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IAB UK works with our members to build a sustainable future for digital advertising. Through each episode of our Connected Podcast, find out how brands, agencies, ad tech companies, publishers and platforms are adapting as the UK emerges from lockdown. Hear their predictions, the things they've learnt and some personal stories from our members. Hosted by the IAB's Chief Marketing Officer, James Chandler.

IAB UK works with our members to build a sustainable future for digital advertising. Through each episode of our Connected Podcast, find out how brands, agencies, ad tech companies, publishers and platforms are adapting as the UK emerges from lockdown. Hear their predictions, the things they've learnt and some personal stories from our members. Hosted by the IAB's Chief Marketing Officer, James Chandler.


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IAB UK works with our members to build a sustainable future for digital advertising. Through each episode of our Connected Podcast, find out how brands, agencies, ad tech companies, publishers and platforms are adapting as the UK emerges from lockdown. Hear their predictions, the things they've learnt and some personal stories from our members. Hosted by the IAB's Chief Marketing Officer, James Chandler.








Steering Group Specials: Video

All digital video should be created for a sound-off environment, all mobile video should be vertical and the six second creative is the holy grail for digital advertisers … right? We’ve all heard these one-liners about digital video advertising, but how true are they for your brand? To find out, we’ve gathered some of the brightest minds in video advertising to offer nuanced insights across creative best practice - debunking some of the most common myths buzzing around the industry while...


Steering Group Specials: Mobile In-App

What are the benefits of mobile app vs mobile web advertising? What can you measure in-app? Is it all just gaming? And what on earth is an SDK? If you’ve ever found yourself pondering these questions, fear not. We’ve gathered experts from our Mobile In-App Steering Group to give us a key insight into how to use in-app advertising - from those in the know. Featuring Sandra Schneider from ironSource, Russell Burden from AppsFlyer and Richard Smith at Adjust. Find out more about our Mobile...


Spine-tingling: understanding ASMR with Kath Moroney from Red Apple Creative

Autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR as it's more commonly known, will send a shiver down your spine. This unique form of audio can cause a tingling sensation that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck - and has been used by influencers and musicians for purposes of meditation, therapy or simply performance. In this special episode, Red Apple Creative's Creative Director, Kath Moroney, experiments with some ASMR sounds on James, explains how it could work...


Behind The Screens: the growth of TV streaming, with Alex Hole from Samsung Ads

After a short break for a less-than-ordinary summer, James Chandler is back behind the mic for another season of discussion, insight and inspiration from across digital advertising. In this episode, James chats to Samsung Ads' Alex Hole about their new white paper 'Behind the Screens' which reveals that during the first half of 2020, streaming accounted for more TV time than linear. Alex also gives us a 101 explainer on AVOD versus TVOD and shares why he found himself briefly living the life...


What the government's HFSS ad ban could mean for your business, with IAB UK's Christie Dennehy-Neil

Following the Government’s announcement that it will be introducing a 9pm watershed on High Fat, Salt and Sugar online ads - and potentially an outright ban - we know that our members will have a lot of questions about what this means in practice and what the potential wider ramifications could be. In this special episode, James talks to the IAB's Head of Policy and Regulatory Affairs, Christie Dennehy-Neil, who explains what's actually been said so far, what it means for advertisers and the...


How 'Today in Focus' kept its focus during lockdown, with The Guardian's Rachel Humphreys

They say you should never meet your heroes, but in our latest episode, interviewer becomes interviewee as James speaks to Rachel Humphreys, co-host and producer of his favourite podcast, The Guardian's Today in Focus. It was, Rachel tells James, a Guardian staffer who invented the word "podcast" and The Guardian has long been committed to using audio to tell its stories. In this extended episode, Rachel talks to James about how she and the rest of the Today in Focus team put together each...


Getting travel back on the move, with Tripadvisor's Shibani Walia

With holidays during lockdown out of the question, there are few industries that have been hit by COVID-19 as hard as the travel industry. In this episode, the IAB's James Chandler talks to Tripadvisor's Associate Director of Research and Insights, Shibani Walia. They discuss Tripadvisor's COVID-19 recovery white paper, new travel patterns already emerging and what consumers want from travel brands right now. Read Tripadvisor's resources here:...


Battling logic and emotion in lockdown, with coach and hypnotherapist Sarah Christie

After many years working with media companies, Sarah Christie, a coach and hypnotherapist, bought Crockwell Farm in Cornwall where she set up a retreat to help people escape life and manage work-related stress. In this episode of the IAB Connected Podcast, Sarah joins James from here retreat (her description of which will whisk you away to rolling hills and blue seas) to take a different perspective on lockdown: how different types of people have coped, what we can learn from those who have...


The value of our ears, with Spotify's Marco Bertozzi

"Are our eyes really worth ten times more than our ears?" asked Daniel Ek, Spotify's Founder in relation to the comparable ad spend between video and audio. In this episode, Spotify's VP EMEA and Multi-Market Sales, Marco Bertozzi, discusses the trajectory of online audio, Spotify's work in podcasts and - in case you missed it - his lockdown garden marathon. See for privacy and opt-out information.


