Money, Help a Lot of People, and Have a Lot of Fun

In today’s Backstage Business, Dave doesn’t share many tactics or strategies. Instead, he reveals his guiding rules and principles for business and life. They have helped him build a global personal brand, a thriving marketing agency, an international humanitarian effort — and a huge network of strategic partnerships. You’ll get to hear how Dave approaches coaching and consulting to create maximum value, why he keeps all his phone calls and interviews as short as possible, and which goal...


Mike Sherbakov — How to Do Great Things and Live an Extraordinary Life

In this week’s interview, Mike talks a lot about discovering your purpose in life. This includes specific questions you can ask yourself — and the 3 major life changes that can help you realize what your mission is. Plus, we talk about Mike’s approach to creating and launching a product — specifically, we discuss how Mike came up with the idea for his Passion to Profit online training program. Check out the show notes below for the full list of topics we cover in today’s episode! What...


How I Crisis-Proof My Business — and My Relationships

My husband and I are in the middle of house renovations, and we’re rediscovering just how important it is to stay tight and connected when things are super-stressful and frustrating. Like a nerd that I am, I immediately thought: hey, this also applies to business! In this mini-episode, I talk about building a connected, empowered team, why you should never waste a crisis, my favorite business book, and why sometimes it’s good that everything falls apart. Check out the show notes for the full...


Jason Fladlien — How to Engineer a Record-Breaking Marketing Campaign

How often do you hear one of the greatest living marketers discuss the exact tactics and strategy behind their biggest-selling campaign… and in amazing detail, to boot? If you’re a hopeless marketing nerd like me, first of all — high-five. But second of all, don’t miss this episode! Jason talks a lot about positioning your business in the marketplace, creating an unfair advantage over your competition, designing a simple but irresistible sales message, and so much more. Head down to the show...


Aaron Scott Young — How to Build a Business That Works for You…Instead of the Other Way Around

In this episode, Aaron reveals his playbook for helping entrepreneurs to radically reorganize their business, reclaim their time, and keep their company growing while working less and enjoying life to the fullest. He talks about the most common mistakes that hold business owners back, useful mindsets for hiring people and implementing new practices, and how to act like a true business owner — rather than your own most critical employee. Check the show notes for a full summary of the episode...


Mike Cline — Making the Most of Marketing Technology — Even If You Aren’t Tech-Savvy

As a technologist and a marketer, Mike has a unique perspective on growing your business in the digital age. In this interview, he shares his hard-won lessons about generating leads in a way that guarantees long-term value, his approach to working with clients and how it has evolved, what non-tech-savvy entrepreneurs can do to make smart decisions about technology, and a lot more. What you will hear: [00:19] Introducing Mike [02:44] How Mike’s childhood started his passion for taking...


How to Turn a Business Breakdown into a Business Breakthrough

In this week’s episode, I share some raw, behind-the-scenes details of what it’s like when things go south in your business, and everybody looks to you as the CEO to fix them. I’ll tell you about a recent mistake that cost The Draw Shop a lot of money, and how I dealt with it without losing my marbles in the process — well, mostly! What you will hear: [01:05] How The Draw Shop stopped getting new leads, with zero warning [03:14] Keeping your cool when all you can think of is, “I’m a big...


Regan Hillyer — Mastering Your Inner Game to Build a Thriving Business

In this week’s interview, Regan Hillyer shares her approach to mastering the inner game of business, building products for different segments of her target market, her best marketing strategies, a dead-simple exercise she does to manage fear and self-doubt, and much more. Check the show notes for a full summary of what we cover in the episode! What you will hear: [00:25] Introducing Regan [04:44] The moment that led Regan from studying architecture and into coaching [06:14] #1 piece of...


Introducing Backstage Business and What You Can Expect Weekly

What Backstage Business has in store for you: why I started this show, how it will benefit entrepreneurs and business owners like you — and how to make the most of future episodes! What you will hear: [00:18] Introducing Backstage Business [00:40] Why Summer dedicated 3 years to interviewing entrepreneurs [02:30] Beyond tactics and tips – how Backstage Business will be different [03:59] “The struggle is real” – entrepreneurship as a hero’s journey [07:00] What kinds of guests you’ll...


Inside the Mind of an Elite Consultant, with Michael Zipursky

Michael Zipursky has consulted for billion-dollar brands across 30+ industries. In this interview, he shares his best advice for growing a service business


Lessons from Starting a Business at 65 with Sandra Scheinbaum

Did you know that older entrepreneurs are more successful? In this interview, Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum shares what she learned starting a company at 65.


Automate Your Way to Business Growth, with Charles Palleschi

Charles Palleschi reveals how you can automate your business to generate more revenue faster. in less time, and with fewer resources!


Build a Financially Healthy Business and Life, with Eric Brotman

Eric Brotman, author of “Retire Wealthy” shares his advice for teaching your kids about money, ‘graduating into’ retirement, and building a financially healthy business.


How to Think Like a World-Class Inventor, with Jarl Jensen

Want to grow your business? Think like an inventor! In this interview, Jarl Jensen shows how to bring out your twin superpowers of invention and innovation.


How to Master the 7 Stages of Business Growth, with Carl Gould

Carl Gould has built 3 multi-million dollar companies before he turned 40. In this interview, he shares his best advice for growing your business.


Hans Finzel - Become A Leader Among Leaders

Yes, you CAN improve your leadership skills! Listen to this podcast interview with Hans Finzel and learn what you can do today to become a better leader.


Avoiding Legal Disasters as an Entrepreneur, with Bobby Klinck

IP attorney and marketer Bobby Klinck reveals how to protect your business from legal troubles – no expensive lawyers necessary!