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Take a journey with different entrepreneurs and inventors on their path to startups and small businesses to hear their ups and downs, their successes and failures, and how their journey has been on the startup road.

Take a journey with different entrepreneurs and inventors on their path to startups and small businesses to hear their ups and downs, their successes and failures, and how their journey has been on the startup road.


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Take a journey with different entrepreneurs and inventors on their path to startups and small businesses to hear their ups and downs, their successes and failures, and how their journey has been on the startup road.




"Start Right Now" The Inventive Journey Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Wen Zhang

I would say to some who have not yet started well, start, do it. The world needs you. They need your idea and vision. Whatever you have in your beautiful vision do it. If not now, when? We all could die tomorrow. --- Send in a voice message:


"Make Time For You & Your Family" The Inventive Journey Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Jason Gillikin

Make sure you carve out time for yourself and your family. When you are running a start-up you can get so focused and so in the weeds of running that business and it can be mentally all-consuming. You can't lose track of what is truly important. Carving out that time to go for a run. Carving out that time for a date night. Carving out that time that is super intentional for your kids. That is going to be beneficial to your family but, also for your business. It will give you that time away...


"Raise Capital Slowly" The Inventive Journey Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Joe Kleman

Raise capital but, raise capital in a way that you can build on it slowly. I started my entire company using square loans. I got my first one for eight hundred dollars. I worked and paid it off based on my credit card sales and, stuff like that afforded me another one for sixteen hundred dollars. Reallocated the money to what I needed at the moment and just kept building on it. I stayed away from raising big capital and raised what I needed at the moment or where I thought it was at and...


"Set Your Goals High" The Inventive Journey Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Anthony Russell

Don't be afraid to aim high. My goal was when I started my rental business the whole point behind it was I didn't want to put my financial security in the hands of a company. That was the whole reason behind this journey was that I did not trust a company to pay my mortgage every month. So I wanted to build up a rental portfolio that I could live off of if things ever went sideways and I lost my job. That was how it started and I told myself when it started ok well maybe twenty-five years is...


"Learn To Read Your Partners" The Inventive Journey Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/Sedreana Saldana

That is what I will go over with people in the flirt coaching. If you know how to really read your partners, whether it's your business partner or life partner or potential life partner, you know how to read what lights them up and what doesn't. Then you can go with that and choose better partners. --- Send in a voice message:


"Go With Your Strengths" The Inventive Journey Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/Kawan Karadaghi

So I say go with something you are passionate about. Go with your strengths. Go with Something, that as I joked about earlier about looking around. Look at the things in front of you. Look at your actions and habits. What are those things that you are doing that you don't mind doing and that you could translate into a business? If you like talking to people all day, maybe being a counselor or opening up a counseling center is not a bad idea. Know your industry and who you are up against....


"Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable" The Inventive Journey For Entrepreneurs w/Garrio Harrison

Spend as much time on understanding the marketing and sales of your business early on. Marketing can generate demand, but you also have to be able to close the business that comes through the door. That can be investors, customers, or employees. Whatever it is, as a founder, you are selling your ideas, solutions, and vision. The reason why it is really important to get good at that it's just something that you have to do is you gotta get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Sales is usually...


"Believe In What You Are Doing" The Inventive Journey Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/Brittni Daniels

If you have a passion, and you're super passionate about it, and you believe in yourself, don't allow anyone to ever minimize or diminish what you are trying to accomplish and what your overall goal is. Even though that partnership may end your passion and your drive, you will find yourself along the way. It took me five years to get to the point of just filming a documentary. But there will be so many people along the way that will doubt you and probably laugh at you that will say what...


"You Are Not Alone" The Inventive Journey Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Joshua Lee

One, the biggest piece of advice is you are not alone. This is where I found myself after going there. So many entrepreneurs feel they carry this weight on them. I made myself alone, feeling I had to carry this weight so much that it made me contemplate my own life. Don't do that. You are surrounded by amazing individuals, especially in so many cities. When you find your tribe and, people reach out and connect. Don't feel like you have to do it alone because if you bring the right people in,...


"Have Someone Who Is Real With You" The Inventive Journey Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/Stephen Granger

Maybe not have the dream crusher in your life. But someone that is going to be real with you and honest about your idea. Not in a negative way but a good sounding board. Looking for that person in your life. I have been incredibly blessed. Because I have a couple of founders that I reached out to on LinkedIn and said: hey, you are where I want to be in the auto space. Can we chat? And they have been great. It's interesting because they are very diametrically opposed founders of companies in...


