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EP9 - How David Bowie predicted Social Media...and can inspire Your inner genius

How David Bowie predicted Social Media...and can inspire your inner genius In this episode social entrepreneur Jim Mckenzie shares the story about how he realized that after 30 years as an entrepreneur, thanks to the inspiration from one of his musical "Heroes" hero, he had the realization that we all have the ability to use our inner "Jean Genius" to help build any business! This is how Jim had been inspired to succeed by the late and very David Bowie. Check out Jim's latest viral blog...


Ep 8 - Get Out Of The Building and Sell!

Learn why YOU have to get out of the building NOW! …and why when you do not have a large budget there are ways to get out there and get noticed … and ways to avoid burnout and stop wasting your time chasing rainbows Today you can get Inside The Life of Your Marketing My guest today is Ian Farrar who is a sales professional and is a specialist in Driving Growth. Ian is the founder and a business coach at Far North Sales & Marketing. Social Evangelist Ian also hosts the popular Podcast,...


Ep. 7 - What's All The Fuss About Online Learning?

Do you keep hearing how people are making incredible revenue from online learning programs? Do you ask yourself “Is it true? Is it possible, and if so, why would anyone want to learn from me?” The fact is that there IS gold at the end of the rainbow, and you can scale your business and do what you love more quickly and with better results that slaving away in your office all day? Many instructors are making 6-7 figures each year for teaching what they love or even hate to do - but the...


Ep. 6 - We Lost $3.2 Million Dollars In The Crash!

...But Email Helped Us To Fight Back! The last 10 years showed me that life and business is not just about the money you make – it’s the money you lose and how you recover that defines what you are made of! And how you build relationships of mutual support that help you attain your goals. Relationship building is all about helping other people. There are tips in this episode that you can apply to your own life and business relationships. They are simple, but you have to learn to be patient...


Ep 5 - Rise, Grind Repeat [Ed.1005] - “You need to master content marketing!"

“You need to master content marketing and increase your audience!” - that’s all we seem to hear about hear about these days. Most of us feel that we are too busy to create content, others are scared, and nearly all of us have a struggle with what to create that their audience will enjoy? The fact is that all businesses need to put some form of content out there, via email marketing, social media, blogging, whether it is written, video, audio or a combination of all three How can you work out...


EP4 - Closing The Deal...Hardcore Style

In life, selling can be hard! In this episode, Jim Mckenzie ( Ryan Stewman, CEO and Founder of Hardcore Closer and Break Free Academy ( who is a 4x best-selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Sales Coach, Podcast Host, Blogger and all around Entrepreneur. The guys have a robust conversation about their approach to modern selling techniques, why even preachers have to sell, and why you need to avoid angry birds (not a spellcheck error,...


EP3 Biz Spotlight - Don't Get Lost In The Healthcare Reform Maze!

In this edition of Business Spotlight Jim interviews healthcare insurance expert Dwight Dale from Florida Blue, who helps to navigate the maze of healthcare reform myths and truths - not an easy task these days, and how Florida Blue has successfully created unique modern methods to make the Affordable Care Act transition as smooth as possible for their customers>


EP2 - How To Raise Your Prices - And Keep Your Nerve!

So you need to raise your prices! Don't charge too much, but don;t charge too little - easy to say, but much harder to do; get it right and you'll make money, but get it wrong and your business could fail. Jim takes you through three simple exercises to reduce your risk and to help you get the price point that you deserve! “That which costs little is less valued.” ― Miguel de Cervantese


EP1 Biz Insider - What's The Next Big Idea? Let's Find Out...

Learn quick ways to access, develop, and test your next idea for your new business, product or start-up idea without spending a fortune. Here are quick and easy tips to ways to identify your target, engage them and increase your sales reach - and know what you are talking about before you spend your hard earned cash on a marketing company's services!