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044 - How to Feel Confident Instantly

Imagine you had a magic button & all you had to simply do is ‘press it’ & you’d feel instantly confident. When & where would you want to use that boost of extra confidence? Because in today’s super short podcast episode, I’ll share with you the simple process of how to do that … by harnessing the powerful technique of Anchoring, from the world of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). I’ve personally been using this technique since 2006 & it works wonders! Plus, I promise you that...


043 - Unleash Your Alter Ego

Let’s be honest, there’s things to do in growing or running your business, which you don’t really like. I know for me … there’s a fair few that fit into that category. But without doing them … your business can suffer. So we just need to put on our big boy/girl pants (you can choose whichever tickles your fancy the most) & get on with it. But is it that easy? And does that not go against what I’m always banging on about … focus on understanding & using your entrepreneurial...


042 - Focus On The Right Actions To Grow Your Business

Ever felt like you’re so busy … doing lots of ‘stuff’ but when you look at your bank balance or your results compared to your goals … you just want to cry or have a good old tantrum like my 2 year old, when he doesn’t get his way? And then you sigh for relief when things are finally working for you … only to find that down the road, things start to unravel again or your results take a nose-dive? I know how frustrating it can be … because it’s not like you’re sitting there & not doing...


041 - 7 Hidden Business Benefits of Playing More

What helps you to ‘switch off’? Because being a business owner can be all consuming - if we let it. There’s always something to do or think about, right? Over the years I’ve tried many things to help me relax more & get out of ‘work’ mode. But guess what really does it for me! LEGO I discovered this form of escapism a few years ago, whilst sprawled across the living room floor playing Lego with our eldest son Kaiyas … it was like magic! That’s why I treated myself to the...


040 - Why having problems is a good thing!

When I started my business I was really naïve. I used to believe that once I overcame some initial set up problems (or challenges), that everything would be problem free from there. How wrong was I! Because I’m sure that like me (& every other business owner out there), you’ll ALWAYS have problems! And that’s actually a good thing! So yes, I want you to have problems in your business. But just as long as they are better quality problems each & every time. You can hear me...


039 - 'Becoming' You

How would you answer the question, ‘Am I enough?’ It’s a simple yet powerful question & one that Michelle Obama asks herself a lot, whenever faced with a new challenge or opportunity. ‘I am’, is the response that would help her to then get on with taking action & getting out her way. So what’s your answer? Are you enough? It feels a bit bizarre not having Michelle riding along on my car journeys anymore, as I was loving hearing her she share elements of the different chapters of...


038 - Make Sales Simple with the Right Mindset with Jessica Lorimer

When I worked in the corporate world, I never saw myself as being a salesperson. That’s because I never had any goals that were directly linked to a sales target. Sales just kinda happened all around me, whilst I focused on being a manager of people or projects. And to be really honest, I used to be really bored in the 2 hour meeting every Monday afternoon with all the other commercial managers when I worked in Marks & Spencer. They’d get so obsessed whilst talk through their sales...


037 - Six Ways to Help Overcome a Challenge

When is a problem a problem? Or could it in fact really be an opportunity? It's no surprise though, when you look at things in just the same way … you end up just getting the same old thinking. In fact, it can even get your head even further up your ... problem! But life isn’t just black & white, is it? What if you added a splash of red, black, yellow, green or blue into the mix? Well that’s exactly what I’d love to help you do today. Because I’m going to bring to life a super...


036 - When is NEW really just a distraction?

‘I’m starting with the man in the mirror. I’m asking him to change his ways. And no message could have been any clearer. If you want to make the world a better place. Take a look at yourself, and then make a change.’ I’ve heard those words sung many times by the legend that was … Michael Jackson. But on Sunday night, whilst escaping from the bitter cold air in London, by randomly getting last minute theatre tickets to see Thriller Live … those words truly made an impact! It...


035 - Do you have a Growth or Fixed Mindset in your Business?

A few months back, it was a fairly typical morning in the Sharif household … classic Home Alone style. Even though bags were packed & clothes were sorted the night before … something always seems to disappear over night. On this particular morning, it was one of Aaron’s shoes. Shareen was running around downstairs hunting for it, whilst I doing my best to help look for it upstairs … whilst hobbling around in my crutches at the time. As she finally found it (she got this proper...