"How To Fundraise" Expert Advice For Entrepreneurs w/ Akeel Jabber

Depends on what problem you are solving. Before thinking about money or investors, what's the product you really want to solve? Make sure there is demand there. At the end of the day, we want to make sure the product is there and there's a market for it. Get that nailed down. Have everything researched and be prepared and, I think you will do well from there. --- Send in a voice message:


"Always Have A Mastermind Group" The Inventive Journey Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Lindsay Adams

One of the things I have done consistently in my business and the last twenty years is I have always had a mastermind group. And so, I have always had buddies. These are people who are either at the same level as me or maybe one or two notches ahead of me in business. We meet regularly to support each other and to learn and grow from each other. It's a bit like Devin, you've done this. What did you do when you were faced with this challenge? Oh well, Lindsay, I did blah blah blah. So You can...


"Set High Standards For Your Team" The Inventive Journey Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/Tigran Nazaryan

I'll advise that person to set really high standards for their team and keep it consistent. It's not the product that matters cause businesses and startups change their products and business model a lot and they experiment with that. But having a great team is key to success. --- Send in a voice message:


"You Need A Village To Make A Business" The Inventive Journey For Entrepreneurs w/Dr. Troy Hall

Rely on other people. Figure out what you are putting into your brain that is going to create the actions you are going to break. Surround yourself with good counsel. With people that you trust. With people that will give you good information. People who are not looking to try and profit from you, but people who are really looking who will build you up and support you. You need a village to make a business. You need individuals and, you have to rely on other people to help you. It's not a...


"Just Go Out There And Do It" The Inventive Journey Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/Aaron Kozinets

Just go out and do it with as minimum investment, both monetary and time, as possible. I think a lot of new entrepreneurs that I see are infatuated with starting the next Facebook. To do that, what they do is they build out this huge idea with all these different layers that they don't know anything about actually doing. But it all sounds great to them so, they pitch that to people. And people maybe like it, maybe don't but tell them it's cool. Then they go out and try to raise money and put...


"Stick With It" The Inventive Journey Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ David Wachs

Stick with it. I mean, it is a two to four to five-year process. First of all, I would say today is the day to start a business. Tomorrow is not as good as today. The reason being; I know everybody stuff on their plate but, the older you get, the more responsibilities you have. You have a wife. You have kids. You have all these new responsibilities that are going to make it harder and harder to start a business. Thankfully I started the last company when I did not have a wife and kids. It...


"How To Brand Your Business" The Inventive Journey Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Andy Gray

Take a deep breath, sit back, and think about your brand. Think about your product. Are you communicating the way you think you are communicating? You may be thinking you are doing everything a hundred percent. Or even if you are a start-up, and you are trying to figure things out. Take that same deep breath, think about your business. Think about your brand. Are you communicating or, have you created a message that resonates? If you are not sure or, even if you are sure. Or maybe it's a...


"Give Customers Something Tangible" The Inventive Journey Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Michel Tricot

Try to get something out as quickly as possible, even if you don't focus on getting the right pricing right out of the race; that's fine. What you want with an idea is you want to understand. are people going to pay for it? And are you solving a real problem? It's very hard for people to project themselves with something that you say. Try to give them something tangible. I would say get it out as quickly as possible. --- Send in a voice message:...


"Do Your Research In Your Market" The Inventive Journey Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Mayvis Payne

Really research your market and craft because a lot of times I think we see someone that is successful and, we want that success. But we don't do our due diligence to research. Can I really do this? One of the things I really love to ask people is, would you do it if you had to do it for free? A lot of times people don't realize when you're an entrepreneur the money does not immediately come. Then it's feast or famine a lot of times. Sometimes you are really making money, and sometimes your...


"Do It Your Own Way" The Inventive Journey Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Jamie Barber

Follow the structure of things because you do need the systems and processes and everything else. But don't be afraid to go in your own direction with things. I actually saw someone who posted on an entrepreneur board of I am just too nice; how do I learn to be that bolder, stronger, meaner type of boss or employee? The first thing and, no one ever responded when I commented this but, I said you don't have to. You can be super nice. When I have somebody who screws up, I might be upset, and I...