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Amber Wuollet Insurance Nerd

Amber Wuollet from Explore Information Services joins the Insurance Podcast to talk about data, customers, insure tech and insurance nerdery. Yes, being an insurance nerd has never been so fun and Amber explains why insurance professionals need to embrace their inner nerd. Aside from being an insurance nerd Amber talks about how data can help in the value proposition for consumers and asks a question so many forget when it comes to technology and automation, 'when does this require a human...


Personal Branding for Insurance Professionals

Alyson Shane joins The Insurance Podcast to talk how insurance brokers and all professionals can develop their personal brand. As the founder and inspiration for Starling Social Alyson knows marketing and social media and how to brand just about anything. There are 11 takeaways for insurance professionals with how they can improve their brand and benefit their business' brand too and it starts with 'don't be boring, embrace your industry and profession'.


Sherif Gemayel-Sharp Insurance

Season 2 of the Insurance Podcast kicks off with Sherif Gemayel the founder and inspiration for Sharp Insurance. He shares his wisdom and story on becoming a leading online insurance broker including his 'aha' moment and how Google business listings changed the business trajectory. If you want to understand what makes this insurtech leader tick Sherif explains his 3 pillars for disruption and how insurance brokers can find ways to be savvy in areas they have never been before.


Season 1 Recap- Part 2

Taking a deep dive into the best of the second half guests from the first season of the Insurance Podcast. Great thoughts from Adam Mitchell, Dario Battista, Thomas Accardo, Graham Haigh, Justin Thouin, Katherine Ferrante, Jen Pugsley, Ron Glozman, Greg McCutcheon, Matthew Turak and Jeff Roy about how the insurance product distribution cycle has to improve.


Season 1 Recap Part 1

The first season of The Insurance Podcast has come to an end. Here's part one of the season review featuring, Alister Campbell, Stuart Bruce, Alyson Shane, Mike Berris, Chuck Byrne, Lance Miller, David Sussman, Paul McDonald, Jay Bregman, and John Knotek. Listeners will notice a theme develop and hopefully this episode can act as bit of a quick course in how to look at the industry and where to aim your efforts


Jen Pugsley-Goose Digital

Insurance is ever-changing and Jen Puglsey from Goose Digital drops by to talk about how marketing automation is as important as ever if insurance brokers want to have an omni-channel presence. Jen is a former insurance broker who now provides valuable insight for Goose Digital as the Director of Client Services as they prepare to shake up how the insurance industry connects to consumers.


Steve Pieroway-Policy Works

Data is the big driver in the insurance industry right now but understanding connectivity is still vital to the success of insurance distribution. Steve Pieroway from PolicyWorks drops by to talk about how brokers need compelling solutions to change their processes and how even neophytes can use analytics in practical, functional ways to help understand their business better.


Ron Glozman-Chisel

Artificial Intelligence never looked so cool as Ron Glozman of joins the podcast to talk about how AI will help the insurance industry be better at what it does- providing 'bespoke service'. That's Ron's term but it's an appropriate term to what industry professionals need to understand efficiency should be to better your service and time to the customer's benefit as much as theirs.


Katherine Ferrante from ARAG

What do you really know about legal expense insurance? If you're anything like me it was a product that existed but you never really explored it. Katherine Ferrante of ARAG provides fantastic insight on the product and how insurance brokers might be missing out on a great sales opportunity for their existing clients and new ones. Who new contacting a lawyer could be so easy and painless.


Thomas Accardo Brokerlift

The idea of change is a pretty cool thing for Thomas Accardo of Brokerlift. His background is nothing like most people's in the insurance industry so that's why when he's got something to say we should listen. Whether it's how retail theory should be a part of any insurance broker's distribution strategy or how having a premium to service ratio is vital to selling Thomas is prepared and ready for change and will convince you to be as well.


Greg McCutcheon, President Opta

Do you understand how intelligent data is being used within the insurance industry? Greg McCutcheon, President of Opta joins the Insurance Podcast to discuss how brokers and insurers can use data to improve their books of business, where the future of data is going, and the reality no one wants to hear- how to deal with a hard market that is coming or already here.


The ICBC Debate

It's the great debate on public or privage auto insurance in British Columbia. Foemer IBABC President Andrew Tablotney speaks on behalf of the insurance broker interest and Aaron Sutherlan VP West of the Insurance Bureau of Canada presents the case for considering private auto insurance. There's no shortage of conroversy in BC regarding ICBC and these two guests provide an informative perspecitve on the many issues regarding the future of the corporation.


John Knotek from ClearPay

What exactly is ClearPay? The CEO stops by to talk about what ClearPay does for the insurance sector and how it’s solution provides back office efficiency for insurance brokers and insurers. John also provides great insight into the concept of disruption within the insurance sector and how believe it or not, cheque fraud is still a big issue!


Justin Thouin -

Do you use rate comparison sites? If not Justin Thouin of is going to change that because he sees where the future is for consumers with financial services. His company is so consumer focussed they do not even take ads on it. Justin drops by to explain how is there for consumers, insurance brokers and insurers in this episode.


Matthew Turack from CAA

It's fun to have one of the nice guys come on the show but don't let Matthew's gentle demeanor fool you-not only is he nice but he's smart as well. Matthew talks about various initiatives with CAA and how they look at their value proposition as part of a customer's lifestyle not a product they can fit the customer into. It's a different approach but one many in the insurance industry can learn from.


Jeff Roy from Excalibur Group

Is Jeff Roy the most energetic person in the Canadian Insurance industry? He might be but it's not technology that led him to be a pioneer with online service. It started by looking at his brand. Jeff's story is one every broker should hear as he talks about where he came from, why he changed and how he did it.


Dario Battista from

Understanding brand leverage never happened so easily until Dario Battista joined the Podcast. Dario's pearls of wisdom about brand development and offering a unique value proposition go beyond the insurance industry. It's easy to see how he has made a powerhouse in the Canadian insurance industry.


Graham Haigh - Wawanesa

Graham Haigh joins Pete Tessier to discuss Wawanesa, the state of insurance in Canada, technology and innovation. Graham expands on the challenges in the marketplace and explains some the decision making to stop being a direct to consumer company in Quebec.


Natalia Moudrak talks about climate adaptation

Understanding infrastructure has never been so much fun as Natalia Moudrak of the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation talks about how the risk of flood is affected insurance companies. More importantly she explains how cities and municipalities can design and adapt to manage the peril of flood caused by climate change.


Adam Mitchell of Mitchell and Whale

The laid back approach of Adam Mitchell, CEO of Mitchell and Whale Insurance Brokers is just a disguise for a focussed company that likes to think different. Maybe they are not quite like Apple but Adam explains why 'what's the worst that could happen?' is a great way to look at change and more on this episode.