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Every week, media experts from Eulogy, an independent and award-winning communications agency, dissect the biggest stories to help brands understand and influence the agenda.

Every week, media experts from Eulogy, an independent and award-winning communications agency, dissect the biggest stories to help brands understand and influence the agenda.
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Every week, media experts from Eulogy, an independent and award-winning communications agency, dissect the biggest stories to help brands understand and influence the agenda.






Sayonara Sorrell, hello CGI models

Featuring everything from fake models to award-winning rappers, this week’s Headliner podcast has it all. Sir Martin Sorrell, the head of the world's largest advertising company WPP, has stepped down after an internal investigation into claims of personal misconduct. The news has rocked the world of comms, with many people coming out of the woodwork to either mourn his departure, celebrate the changing of the guard or pontificate about the future for WPP. Thinking of buying a house in...


Politics, punctuation and prostate cancer

This week’s podcast sees Chloe Redfern, Alanna Duffield and Ollie Pink discuss everything from new political parties to proper punctuation. Having announced a £75 million boost in research funding, Theresa May has officially declared war on prostate cancer. The move has helped spur conversation about the disease, driving awareness and highlighting how the issue can affect men of all ages. Tony Blair has recently had to deny any ties with a new UK political party. A fledgling “centrist”...


Feeling blue De La Rue?



Dodgy data dealings

A week of turmoil for Facebook, following revelations that personal data of millions of users were obtained by data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica. Its market value has plummeted, and the co-founder of WhatsApp – now owned by Facebook – tweeted it’s “time to #DeleteFacebook.” But how serious are the allegations? And could this derail Mark Zuckerberg’s burgeoning presidential campaign? The news gave the Telegraph plenty to comment on in the same week the publisher launched a new...


What’s the craic?

The Russian spy saga continues to dominate the front pages this week. The PM announced a 24-hour warning for Moscow to release a “credible response” to the attack before more extensive measures will be activated. The tension is certainly building. From poison to spitting: the shock factor headlines continued as former Liverpool FC captain, Jamie Carragher, was suspended by Sky Sports after a video was released of him spitting out of his car at a Manchester United fan and his 14-year-old...


Spies, lies and feminist cries

Russia has once again come under fire in the media after ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were taken to hospital critically ill from a suspected poisoning. Little is known and speculation is rife, but all eyes are facing east as espionage-fever sweeps the nation. Sir Bradley Wiggins was landed in hot water this week after a report by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee claimed Team Sky "crossed the ethical line" by using drugs to prepare the cyclist before...


The ‘snow’ must go on

As Brits, we love nothing more than to discuss the weather. This meant no one was left lost for words this week as the ‘Beast from the East’ swept through the UK dominating both conversation and front-pages across the nation. But why are we calling it the ‘Beast from the East’? What impact will it continue to have on our nation? Exercise? Did you mean extra fries? Cancer Research UK released research revealing that millennials are set to become the most obese generation since records...


Curling is cool, fool!

David Davis announced that post-Brexit the UK won’t be like Mad Max—evocative language seized on by the media. But did his colourful comments succeed in reassuring business and Brussels that the UK will maintain high standards and regulations? Fans have gone wild for the curling at this year’s winter Olympics in Seoul—from the eye-catching trousers of the Norwegian team to the alleged doping by Russian competitor Alexander Krushelnitsky. Is this game of strategy about to experience a...


Love is cheap at EasyHotel

The Oxfam scandal has dominated this week’s front pages with backlash from donors, corporate sponsors and ambassadors. Can the beleaguered charity recover from this reputational damage? What impact will these revelations have on the aid sector? The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has lifted its ban on travel to Tunisia and sun-seeking Brits have been booking holidays. With prices very low compared with other Mediterranean destinations, is Tunisia set to become 2018’s go-to package...


First votes and now Doritos for Women!

Elon Musk launched the Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket in use today, and its payload was a red Tesla sports car with a mannequin in the driver seat. These new reusable rockets could reignite the space race. But will today's podcast listeners ever get to go to Mars? Theresa May has announced a review into the future of newspapers, with the PM warning that the closure of hundreds of titles was a “danger to our democracy”. Can local papers be saved? Or has the way we consume news...


Paul Hollywood is in hot water, it’s the dole for dart girls and a dark day for black cats

Celebrity baker Paul Hollywood was among many high-profile individuals revealed by a New York Times investigation as having bought Twitter followers. Just how widespread is the shady practice of paying for followers? Can we trust that anyone’s social media reach is genuine when it is seemingly so easy and cheap to boost follower numbers? The UK’s mass surveillance programme was ruled unlawful by the Court of Appeal. The Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act 2014 widely known as the...


