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Ep. 5: An Easy to Follow 4 Step Formula on Leveraging the Power of Story Telling in your Sales Process

"Storytelling has a profound impact on people. It effortlessly shifts your audience into their imaginative state where you dictate not only the direction of the story, but also the path you want your prospect to take. It’s the only technique that allows you to build instant connections and instill trust in less than a minute." ~ Ed Bilat For over 23 years, Ed has helped organizations such as Microsoft, HP, Walmart, TELUS, and TD Canada Trust to empower their sales teams to define and...


Ep. 4: Strategic Account Planning and the Key for Differentiating Your Customer Demo

When's the last time you finished presenting your solution and walked away HOPING you would win the deal? Colin Casillas has been in B2B sales for 20 years, and shares his exact step-by-step process for developing your business accounts from lead status, through account discovery and research, tailored presentations, effective follow up strategies, and ultimately closing the deal by solving the needs of the project team and executive decisions makers. If you are looking to up your game on...


Ep. 3: The Most Important Lessons I Learned During my First 12 Months in Tech Sales

Starting off in B2B sales can be scary, stressful, and a bit overwhelming, especially in technology. I wanted to share my personal story from when I first started in tech sales in 2006, and discuss my initial challenges, and also share all of the most important lessons and strategies I put in place during my first 12 months. This is a HUGE episode for anyone just getting into B2B sales and looking to wrap their head around the crazy information overload, and learn the best practices for...


Ep. 2: 2018 Strategies for Leveraging Video throughout your Sales Process

Personalized Video is today's hand-written letter. You are not faxing quotes to your customers as that would be crazy outdated and people would look at you funny. But what about your other techniques for customer engagement? Duy Pham lives and breathes video engagement, and was kind enough to join us today to discuss the most effective strategies, tools, and processes for leveraging videos while engaging with prospects, cold calling, customer development, and even social selling.


Ep. 1: Starting off in Sales and how to Ramp up Quickly

Matt Leiv shares his reasons for taking the leap into a commission only sales role, as well as sharing his experience, lessons, and strategies for building a new sales territory.