Sea Life Centre to Fortnite: children's lockdown with Rocket

Rocket are a youth and children's marketing business who help brands understand young people. Their lockdown diaries with children aged 5-11 reveal how kids have reacted to being stuck at home and in this episode James Chandler speaks to James Erskine and Sophie Thirlwell about some of the children's brands that have made a big impression - from Sea Life Centre's lesson plans to Fortnite putting on a concert for 27 million people. Find out more about them at See...


Revolutionising femcare with Callaly's CMO Kate Huang

IAB UK has been working with Callaly since they were named one of the 50 Leading DTC brands in the UK as part of our study Born Online in 2019. With a brand described as "chic" by Vogue, they are making waves in femcare and revolutionising how women buy period products. In this episode, Callaly's CMO Kate Huang discusses crowdfunding, B-Corps, influencers and the joy of convenience. Find out more about Callaly and watch their Unboxing video at See for...


V, U and W-shaped recoveries with Snap's Ed Couchman

After a short break for our Stay Engaged daily offstage sessions, IAB UK's James Chandler is back in the busiest seat in digital advertising. We kick off this new series chatting to Ed Couchman, UK General Manager of Snap Inc. Ed and James discuss the small touches that make a big difference to staff and clients, the many shapes of recovery (upside down square root, anyone?) and the Snap 2020 Partner Summit. Find out more about everything going on at the IAB at See...


Stay Engaged Session 16: The Ken Fawes Listening Party

Relive the most talked about session in Engage history - 2017’s ‘Future of News’ presentation. In this final Stay Engaged Offstage Session, hear behind the scenes detail about Ken Fawes’ inception, preparations in the weeks leading up and how it all came together on the day. IAB UK's James Chandler is joined by award-winning journalist David Walsh, actor Bryan Torfeh who played Ken Fawes, the Guardian's Nick Hewat and News UK's Olly Lewis. Watch the full session here:...


Stay Engaged Session 15: The Story of UK Lockdown Through Google Search

In today's Offstage Session, Jonny Protheroe and Justine L’Estrange of Google UK reflect on their extensive Google Trends analyses spanning April and May 2020 - interpreting what the nation has been searching for during the lockdown while inviting listeners to draw their own conclusions. They retrace something of an emotional memory rollercoaster of trends - from the surprising to the moving, reflect on the big open questions being asked at Google, and touch on the ways in which they are...


Stay Engaged Session 14: 'Advertising in 2030' with Essence

What will advertising look like in 2030? Will it even exist? In this Daily Offstage Session hear the results from Essence’s global study on what the next decade of advertising will look like. Key themes include increasing use of biometrics, technology’s impact on consumer behaviour and the deepening relationship between brands and consumers. See for privacy and opt-out information.


Stay Engaged Session 13: 'Self-Care & Community' with The Fifth

Our relationship with social media has changed in the face of the crisis. Before the pandemic, experts raised concerns over the mental health of social media users, yet usage is up 40% and influencers are reporting exponential growth. As we connect more with our communities offline, perhaps the pandemic will encourage a kinder community online? The Fifth’s founder Olly Lewis is joined by Dr Sarah Vohra, Victoria Emes and Paula Akpan to discuss. See for privacy and...


Stay Engaged Session 12: 'Empowering real-world change through purpose-led communication' with Facebook

When it comes to having a tangible impact on society, many brands place too much emphasis on talk rather than action. In this daily offstage session, Samantha Williams, Facebook’s Global Category Director for Food, looks at household brands that have defined, built and communicated purpose to drive real-world change via Facebook platforms. See for privacy and opt-out information.


Stay Engaged Session 11: 'The Art of Successful Troublemaking' with Microsoft Advertising

Agitation and transformation are the lifeblood of our advertising. But what does it take to be a successful troublemaker? How do you become a fire-starter without starting actual fires? How do you build a career on being contrary, and lead your team to challenge consensus? Join Tor Thompson, EMEA Regional Director for Microsoft Advertising's Business Team as she shares her learnings from the last few years to inspire you to bring about change. See for privacy and opt-out...


Stay Engaged Session 10: 'The Power of Personalisation' with A Million Ads

Creating and interpreting sound has given humans a distinct evolutionary advantage. Our ability to subconsciously filter information and prioritise attention was refined well before the ‘battle for attention’ we all experience in the modern digital world. In this experiential session, Sam Crowther, Executive Creative Director at A Million Ads, explores how our evolutionary legacy can be harnessed by dynamic creative to help brands communicate instinctively. See for...


Stay Engaged Session 9: Quantcast's Dr Peter Day diagnoses the health risks of relying on cookies

With a Ph.D. in machine learning, what better person to guide Stay Engaged listeners through a cookie-less future than Quantcast’s Dr Peter Day? In this offstage session, he discusses the benefits of a new, more attractive advertising landscape and shares everything you need to be prepared for what comes next. See for privacy and opt-out information.