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Visions of Disruption: What’s expected of Amazon in Healthcare?

Amazon has been a hot topic in healthcare for at least a year. And for good reason. With the acquisition of PillPak, the Haven initiative with JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway, Alexa HIPPA compliance, and the announcement that they’ll accept Health Spending Accounts (HSA), it’s clear that Amazon has big plans for healthcare. When I was at the Healthcare IT and Marketing Conference (HITMC) in Boston last month, I got to talking about this with Jack Murtha and Tom Castles of Inside Digital...


The CMS NPRM: Opportunities from the Payer Perspective

The CMS NPRM (Notice of Proposed Rule Making) is much more interesting than many of the past interop-related rules. That’s because it gets specific. It gets specific about technology by calling out FHIR APIs. It gets specific about use cases, such as patient access to data, payer to payer interoperability for administrative data, etc. And surprisingly, it gets specific about collaboration by suggesting that all health plans look at the Da Vinci project and consider implementing its use...


HCLDR, Access 2022, and more with Colin Hung

On this episode, we discuss the power of online communities like #HCLDR, a new push for healthcare interoperability in Canada called Access 2022, and much more. Our guest is Colin Hung, CMO and editor at, and founder of #HCLDR. Online Communities: #HCLDR is a weekly tweet chat (Tuesday’s at 8:30 PM EST) that has been going strong for 7 years. It attracts an international audience of 150-200 people who generate 1,500-3,000 tweets and up to 12 million...


The Path to Healthcare Interoperability

There's a lot happening on the healthcare interoperability front: Don and Shahid discuss each of these and pull out the actionable threads. This conversation sets up the next several episodes where we'll identify the opportunities that are being created and share ideas on how you can capitalize on them. See full show notes and links here:


Building a Social Network for Patients and Caregivers

On this episode, we talk with Brian Loew, founder and CEO at Inspire. They've built a social network for patients and caregivers that provides a safe place for them to share their stories and learn from people like them. And it empowers patients to raise their hands and volunteer to participate in research that could advance treatments for their disease. It definitely fits the #HCBiz template for a solid healthcare business: Good for patients. Good for society. Good for the business of...


Top 10 Things to Ensure Success in a Value-based Healthcare World

The transition to value-based healthcare is official. It’s happening. The only question now is how painful the road will be, and how effective we’ll be in improving outcomes and controlling costs. The fate of your healthcare organization will largely be determined by how you decide to proceed. Will you embrace value-based healthcare and enter into it on your own terms? Or will you sit back and wait, and ultimately be forced into it? On this episode, we hear from Jason Helgerson, founder...


Deep Medicine with Dr. Eric Topol

The way we practice medicine today is broken. We prioritize the business and treat the patient as nothing more than a cog in our great machine. According to today’s guest, ” we have an emotional breakdown, with disenchanted patients largely disconnected from burned-out, depressed doctors.” Dr. Eric Topol calls this epidemic “shallow medicine”. It’s driven by runaway healthcare costs and an insatiable drive for increased efficiency and profits, and unfortunately, is largely the way we...


Healthcare Is Not Quite Digitized w/ Bill DeStefanis

We've effectively digitized medical record via EHRs, but the healthcare industry still relies heavily on paper for many of its workflows and supporting documents. On this episode, we talk with Bill DeStefanis, Director of Product Strategy at Nuance about how and why paper is still widely used in healthcare, how we can keep it secure, and how we can effectively integrate it into our digital workflows. About Bill DeStefanis: As Nuance’s Director of Product Strategy, Bill brings more than...


Value-based Payment: Progress, Trends and Direction w/ Jason Helgerson - 089

On this episode, we talk with Jason Helgerson, founder of Helgerson Solutions Group and Former Medicaid Director for New York and Wisconsin. Jason shares his perspective on Value-based payment progress and direction tells us who needs to get involved and how, and we discuss how to measure success. That is, how will we know if value-based payment has been adequately deployed, and more importantly, how will we know if it's working? This episode is sponsored by VBP Forward: VBP Forward...


Healthcare's Value Based... Experiment? w/ Guest Host Janae Sharp

What's the difference between value-based care and value-based payment? How can we attribute outcomes and cost savings to specific innovations in care delivery? Does anyone really know what they're doing? What do the patients think? Who needs to be at the table to figure this all out? On this episode, guest-host Janae Sharp asks Don Lee and Shahid Shah about the VBP Forward Conference happening in Buffalo on February 20th and 21st. And we try to break down what's really happening in the...


