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Ep. 39: Ann Rosenfield from Charitably Speaking on Startup Nonprofit Fundraising

In this episode, I’m joined by Ann Rosenfield to discuss fundraising for startup and young nonprofits, monthly giving, and old school and new school fundraising among other things. Ann has been in the sector for 20 years, is an editor of Hillborn Charity eNews, and works as a major gift fundraiser. She also does a lot of volunteer work, like chairing the Association of Fundraising Professionals Congress, working with Imagine Canada, and serving on the board of Rainbow Railroad — a neat...


Ep. 37: Katherine Davies from iguacu on Effective Giving to Humanitarian Crises

Katherine Davies from iguacu is on the podcast this week. Katherine started iguacu to help solve the problem of how to find and support trusted organizations doing effective work in the middle of humanitarian crises like Syria, Afghanistan, and the Central African Republic. In this episode she talks about her 55 day walk across Europe, iguacu’s methodology behind finding effective organizations, and the value of effortless and joyful giving. Hope you like it. More on iguacu:...


Ep. 36: Vivien Hoexter and Linda C. Hartley from H2Growth Strategies on Non-Profit Leadership

Vivien Hoexter and Linda Hartley, authors of Big Impact: Insights & Stories from America’s Non-Profit Leaders and principles at H2 Growth Strategies are on the pod. They discuss some key findings from their book on nonprofit leaders (Big Impact: Insights & Stories from America’s Non-Profit Leaders), changes in giving in the past 20 years, why charitable giving is stuck at 2% and even a quick tangent on pay inequality within the fundraising profession (which is ridiculous). I hope you enjoy...


Ep. 34: Gary Wohlfeill from CrowdRise on Marketing to Nonprofits

In this episode, Gary Wohlfeill, VP of Brand and Vision at CrowdRise, joins to chat about social fundraising, the mindset shift needed for organizations to fundraise today, and how to best market and sell to nonprofits At CrowdRise, Gary works with partners to develop fundraising campaigns and leads the marketing team in developing the CrowdRise brand. CrowdRise is the world’s largest and fastest​-​growing fundraising platform dedicated exclusively to charitable giving. More on CrowdRise:...


Ep. 31: Valerie Weisler from The Validation Project on Starting a Nonprofit at 14

Recently nominated as a L'Oreal Paris Women of Worth, Valerie Weisler joins the podcast to chat about starting The Validation Project when she was just 14 (!), what led her to do that, and how she's been able to grow and scale their work across the world. As a victim of bullying, Valerie Weisler noticed a fellow student suffering and reached out to him with a powerful message of compassion: “You matter.” When the student let Valerie know how much her words meant to him, it inspired her to...


Ep. 30: Richie Kendall from Cheerful Giving on Revolutionary Giving

Richie Kendall from Cheerful Giving joins the pod to discuss aggregate giving apps, impending philanthropic shifts, and developing an enduring lifestyle brand. Richie brought a background in film and design having worked with brands like Forever21, New Belgium, Frontier Airlines and more to Cheerful Giving ( where he’s the Co-Founder and Managing Director. In his role, he’s working to make Cheerful Giving a digital platform and mobile app for next-generation...


Ep. 29: Richard Perry from Veritus Group on Major Gift Fundraising

On today’s how I chat major gifts and major gift fundraising with Richard Perry from Veritus Group. Richard has over 30 years’ experience helping nonprofits transform their Major Donor programs. He co-founded The Domain Group, which was one of the largest full-service fundraising consulting agencies serving major national, regional and local non-profits in the United States before starting Veritus group and the Major Gift Academy and online course and resource for major gift training and...


Ep. 28: Noah Barnett from CauseVox on Crowdfunding

In this episode, Noah Barnett from CauseVox discusses discuss all kinds of fundraising things like communications, crowdfunding, digital, and more. Noah is the Growth Marketing Lead at CauseVox but prior to that, he spent six and half years in fundraising and marketing leadership roles at World Help and The Adventure Project. He knows firsthand the challenges nonprofits face, and is passionate about equipping them with the resources and insights they need to rally people around their...


Bonus Episode with Brady Josephson from The Good Journey Pod on Asking for More

A special bonus episode for you as The Good Journey Pod host Brady Josephson sits down with Claire Kerr and Laura Armstrong from FrontStream to chat about nonprofits, his career, donation pages, and more on their podcast, Asking for More. You can listen to the original episode and get more podcasts delivering "Professional development for development professionals" at or wherever you get your pods by searching Asking for More.


Ep. 27: Megan Strand from Engage for Good on Checkout Donations

On today’s pod I’m joined by Megan Strand, Communications Director for Engage for Good. Megan and I discuss point of sale donation campaigns and Engage for Good’s 2017 Charity Checkout Champions covering 73 different campaigns and over $441M raised in 2016 alone. We cover some trends seen in the report, pro’s and con’s of these campaigns, and what small businesses and nonprofits can do to try out their own campaigns. You can learn more about Engage for Good and the 2017 Charity Checkout...


