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018 - Using Your Journey To Help Others with Dr Christy Fergusson - The Food Psychologist

‘Be a leading learner’ is one of my favourite sayings from my mentors Roger Hamilton. And that’s exactly what today’s special guest, Dr Christy Fergusson did. Christy used her first hand experiences of suffering from many different health conditions, to take her on a path of discovering how to tackle these challenges using various different therapies & focusing on nutrition. This then led her to create The Food Psychologist brand, where she now helps serve others who are going...


017 - 10 Insights to Hike Up Your Business

I still remember it as if it was yesterday, when I woke up in a tent in the middle of nowhere & I really needed to pee. The only problem was that it was 12.33am & it was blowing a gale outside the tent. Honestly, the thought of venturing out of my warm sleeping bag to face that really didn’t appeal to me …. especially as I truly hated being cold or wet! I tried to ignore it, as I’d be getting up in a few hours anyway … surely I could use the power of my mind to wait? But you know...


016 - Network Like a Pro with Lesley Collins

'Networking' ... a buzz word that's used in business a lot. Why? Because it can be really powerful for you & your business … when it’s done right. But all too often, people don’t do it well! Or you start getting out there but get a lack of results & then throw your arms up in the arm & declare …. ‘Networking is a waste of my time’. So what’s it for you - do you get results from networking … or do you have room for improvement? Well today I’ve got the wonderful Lesley Collins, to help you...


015 - The Magic of a Mastermind

Ever felt like your heads about to burst, when you’re trying to figure out that next step in your business or to overcome a challenge? Well that’s cause you’re doing it BY YOURSELF! But what would happen if instead, you were part of a special group of fellow smart, savvy, committed & driven small business owners & entrepreneurs? MAGIC ... that's what! So over on the podcast today, I chat all about the ins & outs of masterminds … what they are; how they’re different from...


014 - Your Brand Before Logo with Lucy Griffin-Stiff

Last weekend we took the boys to see Incredibles 2 & as I waited in the ice cream queue, I decided to do some eavesdropping. ‘Can I have a scoop of cookie dough & chocolate fudge brownie please’; ‘I’ll have chunky monkey & strawberry cheesecake please.’ (bizarre combo if you ask me); ‘2 scoops of mint-choc chip please’. Guess what …. not one single person in front of me ordered vanilla! I must have looked a bit bizarre to my fellow cinema-goers because I started to chuckle out...


013 - Stop Shying Away From Selling with Matthew Kimberley

How do you start a sales conversation with a prospective customer or client? Elegantly & with sophistication or do you shy away from it or bumble your way through? I know from first hand experience that ‘selling’ isn’t one of the most enjoyable activities for many small business owners & entrepreneurs … in fact I used to really hate it. But we really need to be having more of these conversations on a daily basis, as without them …. you’ll be without a business. I wanted to bring...


012 - Stop Beating Yourself Up

At times can you be your own worst enemy? You know, those moments when you’re being really hard on yourself & saying some not so nice things about YOU in your head or out loud? (It’s alright ... we all talk to ourselves ... so you’re not mad). But seriously I’ve seen and heard lots of small business owners & entrepreneurs beating themselves up lately. And guess what ... it’s the worst thing you could do! In this week’s podcast episode, I’ll share why you’d want to stop doing that...


011 - The Power of a Digital Detox

I was seriously addicted …. to my phone & being constantly connected to the ‘social’ world. So you can imagine the surprised look on my wife’s face when I said … ‘I’m going to go on a digital detox during our 2 week family holiday.’ That meant …. At the start I thought …. ‘Can I really survive without them for 2 weeks?’. Would you be able to? But guess what … I didn’t just survive …. I totally thrived without them. It’s honestly been one of the best things I’ve done, as...


010 - Do you believe your internal stories & beliefs?

Remember how excited you’d be the night before Christmas? You’d get to bed super early, after leaving out treats for the big man in the red suit & his pals? It’s amazing how our beliefs & the stories that we have in our minds can totally impact, what we think, feel & do. But are they really real? Can they change? Are your current beliefs & stories helping you grow your business … or are they sabotaging you? That’s exactly what we’ll chat about in today’s podcast episode. So...


