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Green Element weekly podcast Interview with Tamma Carel from Imvelo Ltd

We are thrilled to be interviewing Tamma Carel from Imvelo limited, an environmental consultancy and training business that helps companies best understand environmental management and sustainability in the easiest way possible. Being an IEMA approved service provider, she has been able to integrate environmental management with different parts of a company through cohesive courses. She is an incredible human being with lots of energy and passion to educate. Tamma has been running the...


Green Element weekly podcast Interview with Peter Gilheany from Forster Communications

Today we are delighted to be joined by Peter Gilheany, the Director of Forster Communications, a social change PR agency. It’s a company that is devoted to working with businesses and non-profit organizations with the goal of accelerating social change and has been in business for about 22 years. They help their clients protect and improve their lives.


Green Element weekly podcast Interview with Hermione Taylor from Do Nation

This is a great episode about a phenomenal and inspiring lady that set up ‘networking’ and ‘communications’ solution that helps us increase awareness and reduce the environmental impact within organisations. Hermione Taylor is founder of Do Nation, an online platform designed to help people form healthy, environmentally friendly habits. Through Do Nation, she’s worked with over 100 organisations, from Nando’s to Network Rail, Ella’s Kitchen to Edinburgh University, helping to engage their...


Green Element weekly podcast Interview with Martin Baxter from IEMA

Martin Baxter Chief Policy Advisor IEMA – (Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment) Martin works in the UK and internationally to support the transition to a low carbon, resource efficient and sustainable economy. Martin leads IEMA’s policy and external engagement activity with government and business. He has national and international experience in developing and negotiating global and European standards, and developing capacity for effective and widespread implementation. Martin...


Green Element Weekly podcast interview with Tom Greenwood from WholeGrain Digital

Today we are delighted to be joined by Tom Greenwood who is the managing director of Wholegrain Digital. He and his wife begun the company back in 2007. It is a web and design agency whose mission is to use design, digital technology and business to help create a sustainable world.


Green Element Weekly podcast interview with Dave Faulconbridge from WF Glazing Protection

Dave Faulconbridge, one of the founders of WF Glazing Protection Ltd, is here with us today discussing window films. The company helps and gives you the freedom to use your offices and rooms all year round through their window film coatings. Having been in operation for 12 years as well as previous employees of 3M, they sure do have the required experience and are proud to be environmental friendly while at it.


Interview with Richard Fuller from County Battery

Today, we are glad to be joined by Richard Fuller, the managing Director at County Battery Services Ltd. It’s a company that was founded by his father in 1974. They deal with different types of batteries that is for cars, alarms, battery-operated toys, cordless phones and digital cameras. The batteries are both rechargeable and non-rechargeable.


Green Element weekly podcast Interview with Myles Hopper from Mindful Chef

Today I had a chat with Myles Hopper, one of the founders of Mindful Chef. Mindful Chef is a health-focused food box company that was founded in 2015. They started the business with their customers as friends and family only and they now try to treat all their customers like that. They have grown incredibly. He gives us their story of how they practically sold nothing for 9 months and how they were able to grow from that.


Green Element weekly podcast Interview with Danny Witter from Work for Good

Today we are delighted to be joined by Danny Witter a co-founder of Work for Good. Work for Good is a social enterprise that purposes in getting business to give a little bit more to charity. Their mission is to create a channel that enables philanthropic funding for the charity work. They use this platform to invite both businesses and charities to sign up thereby enabling businesses to get to the charities easier.


Interview with Adam Robertson from Kalopsia Collective

Kalopsia Collective is a textile batch manufacturing company which began with an aim to challenge the way textile was seen. Totally aware of the social impact of design and production, they strive to minimize the environmental impact of the business. This is by considering everything and everyone affected by their business. In this episode, Adam will share with us the challenges they're facing as a company, especially with fabric, a load of advice to anyone looking to start a sustainable...