Ep. 26: Marco Zaugg from RaiseNow on Charity in Europe

In this episode, I sit down with Marco Zaugg, entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of RaiseNow. We discuss fundraising and giving in Switzerland and Europe and how it compares to Canada and the US among other things. Enjoy! Learn more about RaiseNow:


Ep. 25: Phil Haid from Public Inc. on Profit with Purpose

In this episode, Phil Haid from Public Inc. is on the show. Phil co-founded Public Inc. in 2008 with a focus on driving large-scale social impact by merging and more closely aligning profit and purpose for companies and brands. On the show, Phil discusses what Profit and Purpose means, how CSR needs to shift and evolve, and how the charity mindset is a hindrance to not just nonprofits but for the social impact space. Hope you enjoy the show! Learn more about Public Inc. here:...


Ep. 24: Darren Lancaster from ThinOPTICS on Company/Cause Partnerships

Darren Lancaster Co-Founder of ThinOPTICS joins to discuss cause marketing. ThinOPTICS is a cool new company that makes frameless glasses and has recently partnered with an organization called Prevent Blindness to raise funds and awareness for their 20/20 at 40 program. Darren shares more about how that partnership came about, what they look for in their charitable partners, and how key flexibility and speed are to them. Enjoy! More about ThinOPTICS and their work with Prevent Blindness:...


Ep. 23: Una Osili from the Lily Family School of Philanthropy on Giving in the USA

Dr. Una Osili from the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy joins the pod. Una is prolific researching in the philanthropic world and helps with the Giving USA report produced each year which looks at charitable giving in the United States. On the show, Una unpacks some of the key findings in the most recent Giving USA report, provides some insights on the ‘why’ behind some of the numbers and findings from the report, and shares some wisdom on giving in 2017 and beyond....


Ep 22: Matt Pohlson from Omaze on New School Philanthropy

On the pod I’m joined by Matt Pohlson from Omaze. Omaze connects causes, personalities, and everyday world changers through democratized charitable auctions to raise funds and awareness for charities working tirelessly to change people’s lives. Matt is a co-founder of Omaze with a background in event production and storytelling and in this episode he shares a bit about how Omaze got started, the importance of investing in people and culture, and the value of incentivizing giving to make a...


Ep 21: Tim Kachuriak from NextAfter on Generosity & Optimization

On today’s show, I am joined by one of my favourite people in the nonprofit space, Tim Kachuriak. Tim is the founder and Chief Innovation and Optimization Officer for Next After, a research and consulting firm that works with businesses, nonprofits and NGOs to help them grow their resource capacity. Prior to founding NextAfter, Tim served as Senior Vice President of Innovation and Optimization for The Pursuant Group, and Vice President of Digital for KMA Direct Communications. On the...


Ep 20: Vanessa Chase from The Storytelling Nonprofit on Storytelling

Vanessa Chase is an international non-profit consultant, thought leader, speaker, author of The Storytelling Non-Profit: A practical guide to telling stories that raise money and awareness. She’s also the founder of The Storytelling Non-Profit focused on helping not-for-profit organizations articulate their impact to donors in a new way and using narrative techniques to bring about change and raise funds. In this episode, we discuss why stories are so important, how to think about the...


Ep. 19: FK Day from World Bicycle Relief on Business & Philanthropy

FK Day is a long time Chicago businessman, entrepreneur and humanitarian. He’s co-founder of SRAM bicycles before starting World Bicycle Relief in 2004 with his wife Leah Missbach Day in response to the Indian Ocean Tsunami crisis. What was intended to be a one-off project delivering over 24,000 bicycles to displaced survivors is now a hybrid nonprofit and for-profit enterprise that has provided more than 350,000 Buffalo Bicycles - their flagship bike - and trained 1,700 field mechanics in...


Ep. 17: Zach Shefska from Fundraising Report Card on Data Analytics

In this episode I’m joined by Zach Shefska. Zach Shefska is a college drop out, entrepreneur, and data analytics nerd. As Director of the Fundraising Report Card, he helps non-profits harness the power of their data to better carry out their missions. Zach shares from his experience getting to know the nonprofit space better, how data can and should be used by organizations when it comes to fundraising, and how he’s gone about helping build the Fundraising Report Card and their business....


Ep. 15: Chris Preston from United Way Worldwide on Corporate Giving

On the pod, Chris Preston, Vice President, Corporate Relations for United Way Worldwide, joins the show. Chris talks about how United Way is shifting as workplace giving and philanthropy itself shifts, what he’s seen over the past few years in regards to CSR and corporate giving, and gives some ideas and insights to organizations of all sizes looking to partner with companies to raise money and make a bigger impact. You can see more of these ideas in action at