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Gina Kershaw, JD, MBA, is a business strategy coach for women entrepreneurs. She has mentored hundreds of women and particularly loves helping women build successful online courses and memberships. This podcast empowers women to find their purpose, have a positive impact for good, and shows them how to design a dream life on their own terms.

Gina Kershaw, JD, MBA, is a business strategy coach for women entrepreneurs. She has mentored hundreds of women and particularly loves helping women build successful online courses and memberships. This podcast empowers women to find their purpose, have a positive impact for good, and shows them how to design a dream life on their own terms.


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Gina Kershaw, JD, MBA, is a business strategy coach for women entrepreneurs. She has mentored hundreds of women and particularly loves helping women build successful online courses and memberships. This podcast empowers women to find their purpose, have a positive impact for good, and shows them how to design a dream life on their own terms.




Episode 20: Just Say Yes... And Then Let Synchronicity Do Her Thing

Podcast Episode 20 - Show Notes --------------------------------- Do you believe in a higher power? Do you believe that there is no such thing as coincidence? If you answered yes – or even a maybe, I want you to consider how the word “yes” can be the greatest blessing of your life. If you are learning about personal development or manifestation, one of the first things that you will hear is that you can have any dream or desire you want. You just have to put it out there – either by...


Episode 19: Is Your Starting Point Making Your Journey Harder?

We are designed to want to have every person start at the same starting point. Remember in elementary school when the kids would line up to race? There was a line that we would all stand on. Then someone would say "GO", everyone would start running towards the finish line, and there would be a winner. It's the same in races everywhere - even the Olympics. And if someone starts before they are supposed to, they could be disqualified. But in real life, the starting points are all over the...


Episode 18: Toxic Relationships & Trauma Recovery (with guest Terra Newell)

**Trigger Warning** ------- If you’ve listened to the award-winning podcast Dirty John or watched the show on Netflix, you probably recognize the name Terra Newell. Side note: If you haven’t listened to the podcast or watched the show, do it before you read the rest of this post, because it contains spoilers! As a refresher, Terra Newell is the heroine of this terrifying true story. When her mother’s ex-boyfriend, John Meehan, viciously attacked her in the parking garage of her apartment...


Episode 17: Breathwork: Why Everyone Is Talking About It (with guest Stevie Wright)

Today I talk with the creator and founder of The Breath Channel, Stevie Wright! You have probably been hearing a lot about breathwork lately - it seems like people are finally starting to tune in to the amazing things that breathwork can do! Funny thing is that breathwork is not new at all! It's actually been around for centuries, and its healing powers are well-known by intuitives worldwide. Stevie created The Breath Channel to help you cultivate a sense of peace and clarity in your body...


Episode 16: The Dickens Process: How to Change Your Pleasure/Pain Associations

When you have an idea – They say if you keep taking steps every day – even small steps, that your success is inevitable – It will happen. It is the moving forward and persistence that guarantees you will ultimately find the success you are looking for. But as entrepreneurs, we know that this timetable is not always as fast as we want it to be. I get it because I have been there too. How do we get slowed down? To put it bluntly, shit gets in the way. Busy work schedules, transporting kids...


Episode 15: Why You Need a Vision Board

When you were a teenager, you probably created a collage of things that made you smile – bits and pieces of life - like photos from magazines, cool headlines, concert ticket stubs, a varsity letter, a picture of your ideal love interest, a piece of fabric, anything that had some significance to your life at the time. You probably glued it all together and then put your masterpiece up on the wall. And every time you looked at it – you had a thought and a feeling. It made you happy, it made...


Episode 14: Get Confident on Video & Skyrocket Your Business (with guest Kellsie Moore)

Today I met with the founder of Be Marvelous You, Kellsie Moore. She is the leading on-camera expert for entrepreneurs, a highly sought-after professional actress, motivational speaker, mindset coach, and business strategist. We had so much fun!! If you have ever wondered how to improve your on-camera presence and confidence so that you can create videos that connect and convert, you HAVE to listen to her story and check out her products. Here’s where to find...


Episode 13: Think You Can't Manifest? This One's For You.

Manifestation is the science of energetically bringing opportunity, people, things, abundance, prosperity into your life – just by believing and having faith that they are yours. If you use it to your advantage, you can accelerate the timetable of your business and other awesome things into your life. People sometimes think that they cannot manifest good things into their lives because they don’t know what manifestation is or how it works- or they may even tell themselves that they are not...


Episode 12: ADHD in Women: It's More Common Than You Realize

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with ADHD. I never realized I had the condition because I was always in a line of work that required uber-focus and had constant high intensity (so it was like a constant dopamine hit). After I changed careers and started doing more desk-work, I noticed my inability to stay on task, focus or complete projects. The few times I had to finish something (like give a presentation at a conference), I was able to pull it together – but only because my ass was on the...


