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Get ready for the week ahead with Investopedia’s Editor in Chief, Caleb Silver, as he digs into the most important stories in finance and global economics. Through expert analysis, interviews with the biggest names in business, and educational breakdowns of the news that moves markets, The Investopedia Express preps you with the information you need to start your week in finance.


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Get ready for the week ahead with Investopedia’s Editor in Chief, Caleb Silver, as he digs into the most important stories in finance and global economics. Through expert analysis, interviews with the biggest names in business, and educational breakdowns of the news that moves markets, The Investopedia Express preps you with the information you need to start your week in finance.




There is an ETF for That!

The Express heads to ETF Exchange to learn what is coming down the tracks for investors who ride the exchange traded funds rails. Todd Rosenbluth of VettaFi and Reggie Browne of GTS join the show to tell us why there is still a lot of growth ahead for the industry, and why they are creating new solutions for more discerning investors. Plus, a little risk-reversal takes hold after a torrid January, just as retail investors dive headlong into the options market. Be careful out there. Links for...


What Really Happens on the Floor of the NYSE

Peter Tuchmann, aka “The Einstein of Wall Street”, and the most visible trader on the floor of the NYSE, explains what actually happens on the floor of the world’s most famous exchange, how it has changed, and why human beings will always be essential to the capital markets. Plus, what in the world is going on with the U.S. labor market? We break down the latest jobs numbers, and why they defy fears of a recession. Links for show notes:


Principles for Living and Investing in a Dynamic World, with Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Associates, and author of the Principles series of books and videos, rejoins The Express, to talk about his latest addition to the set, how he sees the current economic dynamic playing out, and why we keep repeating the same cycles over centuries in capital markets. Plus, the latest results of our reader sentiment survey tell us you are a little less afraid to invest, but not yet ready to run with the Bulls. The Bulls, however, are already running. LINKS...


What Really Happens Inside the Federal Reserve

Bill Dudley, former President and CEO of the NY Federal Reserve bank, joins the show to talk about what really happens inside the Fed and the FOMC ahead of key meetings on interest rates, and what to expect at the next two key meetings. Plus, global stock markets are making a head-spinning comeback as countries facing steep economic downturns are delivering huge equity returns. And, a record amount of cash is sitting in cash. We look at where it may flow next. LINKS FOR SHOW NOTES...


Inside the Rise and Fall of America's Greatest Corporate Empire

William D. Cohan, best-selling author, joins the show to talk about his new book about GE, "Power Failure: The Rise and Fall of an American Icon", the legacy of Jack Welch, and our endless fascination with the cult of the CEO. Plus, as the Debt Ceiling approaches, the U.S. Treasury is warning of a repeat of 2011 that could derail markets and deliver a serious blow to the country's precarious financial situation. And, risk is back on the menu as promiscuous investors hunt for yield in...


The Power of the Plan in an Uncertain Market

Taylor Schulte, the founder of Define Financial and the host of the "Stay Wealthy Retirement", podcast, joins The Express to help us ease our stress and find opportunities in uncertain markets like this one. Plus, the enigma that is the U.S. labor market, and what the layoffs in Big Tech are telling us. And, what to watch this week as inflation and earnings take center stage. LINKS FOR SHOW NOTES


Barreling into 2023 with Bond ETFs

The Express is back on the tracks and riding into 2023 with the tale of the tape from last year's historically challenging markets, and the outlook for the year ahead. Plus, Salim Ramji, Global Head of iShares and Index Investments for BlackRock, joins the show to talk about why 2023 will be big for bond ETFs, and why the overall market for exchange traded products is only getting bigger as investors demand customization. And... Warren Buffett's secret to not buying stocks. Links for show...


Searching for the Soul of Wealth with Brian Portnoy

Brian Portnoy, best-selling author and founder of Shaping Wealth, joins The Express to talk about how financial planning is evolving to become more holistic, and how we are rethinking our definitions of wealth. Plus, 2023 gave investors just about all we could handle, so what's in store for the new year? We look around the bend at what's on the tracks in 2023. LINKS FOR SHOW NOTES


A 'Random Walk Down Wall Street' Turns 50, and Our Top Terms of the Year

Professor Burton Malkiel, author of the seminal investing bible, 'A Random Walk Down Wall Street", joins the show to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the masterpiece, and shares timeless advice for investors today. Plus, we share Investopedia's Top Terms of 2022, and what was top of mind for investors during this tumultuous year. And, why this could be the most important week of the year for the markets. LINKS FOR SHOW NOTES...