009 - Discover Your Entrepreneurial Superpower with Wealth Dynamics

You know you’ve got a superpower, don’t you? But do you know exactly what it is & even more to the point …. are you using it? Nothing frustrates me more than seeing so many small business owners & entrepreneurs making life harder than it needs to be … simply because they’re wearing the wrong ‘cape’. That’s why the first thing I do with all my coaching clients is insist that they take a very powerful test, which helps them see which of the 8 types of entrepreneurial superpower...


008 - The Surprising Truth about being Super Productive with Jo Bendle

If you asked a productivity coach for some tips on being even more productive, you’d expect some super cool ninja tactics right? So you can imagine my shock when Jo Bendle gave me a very unexpected response, when I asked her that question. You’re honestly in for a real treat when you tune into the lively conversation that we had, for this week’s podcast. Inside you’ll get to hear how Jo’s business journey has evolved through experimentation & what can happen when you hit a goal that...


007 - 3 Easy Ways to Do More in Less Time

suggested something which was groundbreaking for me and it’s changed the way I work.” I loved getting this message from my fab client Jenny, as what I shared with her was something so simple & practical … yet it can have powerful results in terms of making you more focused, productive & getting things done!! So do you want to hear that strategy that I shared with Jenny? Ok then, you’ve twisted my arm but on one condition! You put it into action straight away & let me know how you get on...


006 - No Marketing = No Sales with Janet Murray

Marketing …. such a small word but one that can have a major impact on your business. But when do you do it? Just whenever you’ve got some spare time? Or do you do it each & every day … consistently? Because for most business owners … without marketing … you’re without sales and therefore could be without a business! Well lucky for you, today I’m bringing you Janet Murray, who helps business owners get better at marketing so they can make more money. The chat was seriously...


005 - Suffering from 'Comparison-itis'?

Who played Bond the best - Daniel, Pierce or Sean? Did Ed Sheeran’s latest album still get you singing your heart out when you thought no one was watching you in the car (until you got to the lights & realised you were putting on quite a show for those next to you) or was his last one better? How did the 50 shades movies measure up to the pictures you created in your mind from the books*? Are you still livid that they changed the recipe for Irn Bru - because the new one tastes...


004 - You'll Never Be Ready!

I just need to wait for _________. I’ll do it when _________. Once I’ve finished ________ then I’ll be ready to ________. You’re never going to be truly ready … seriously! I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard ….. ‘I wish I just did it sooner’, is from business owners & entrepreneurs over the past 11 years. But guess what? I’ve yet to hear anyone say … "Right Osmaan … I’m 100% ready now.” Because all of those ‘reasons’ that are going through your mind or coming out...


003 - The Evolving Life of The Suitcase Entrepreneur with Natalie Sisson

If you look back at the journey of most successful small business owners & entrepreneurs who have come from the corporate world or a ‘job’, what they're doing now is often quite different compared to when they started. Sometimes it could be a totally different business entirely or just a tweek in how they go about ‘doing' business. Why does that happen? Because people change & evolve. And guess what … it’s perfectly normal! But it’s a different story when you’re the one going who’s there...


002 - Struggling to Make a Decision?

It's YOUR business ... so you get to make the decisions. I know that can be challenging at times - especially if you're used to having a 'boss'. In today's episode I'll be sharing a personal experience I had when I went to a business retreat in Bali 4 years ago & how I was driving myself crazy by waiting to know 'everything' before making a decision. But it all turned around when a mentor shared a simple yet powerful coaching question with me. You'll get to see how this can help you get...


001 - It's All In Your Mind

I truly believe that you need to get your MINDSET right for you to rapidly grow your business. Because without it sorted, it doesn't matter how clear your goals are or what strategies you follow, it will be like an unpleasant rollercoaster ride. In today's episode we'll be chatting about how your mind is constantly operating on auto-pilot & how you are DELETING, DISTORTING & GENERALISING everything! This is based upon the powerful tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) You'll get to...


000 - Ready to get out your way?

In this welcome episode, you'll get to hear about what motivated Osmaan to create this podcast for you & the exciting plans ahead. Osmaan will take you a whistle stop tour of his journey from leaving his successful corporate career over 11 years ago & the rollercoaster ride of growing his business since then. You'll get a preview of the 3 essential foundations that Osmaan ensures are rock solid with all the small business owners & entrepreneurs that he works with. Finally, you'll get to...