Episode 11: How to Easily Conquer Your Negative Self-Talk Forever

In this episode, I am going to show you the two ways that negative self-talk can come up, and why it is so powerful and limiting. Then I will give you a super easy tool to counteract it so that you can eventually conquer negative self-talk completely. By the end of this podcast, you will know exactly how to derail negative self-talk so that you can have your most engaging and prosperous year ever. Be sure to check out the sample identity affirmations if you need some help getting started....


Episode 10: 5 Things you Should Never Say

In this week's podcast, I call out the 5 things you should never say to yourself. These 5 phrases are words and thoughts that can make you feel helpless and out of control. They also stop any forward progress you are making! When you recognize these thoughts, you can immediately turn them around into something positive and stop the cycle. I also want to encourage you to take a week and watch for the times that these phrases come to mind and what may be triggering them. Write them down and...


Episode 9: How to Use Tarot Cards to Improve Your Life and Business

This is about you and your intuition. We all have the gift of intuition, but we don’t use that sense as much as we use the others like your sense of smell or hearing – you get the idea. But just like your other senses, your intuition can be developed and strengthened so that you are more in tune with yourself, your ideas, your goals, and your commitments. Tarot is just a tool. It is a way of giving you clarity and focus and it can help you trigger and activate your intuition. It is also a...


Episode 8: What is Manifestation & How To Do It

What is manifestation? It may sound crazy, but I had no clue what manifestation was until about 3 years ago. Like no clue whatsoever. I’m not sure I ever even heard the word – or if I did, I had no idea what it meant. What I would give to go back and explain it all to my teenage self! And if you are listening to this podcast, you may not quite know what manifestation is all about, either. So, this is for you. (And, of course, for anyone else who wants to up their manifestation game). I’m...


BONUS MEDITATION: Daily Abundance Affirmations

Changing things up a bit this week. Sometimes it is hard for new entrepreneurs to create their own affirmations and then commit to saying them daily. In this bonus episode I have recorded a daily affirmation meditation you can use. The best way to experience the meditation is to find a quiet place, sit comfortably and close your eyes. It's not required to close your eyes, so you can do the meditation while driving. Starting every day with positive affirmations and a simple meditation will...


Episode 7: How to Build Your Dream Life

This podcast is all about how to build that dream life you have always wanted. There are two things you need to know - and you will be on your way! There are universal laws of nature and energy that are always in play. And if you listen to the great entrepreneurs, scientists, great athletes – anyone who has achieved great success – they will tell you it was their thoughts and vision that started it all. You will learn the secrets that these great individuals have used through the ages....


Episode 6: Trying to Stay Positive - A Teenage Perspective of the Pandemic [Interview with Georgia Glowaki of Mater Dei HS]

We’ve been wondering how they’ve been coping. Especially our high school seniors. The last three and a half years of their lives have led up to this defining moment. But for high school seniors, these moments have been canceled, and they can never return. The press has been weirdly silent on the issue. Are teenagers reluctant to talk? Or are we just moving past their feelings to discuss matter of factly, “what needs to be done.” Georgia Glowaki is a senior at Mater Dei High School – a...


Episode 5: A 4-Step Exercise To Save Relationships During Quarantine

As of today, most of us have had at least one week under a stay-at-home order. To say this has been challenging for most people is an understatement. The stress and anxiety surrounding our ability to work and pay our bills is something we did not expect. Then, add children (and teens) into the mix and, damn. Having to monitor, teach, entertain, feed, and all the other things have left us feeling very ill-equipped to handle the pressure. I’ve noticed this stay-at-home order and the...


Episode 4: How to Get Started (with Erin Titensor)

You have an idea. You think it might be good - and possibly life-changing. You haven’t really told anyone about it, but you can’t stop thinking about it. The question is … how to get started. You don’t know. You feel a bit confused and overwhelmed. In this podcast, I talk with Erin Titensor, the founder of Simple and Blush (and also my daughter). She was in the same place as you once. But in the past two years, she has built a six-figure e-commerce business, has become a certified...


Episode 3: Finding Your Purpose

I have talked with a lot of women that seem to be searching for their purpose in life. They search for it in school, in work, in careers, at church, and in family, but for many of these women, they don’t think their purpose has ever revealed itself in the way that they think it should. They look around and everyone else seems to have figured it all out. So they worry that they’re not enough. And they wonder when (or if) their specific purpose will finally be presented to them. In the...


Episode 2: How to Have a Successful Day, Everyday

Have you ever had a day where you kept going and going? You filled your day doing household things like laundry and dishes, taking the dog for a walk, putting away the toys (again), making dinner, vacuuming, folding more clothes, giving baths, and then playing a mindless video game on your phone (to decompress, obviously). At the end of the day, you were so mad at yourself for not working on your goals or your business! But you rationalized and told yourself that there was no way you could...