034 - Juggling Multiple Businesses with Barry Nelson

Being totally exclusive or playing the field (a.k.a. multi-passionate) in business… which is better? It really depends! youryouryouryou’re you’re It’s really not for everyone, that’s for sure. That’s why I love working with my business owner clients, as they’re all different. So what would work for one of them would be a complete disaster for another. It certainly keeps me on my toes, I can tell you! One of my clients & great friends, Barry Nelson is definitely used to the...


033 - Avoid these 5 Goal Setting Mistakes

Happy New Year to you! How’s the year going so far? Christmas feels so last year now, right? ;) I hope you had a great time celebrating in whatever style that took your fancy. Ours involved letting the boys stay up for the bells, watching the London fireworks on TV & making a start on building my 6000+ pieces Harry Potter Lego Hogwarts Castle set! (Although that then led me to stay up till around 4am – as it’s rather addictive!) So where are you at with your goals setting for...


032 - What's your word for 2019?

Are you all ‘Christmas-ed’ out now? I’m sure that like me & many other business owners, your mind has started to think about …. NEXT YEAR! Before the clocks strike midnight on New Year’s Eve though, do yourself a big favour … close out 2018 properly & also choose what you want from 2019. In this week’s short podcast episode, I share with you how to do that in an easy & fun way …. with 2 important questions. Plus, how you can choose a theme words for 2019, which will not only...


031 - What can you achieve in 90 days?

90 days. It’s not too long. It’s not too short. It’s practically perfect in every way! And I’m super proud to have seen what a group of business owners achieved during their 90 day Rapid Transformation Mastermind, which wrapped up last week. The focused actions they took, along with the accountability & support they had, led them to…. Yep impressive! In this week’s podcast episode, I share my reflections on what they experienced & why I’m super excited to start the next...


030 - Falling Out of Love with Your Business?

Let’s talk about LOVE! I’m a firm believer that you’ve got to love what you do in business …. otherwise what’s the point?! But it’s also natural that your love for it may go up & down at times. When that happens, it can be tempting to reach for that tub of ice cream & drown your sorrows, whilst listening to Celine Dion singing her heart out to you on repeat. Even though Celine is ace & ice cream is tasty … is that really going to help? It also doesn’t mean that you’ve got to...


029 - Would you prefer Excuses or Results?

They can seem real & totally legitimate. Especially when it’s not only you that's saying the same things or feeling that way. But come now … we both know deep down that … an excuse is an excuse! Will excuses help you smash your targets? Will excuses help you make the impact you want for your customers? Will you be able to pop into the local bank to deposit your excuses into your account? (if only!) The scary thing is that often we’re not even aware of some of the excuses...


028 - Your Goals Need Purpose

Want to know how I can quickly tell how likely you’re to achieve those goals you’ve set or not? It all boils down to the meaning & purpose behind them! And I’m not being all ‘woo hoo’ here – I truly mean is there a big enough reason behind them, which truly makes you committed to making them happen? But there’s even more to it than that. That’s why in today’s podcast episode, I’ll show you what words you need to be listening out for, which may float out of your mouth or are...


027 - Get into flow with your Epic Content Plan (Highlights from Content Live)

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”, said Benjamin Franklin. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t talking about your business or content marketing strategy with those wise words … but well if the shoe fits?! That’s exactly why I was super excited to have been invited to speak at Janet Murray’s Content Live workshop in London. Because it was not only going to help me spent time properly creating my content plan for 2019, but also helping over 80 other business owners do the same. It never...


026 - Hitting Your Upper Limit?

Ever had things going super well for you & then suddenly … BANG … it’s like someone hit the break & then flipped into reverse gear, so you start going backwards? But then after a while you start picking things up again & then out of the blue … the same things happens again & again like a yo-yo! What’s the deal with that? It sucks, right? Well it could be a sure fire sign that you’ve got an ‘upper limit’ challenge … that you can’t even see! But even though it’s invisible – it’s...


025 - Be Different from your Competitors!

Be different … stand out from the crowd .. focus on your USP … Yep I’m sure you’ve heard things like that before. By why’s it so important? Because if you don’t, you’ll simply blend in. You’ll make life harder for yourself when it comes to growing your business. Plus, you’ll make it harder for your perfect customers to choose you easily & I know you don’t want that, right? The good news is that you can still have the same or very similar products or services as other...