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Carpet Fitting, Joinery Planning and Locksmith Issues

Carpet fitting issues are rare but they do occur in some places. Mainly because houses are all built differently - sometimes with different floor finishes. Today we have Lee back to glue down some errant carpet that has risen up with vacuuming. Cleaners sometimes get over zealous and with all the new equipment available, it's sometimes difficult to keep any flooring where you want it! Joinery is another issue I am looking at today. Notably door sizes, what shelf depth am I looking for and...


Joinery and Basement Vaults

Hello! I am back trying out a new app to see if I can bring you these podcasts more frequently. Today over at the 'Sloane Square job', we are looking at the basement vaults and what work needs to be done in them. We talk coal holes, cement structure, render and uses for vaults. Inside the house I look at joinery for the bedrooms and what the plans are for the rooms and what furniture I am looking at to go in them. There's also talk on drainage and structural elements. Happy...


Careers advice, upholstery and joinery meetings and we visit Chelsea Design Centre

In this weeks episode I make a welcome return! Today, we talk how careers advice was lacking whilst I was at school and interior design was unheard of. Today I discuss this and the path to interior design and beyond. What's next for me? We take a trip to Chelsea Design Centre, which is the where all the shops and stores take trade orders from designers and then we visit both the upholsterers and the joiners to discuss quotes and work coming up. Plus air conditioning, guttering and email...


Mr Hunt - A Tale Of A Very Special Client

This is a fascinating look back at one of my first clients. A full description of the house and what faced me when I first entered the property all those years ago. On a wintry January, I met Mr Hunt. He lived in his old house that he was selling and needed my help to disperse his excess belongings, move him house and design his new home for him. Covering wallpaper, renovation, architectural styles, appliances and much more - take a journey back in time and listen whilst I remember a...


Frustrating Clients, Desk Work and a walk through Central London

Dealing with frustrating situations and difficult clients is part of the job. Today we talk about that difficulty and how this often comes about. Plus I list six problems that I encounter when I am carrying out interior design work. From buying cheap curtains to clients copying their friends... There's questions on favourite childhood colours and finally a walk through central London after a slow bus ride! Find me at Find my videos at...


Colours For Rooms, Attending Events, Electrical Plans

This week, a few calls come in about colour choices and I speak about attending events with a Design Professional. Choosing room colour is a joy for a designer but clients always go for the safe choice and choose a neutral. I discuss beige, grey and purple and muse about colour choices on furniture. Plus I work on some electrical plans and have several meetings at different projects. It's a busy week that encompasses travel and time at my desk. Find me at Find my...


How I Became An Interior Designer

Today I look back at my career. Jason asked me how did I become an interior designer? what was my background like and how did I get here. How did I learn interior design from my career? How did I decide that an interior design business was right for me? Talking honestly about my childhood, schooling, industries that I have worked in and also my first business..I detail my decisions and how I 'fell into' interior design..anecdotes and thought processes all come flooding back! I hope you...


Room Colour Book, College vs Work, Onsite With The Builders

In this episode, I get asked about whether college is more beneficial than going straight out to work, why and how I wrote my first book Room Colour (Room Colour) which has some great explanations and 'what would I do differently?' discussions when creating an ebook. Plus we take a trip to the new project that I'll be managing and whizz in to the tile shop to see what I can find.. Lastly we talk about effort when keeping a tidy home, what to eat and how to keep healthy and organisation and...


Exterior repairs, urban planning, Feng Shui and around London

Today on my walk to and from my current projects, I muse about exterior repairs to properties. Why don't people do think of this as well as the interiors of their homes? Feng Shui - some clients love it and some hate it. Some are made to suffer it via their families. I talk about my experience and thoughts about it. Around London I talk about Soho and Victoria - two very different places. Urban planning and design is a topic that I am interested in. I discuss this with Jason and talk...


Vlogging, Favourite Rooms, Design User Experience

In this episode, we talk favourite rooms, waiting for call backs from suppliers, what inspires the User Experience when I design for clients and vlogging - what is the future. Music: Mike Chino - Dream Chaser Silent Partner - Sunday Plans


I'm back and talking business podcasts, YouTube and visiting Blenheim Palace

I'm back from a long time away and going to consolidate my daily audio log from and post this shortened content here. Today we talk YouTube, business, insomnia, Norway and we take a trip to Blenheim Palace to see an original British masterpiece.


Closet Organizer - How to make the best of your storage space

Belinda Corani from the Home Conscious Podcast reveals how to manage your interior design project and how to renovate your property. Uniquely in this podcast, you are able to Ask Belinda a question that can get featured on a future podcast. Using case studies; past, current and future projects, Belinda will show you the reasons to become an interior designer and how you can build your company along the way. With interviews with specialist contractors and product reviews that will help you...


Effecting Change In Your Interior Design Business

This is a warm welcome back to the business of interior design and how to get round all the pitfalls with suppliers and clients alike. Today's episode is about how I've updated the business and effecting change within it. I talk about what ventures I have been looking at and what is still to come. I also talk about new client projects that are coming up and how I can show you how I am working on them. On Ask Belinda, one of you asks me how I plan my day. This is a good question! Listen in...


Finding Your Suppliers

Ahh suppliers! Where do you find them? How do you check and choose? These and more questions are answered in today’s podcast. There will be more on suppliers in later podcasts so this is just an outline to get you started. In the UK, one of the best and safest places to source a supplier is on the Trustmark site. They cover anyone from roofers, builders, drainage experts, carpenters and decorators. For electricians there is the National Inspection Council for...


10 Things To Look For In An Interior Designer

In today’s podcast, we learn what to look for in an interior designer. What are the questions you should ask? Do they need a portfolio? (actually they don’t) and if YOU are the interior designer, what should you be asking your prospective client? Also covered are questions you should ask, note taking and having a clear strategy for the work. Also in today’s Ask Belinda section of the podcast, we hear from James and Susan in West Hampstead. They ask “How long should it take to renovate a...


10 Brilliant Reasons To Be An Interior Designer

This is the first post and podcast in my new series. Hopefully it will inspire you to improve your home or space around you. It may also spur you on to become an interior designer (Lord help you!). Most information will be on the podcast but I will put any links or info in the 'show notes' which will be this 'blog' part of the topic I will try and give you as many resources as I can so that you can get things done as quickly and as painlessly as you can. The first episode is entitled...