What's Driving Consolidation in Healthcare? w/ Amanda Hansen, AdvancedMD - 087

Mergers and acquisitions activity in healthcare ranked third behind energy and media entertainment in terms of total deal volume in the first half of 2018. And from what we can tell, things didn't slow down after that. Of course, you have the big deals like CVS-Aetna, Cigna-Express Scripts, and Amazon-Berkshire Hathaway-JP Morgan. And the much-hyped entrance from tech giants like Apple. But we're also seeing a ton of consolidation in specialty practices, software companies and more. The...


The Future of Value-Based Payment w/ François de Brantes of Remedy - 086

On this episode, we talk with François de Brantes, Senior Vice President of Commercial Business Development at Remedy, about the future of value-based payment. François shares with us the importance of transparency, measurement, and responsibility and tells us why payment reform is such an effective lever to drive change. You'll hear about models that have been successful, how employers are driving change, and what you can expect from the next generation of value-based payment. In...


Lessons on Selling in Healthcare w/ Dom Cappuccilli - 085

Selling is hard. Whether you're selling an idea, service or product, you've got to get to the core of the issue quickly or you'll lose your audience. And the challenge is notoriously exacerbated by the risky, regulated and complex healthcare system you're selling into. That's why we're talking with Dom Cappuccilli from The Clean Sell. Dom's a storyteller turned sales guy who's been successful in both inside / direct sales and enterprise sales. Dom shares some of his most important lessons...


HITS 2018 Recap w/ Dr. Kelly Reynolds and Savannah Hatt - 084

This episode is part of our in-depth coverage of the Healthcare Infection Transmission Systems Consortium (HITS) 2018 conference in Nashville, TN that took place September 18-20th. ... On this episode, we wrap-up our coverage of the HITS 2018 conference. We talk with HITS board members Dr. Kelly Reynolds and Savannah Hatt about what we learned at the 2018 conference, what's next for the HITS Consortium, how you can get involved, and what to expect from the HITS 2019 conference in...


Healthcare Trends: A Crossover w/ David Shifrin and The Future of Health Podcast - 083

This is a crossover episode with David Shifrin from The Future of Health Podcast and Health:Further. We cover three main topics that have been coming up a lot on our podcasts: Care Transitions Telehealth for post-discharge follow-upsBruce Greenstein Clinical Decision Support ILÚM Health SolutionsVisualDXBinary FountainDr. Jeff Thompson at Gundersen Health Business Realities, Culture, and the New Patient Journey both About David Shifrin I am a scientist, writer, and connector. I...


Addressing SDOH One Factor at a Time w/ Dr. Virginia Gurley - 082

The social determinants of health (SDOH) are a hot topic in the healthcare industry. And rightly so: "Social, economic, and environmental issues have been shown to influence the length and quality of life by 50%, according to community health research. In comparison, only 20% is tied to the clinical care provided to community residents." Virginia Gurley, Sr. Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at AxisPoint Health But SDOH is not a new concept - it's just modern terminology for...


4 Industry Waves Impacting the Medical Practice w/ Ken Comée of CareCloud - 081

If you're a medical practice, 4 major industry waves are rocking your boat. New demands bring new opportunities for fast practices that can quickly get physician alignment around a strategy that will maintain physician autonomy and increase reimbursement. Equally as important, the patient expectation has changed. They demand convenience and flexibility and want to interact with their care in new and innovative ways. Physicians can accept this, or ignore it at their own peril. I'm fortunate...


How to Launch and Grow a Virtual Care Service w/ Henry Ford Health System and Vidyo - 080

Virtual Care. Telehealth. Telemedicine. Whatever you call it, there are very real benefits to patients and health systems when you do Virtual Care right. But there are many obstacles too. On this episode, we talk with Courtney Stevens, Director of Virtual Care at Henry Ford Health System and Brian Young, Director of Healthcare Solutions Marketing at Vidyo about how to develop a Virtual Care strategy, gain buy-in from clinicians and patients, deliver service and measure success along the way....


HCAHPS and the Patient Safety vs. Patient Satisfaction Conundrum w/ Christine Greene and Maurits Hughes from HITS2018 - 079

This episode is part of our in-depth coverage of the Healthcare Infection Transmission Systems Consortium (HITS) 2018 conference in Nashville, TN that took place September 18-20th. Check out all our HITS 2018 episodes here, and look for more throughout the month of October. The Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) measures a patient's satisfaction with the quality of their care during their stay at the hospital. It measures things like staff...


Clean Air and Patient Satisfaction w/ Samantha Kitchen of Radic8 from HITS2018 - 078

This episode is part of our in-depth coverage of the Healthcare Infection Transmission Systems Consortium (HITS) 2018 conference in Nashville, TN that took place September 18-20th. Check out all our HITS 2018 episodes here, and look for more throughout the month of October. There are plenty of reasons to be concerned with air quality in the hospital environment. The obvious ones are related to patient safety, but as we move toward a more consumer-directed healthcare system and as CMS...