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Alan Donnachie, Head of Estates and Facilities - Regents University London

Alan Donnachie is the Head of Estates and Facilities at the Regents's University London. Highlights: Useful links: Regent's University London - Subscribe to the Green Element Podcast


Jo Coombes, Founder of AdGreen - Sustainable Advertising Industry

AdGreen exists to support the advertising industry’s transition to environmentally sustainable production methods; working in collaboration with trade bodies and other industry organisations to accelerate the adoption of best practice. Highlights Useful links: AdGreen - AdGreen Instagram - AdGreen Twitter - Jo Coombes Linkedin - Albert -...


Michiel Vos, Founder & CTO of Coco Pallet - Pallets Made From Coconut Waste

Michiel Vos is the founder & CTO of Coco Pallet. He is a serial entrepreneur specialized in the Circular Economy and Bio Based products. CocoPallets replace single-use one-way wooden export pallets; fewer trees need to be cut and shipped for these purposes. They buy the coconut husk from the farmers, creating extra income at the bottom of the pyramid. The farmers stop burning the coconut husks; which reduces the air pollution. Highlights: Useful links: CocoPallet -...


Alison Wood, Founder of Lilypads, Comfortable Reusable Sanitary Pads

Alison Woods talks about her journey from charity work to the founding of Lilypads. Lilypads is a reusable sanitary pad made from natural material. Lilypads support vital work in rural Kenya tackling period poverty and stigma. They help girls access reusable sanitary pads so they do’t have to miss out on their education or turn to unsafe alternatives. Highlights: How solving a research problem lead to a much bigger problem.How to create a sustainable product and make the business model...


Naeem Arif - Author of Customer First, MD of NA Consulting & United Carpets

Naeem Arif is the author of “Customer First” and MD of NA Consulting and United Carpets. In this conversation, Naeem shares his experience of advising large businesses on organisational culture, managing multiple companies and treating customers first. Subscribe to the Green Element Podcast Highlights: Chasing happy customers is better than profitsWorking with employees and organisational cultureBusiness transformation for large organisationsGlobal village and diversity in the...


Brendan Thomson of Renegade & Longton - Sustainable Sparkling Wine

Brendan Thompson is the co-founder of Renegade & Longton, the pioneers of elderflower and sparkling wines. We talk about sustainable packaging and production of wine. Highlights: Plastic labels on wine bottlesHow to reduce carbon footprint of wine bottlesChallenges of recycling wine glass bottlesCO2 footprint on food labelsBrendan’s business superpowerBiggest struggle in running a sustainable and ethical businessProblem of getting a Vegan Society Stamp Subscribe to the Green Element...


Green Element Weekly Interview with Jon Leland from Kickstarter

We are thrilled to be interviewing Jon Leland from Kickstarter. Jon Leland is the Senior Director of Strategy and Insights at Kickstarter, the world's largest platform for funding creative projects. He leads their Environmental Impact Group which is tasked with meeting their public benefit commitments to reducing the impact of their operations and ecosystem on the environment.


Green Element Weekly Interview with Natalie Jameson from The Heroworx Institute School of Social Business Architecture & Digital Innovation

We are thrilled to be interviewing Natalie Jameson – C.E.O | MUM | Design Thinker | Tech4Good / Social Business Innovator | Speaker | Author| Educator The Heroworx is reimagining executive education in the digital economy with the world first Financial and Business Services intrapreneurial accelerator. They position women and underrepresented groups to thrive and drive exponential growth with quadruple bottom line values aligned to the UN SGDs. Natalie’s steered a multidisciplinary portfolio...


Green Element Weekly Interview with Paul McGillivray from Remote

Paul is Co-Founder and CTO of Remote and Code Assembly, working to empower purpose-driven teams to amplify their impact. He’s also a TEDx speaker, writer and music producer. Both organisations excel at automating systems that free you and your team to work within your individual talents to do the work you were born to do. His superpower is his ability to envisage and model systems in a holistic way that liberates innovation and human potential, with purpose at its core. Paul’s been leading...


Green Element Weekly Interview with Nick Addison from Pro Earth Ltd

We are thrilled to be interviewing Nick Addison from Pro Earth Ltd. Pro Earth are specialists in environment protection and conservation through controlling pollution. We design spill control solutions for industry, including construction, airports, railways, mining, catering and manufacturing We also create purification systems that remove heavy metals, hydrocarbons and chemicals from waste water.