Amazon reinvents grocery shopping, Facebook redefines time and May tools up in the fight against fake news

Amazon Go is a pioneering new shop with – it claims- no queues either. The experience is novel, with customers reporting that they felt as if they were shoplifting. A few journalists even tried to sneak things out to see if it was possible to outwit the myriad of cameras and sensors. Is this how we will all shop in the future? Or a stunt that is unlikely to ever be replicated in a supermarket near you? Downing Street has announced the creation of a new national security unit tasked with...


Carillion collapses, Facebook changes its news feed and Virgin Trains agrees to stock the Daily Mail

Facebook has announced changes to its news feed: users will now see more posts from friends and family and less content from businesses. Mark Zuckerberg has said he is trying to make sure its services are not only fun to use, but also good for people’s wellbeing. Will these changes help put the ‘social’ back in social media? How will they affect the brands and publishers that rely on Facebook to reach their audiences? Virgin Trains has backtracked on its plans to stop selling the Daily...


Winfrey for President, Carrie Gracie for equality and 50,000 go vegan for January

The 75th Golden Globe ceremony was one of the most political of all time, with many actresses dressed in black in support of the Time's Up movement. Oprah Winfrey’s powerful and moving acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award had many speculating she could be the next US president. Would she win by a landslide? Or is the suggestion that Oprah throws her hat in the ring a distraction that the Democratic party don’t need? The children’s commissioner for England has said that...


Wolff unleashes the Fire and Fury, winter takes its toll and dry January makes us thirsty

Michael Wolff’s new book, ‘Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House’ has put the cat amongst the pigeons. Trump is insistent that the book, which makes a series of damaging allegations about his administration, is "full of lies". Was the Trump team shocked and horrified by his election win? Did Melania cry tears of sadness on election night? One thing is for sure, this book is going to cause a furore. Winter is always the busiest time for the NHS, but this January the situation has...


Damian Green is out of office, Uber is a cab company and Britain First can tweet no more

Damian Green was sacked from the Cabinet following misleading claims about what he knew about porn found on his computer. As the expression says ‘you can’t put fingers on a keyboard’, so we will never know for sure who was using the laptop when the offending material was accessed. But, for breaking the ministerial code, Green is out. Will his departure unbalance May’s Cabinet? How will the loss of Green’s pro-European voice affect Brexit? It’s official: Uber is a taxi company and not an...


The end of gender stereotyping, Trump is coming and Peppa Pig is public enemy no 1

The Advertising Standards Authority will introduce new regulations to tackle outdated gender stereotyping in adverts. No more harried mothers doing it all, or hapless dads who don’t have a clue about the most basic domestic tasks. Is this, as actress Nanette Newman claims, ridiculously over the top? Or timely legislation that will stop adverts from reinforcing harmful stereotypes that limit choices and aspirations? Shazam, the app that lets users identify songs, movies, TV shows and...


Taxi’s go electric, Co-op goes beyond the “best before” and Attenborough warns the Blue Planet may soon be gone

The first electric black taxis have hit London's roads as part of plans to improve air quality. They are kitted out with a host of bells and whistles, including a sunroof, contactless payment, Wifi and USB charging. But will the price tag of £55,000 deter cabbies from making the upgrade? And critically, will they make a real difference to London’s pollution? The East of England Co-op is the first big retailer to sell food past its “best before” date, in a move to try and reduce food...


It’s the economy, stupid

A number of announcements have dripped out of this week’s news agenda following last week’s Budget and the OBR’s dismal forecast for the economy. On Tuesday, the OECD released its Economic Outlook for 2019. It was not pretty for the UK—downgrading the 2017 growth forecast for UK to 1.5%, making it the weakest economy in G7. As we’d expect, The Guardian focuses on Brexit as the leading cause, with its headline: UK missing out on rising global growth because of Brexit. But even the Mail...


#Metoo is on the march, Christmas adverts fracture opinion and Stormzy is stuck in the bog

With special guests Amelia Ayres and Dave Horner from Diagonal View After much anticipation, the John Lewis Christmas advert has finally been unveiled, starring Moz the Monster. But the creative offering, from award-winning film director Michel Gondry, has had a mixed response. Is it a touching tale of one little boy’s vivid imagination and the impact the right Christmas gift can have, or is it a confusing and decidedly un-festive offering? Tesco’s Christmas advert features the message...


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