Interview with Ben Battell from Bahasa of the sea

Ben Battell visited two beaches with completely different ocean life. One was completely clean while the other was holding on to its life from the amount of waste in it. This prompted Ben to start a business where he could reduce the amount of plastic that finds its way to the ocean. Did you know that if you spend 80 years in life while changing your toothbrush every three months that would be 240 toothbrushes in a lifetime? These small but significant changes is what Ben from Bahasa of the...


Interview with Andrew Dickens from Simplicity cars

In this episode, we’re joined by Andy from Simplicity Cars. Andy is not your typical car salesman. He is truly passionate about cars and his business and I’m sure you’ll be able to tell that from listening to the show. He makes the journey of buying a car as easy as possible for you and given that he only gets his payment from the suppliers, you’re sure of getting it at a fair price. He shares how he runs his business, interacts with his clients, and what happens in case your car is...


Interview with Catherine Farrant from Ossa Organic

Gut healing is reemerging as the key benefit to having better health, and a longer and happier life. When Catherine Farrant fell pregnant, she started researching on ancient ways in which people nourished their bodies. She found out that food was used as medicine as opposed to today where we’re taking medicine as food and that's how Ossa Organic was born. Ossa Organic is a BCorp Certified company that has products made using high-quality organic ingredients based on ancient recipes....


Interview with Sam Brennan from Fresh Car Valeting

Today, it’s my pleasure to interview Sam Brennan who is the owner of Fresh Car Valeting. Sam believes in having a connection with people and more so his employees. He feels having happy employees subsequently translates to having happy customers. With a team of 9 employees, Fresh Car Valeting is changing how car valeting business works. It is a high-end mobile car valeting company and this comes with a load of challenges. He gives us the ins and outs of his business but most importantly, he...


Interview with Deirdre McNally from the Brew Tea Company

Fellow Bcorp and Manchester-based Brew Tea Co join us for this fascinating interview all about Sustainable Business, the technical side of Tea drinking and the triple bottom line. Deirdre McNally discusses the challenges involved in being a consumer-focussed company committed to doing business as a force for good as well as how building a loyal community has really helped them provide a better service.


Interview with Lizzie Salter from The Kind Living Salon

The Kind Living Salon is set up to be a unique and modern brand that offers Vegan, eco-friendly and organic products, alongside ethical and socially conscious treatments and services. In this interview, founder Lizzie Salter tells us why she set up this new business and the eco-hub she aims to achieve to promote a more ethical and sustainable approach to wellbeing, self-care and nutrition. Lizzie discusses common challenges small business face when it comes to setting up a sustainable...


Interview with Leilani Weier from Linklaters

Linklaters is a leading international law firm committed to environmental responsibility. In this interview we speak with Leilani Weier who is their in-house Sustainability Consultant. There's a lot you can take away from this episode, especially if your staff and supply chain are asking questions around sustainability and environmental responsibility. Leilani talks about their Best Green Law Firm global chat group which was set up to engage global employees around the companies...


Interview with Matt Hocking from Leap

Did you know that 80% of your environmental impact is decided at the design stage? Matt Hocking is a superhero lover, proud and committed BCorp owner and planet optimist, In this interview he talks about how becoming a BCorp helped him increase his turnover by 40% in the first year, how he's engaged his staff, suppliers and customers with his sustainable business agenda and how Leap is doing business as a force for good. There are lots of lessons learned in this episode too so be sure to...


Interview with Leah Garwood-Gowers - from the Hardihood

Leah talks about her journey building an ethical and vegan 'sweet treat' brand from scratch and how The Hardihood has used Instagram to accelerate their business growth. There's lots of tips and advice about starting an ethical brand, addressing the challenge around plastic packaging and also what it takes to get your product into popular retailers like Selfridges, Planet Organic, WholeFoods and Daylesford. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out on your own business venture or...


Interview with Adam Huttly from Red-Inc

We are delighted to be joined by Adam Huttly who is the founder of Red-Inc. Company. Red Inc. is a B Corp certified company and is an office supplies re-seller. Adam founded his company in 2008 based on three principles which are cost, environmental impact, and reducing human effort.