Green Element Podcast Extra Interview with Kiko Matthews from Kiko Matthews Ltd

We are thrilled to be interviewing as a Podcast Extra; Kiko Matthews from Kiko Matthews ltd - A World record holder - fastest woman to solo row the Atlantic. She is passionate about the ocean and our environment, as well as education and adventure. She was a science teacher before being a environmental athlete. In May 2019 she will be cycling around U.K. 7200km and doing 76 beach cleans along the way. if you would like to get involved then please sponsor her - It is...


Green Element Weekly Interview with Tessa Tricks from Hubbub

We are thrilled to be interviewing Tessa Tricks from Hubbub. Hubbub is a charity that creates environmental campaigns with a difference. There positive and design playful interventions that inspire people to make healthier, greener lifestyle choices, which more often than not help save money and bring people together. They concentrate on things people are passionate about and are relevant day-to-day, like fashion, food, homes and neighbourhoods. They keep things simple, offering practical...


Green Element Weekly Interview with Stephanie Johnson and Kristina Komlosiova from Pollen + Grace

We are thrilled to be interviewing Stephanie Johnson and Kristina Komlosiova from Pollen + Grace. They create innovative, healthy ready meals and snacks. They challenge the traditional marketplace by creating 100% natural, accessibly priced, genuinely delicious meals that just so happen to be vegan, as well as gluten, wheat and dairy free. Born in their home kitchen in 2015, they have grown from a niche lunch delivery service to one of the market leading Food-To-Go brands. Today, their...


Green Element Weekly Interview with Dr Michael Groves from Topolytics

We are thrilled to be interviewing Mike Groves from Topolytics. Mike is founder of Topolytics, an analytics business that is maximising the utility of waste materials and enabling the circular economy at scale. He has been working in the sustainability area for a number of years now. Mike is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to understanding waste and how it is managed.


Green Element Weekly Interview with Tim Dew from Mount Parnassus

We are thrilled to be interviewing Tim Dew from Games Without Frontiers. Tim started Games Without Frontiers to rapidly accelerate the way that people learn. It works on two key principles: 1. That the only way you can get someone to believe in an idea is to believe it was theirs in the first place and, 2. That we only learn through experience. Rocket, our first learning platform, teaches teams of people how to run a whole business in a single day. It's being hailed as the future of learning...


Green Element Weekly Interview with Anne-Charlotte Mornington from Olio

We are thrilled to be interviewing Anne Charlotte Mornington from OLIO. Anne Charlotte Mornington pursued a BA Hons in Fine Art and an MSc in Management where she wrote her thesis on the topic of food waste. While working for Tech City UK in 2015, she was introduced to OLIO and has been part of the team ever since. Her focus is on international expansion and business development. After instigating OLIO sharing communities in Sweden and California, she is currently working on community growth...


Green Element Weekly Interview with Anne van Eijsden from Paper on the Rock

We are thrilled to be interviewing Anne Pleun van Eijsden from Paper on the Rocks. She started Paper on the Rocks in late 2015. After studying International Law, a bachelor in History and minor in Chinese she worked as an e-commerce marketeer. But from a young age she felt that she wanted to make a difference by becoming an entrepreneur who was 'doing good'. Then she encountered stonepaper. A beautiful alternative to traditional pulp paper. Almost overnight she started Paper on the Rocks -...


Green Element Weekly Interview with Joseph Kennedy from Cpath

We are thrilled to be intervieing Joseph Kennedy from Content Pathway, The UK's #1 Environmental Copywriter & Interviewer. The environment can't speak for itself, that's why we have to produce regular and engaging content that sparks discussion, encourages action, and inspires people to make decisions on its behalf. That's where I come in. With a background in recycling, waste management, sustainability and journalism, and with a client base ranging from electric supercar manufacturers to...


Green Element Weekly Interview with Robin Pointon from Go Travel Solutions

We are thrilled to be interviewing Robin Pointon, Go Travel Solutions is a specialist consultancy for sustainable transport, serving employers, public bodies and travel providers founded in 2008. The enterprise currently employs five staff members with offices in Leicester and Bristol. The organisation is focused on bringing together the best in transport, environmental and marketing practice. Go Travel Solutions works in collaboration with leading transport consultants, local authority...


Green Element weekly podcast Interview with Marco Karman from Be More You

We are thrilled to be interviewing Marco Karman who is the owner of Be More You. Be More You is a company that helps people be more mindful, compassionate, and illuminated. Their target market are children over 10 years and old people over 60 years but have an opening market for people in the working field. In this episode, Marco explains how people do a lot of things subconsciously and have knee jerk reactions because their minds are already programmed to a certain kind of thinking. His...