Strategic Investing in the Home Stretch of 2022

Shannon Sacoccia, the CIO of SVB Private Bank, helps us decipher the mixed signals in the economy and capital markets as we reset our portfolios for 2023. This conversation was taken from a recent strategy session hosted by our partners at YCharts. Plus, the DJIA has climbed out of a bear market and investor sentiment is improving despite worries about a recession. We have the latest results of our reader and listener survey. LINKS FOR SHOW NOTES


How to Create Your Financial Plan on Purpose

Jamie Hopkins of the Carson Group, and co-author of "Find Your Freedom - Financial Planning for a Life on Purpose", joins the show to talk about what financial freedom really means, and how to build your wealth with purpose. Plus, key sectors of the U.S. stock market are breaking out to six-month highs and the good breadth is starting to spread. Yet valuations still look steep compared to other post-bubble cycles. We dig into the fundamentals to understand the potential outcomes. And, why...


What Financial Advisors are Telling Their Clients Today

As a challenging year heads down the home stretch, we caught up with some of the nation's top independent financial advisors to hear the most pressing questions from their clients, and how they are advising them. Listen to these words of wisdom from Peter Lazaroff, Malcolm Etheridge, James Demmert, Brian Vendig, Helen Stephens and Rob Santos. Plus, why are options traders betting against the market at its seasonally strongest time of the year? LINKS FOR SHOW NOTES:...


Investing in Innovation with Cathie Wood, and The Collapse of FTX

Cathie Wood, the CEO and CIO of Ark Invest, joins the show to talk about her team's vision for a digital, decentralized future, and how she manages her funds through the downturn. Plus, the collapse of crypto-broker FTX rocked the industry and shattered the trust of millions of investors, Lamar "Big Marh" Wilson gets back aboard The Express to explain how it happened, why it could happen again, and how to protect your crypto assets. Let it fly! Thanks LINKS FOR SHOW NOTES:...


A Wake-Up Call for Investors to the New, New Normal

Liz Ann Sonders, the Chief Investment Strategist for Charles Schwab, rejoins the Express to explain why we need to stop hoping for a Fed pivot, and why we need good old-fashioned investing fundamentals to navigate the new normal in capital markets. Plus, what are the top concerns among financial advisors at this year's Schwab Impact Conference. And, why lotteries like Powerball are considered a regressive tax. LINKS FOR SHOW NOTES:


Bonus Episode - A Conversation with the Masters of Marketing

In this bonus episode of the Express, we sit down with the chief marketing officers of United Airlines, Reckitt and CVS Health, as well as Bob Liodice, the CEO of the Assoc. of National Advertisers, for their take on the advertising market today, and spending plans for 2023. Plus... their favorite ads of all time, and who do they admire in the industry today.


The Bumpy Road to an Economic Recovery with Mohamed El-Erian

Mohamed El-Erian, the President of Queens College, Cambridge, and Sr. Economic Adviser at Allianz, on the economic scars of the pandemic, the bumpy road to a healthy recovery, and reasons for investors to be optimistic as we face a potential global recession. Plus, October lived up to its reputation as a bear market killer posting one of the best months for stocks in history. We unpack the rally for signs of what could happen next. LINKS FOR SHOW NOTES


Going Back to School with The Master Investor

Ian Dunlap, aka 'The Master Investor', joins The Express to talk about his process, his inspirations, and his passion for investing. He also shares tips for navigating today's market, and how to invest for the long term. Plus, the winds of sentiment have shifted as options traders go long and October tries to live up to its reputation as a Bear market killer. LINKS FOR SHOW NOTES


Live from the Floor of the NYSE with Bob Pisani

Bob Pisani, the legendary business news broadcaster and CNBC's Senior Markets Correspondent joins the show live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to talk about what really happens on Wall Street, the current mood of the markets, and his new book, "Shut Up & Keep Talking." Plus, retail traders have swarmed a dangerous part of the options market, making short-term bets that are fueling recent volatility. And, the anniversary of Black Monday, 1987 is upon us. We go back in time with...


The Case Against Stakeholder Capitalism

Vivek Ramaswamy, author of Woke Inc., and Nation of Victims, joins the show to talk about the fallacy of stakeholder capitalism and why it is at the root of one of the greatest frauds in financial markets today. Plus, the hunt for fair value for the stock market continues, and the stakes are getting higher as earnings season approaches. What to watch out for inside quarterly reports as the Fed sharpens its talons. LINKS FOR SHOW NOTES:...


What Could Stop the Bear Market in its Tracks, with Ryan Detrick

The Carson Group's new Chief Investment Strategist rejoins the Express to give us perspective on this bear market, and what could bring it to its knees. Plus, investor sentiment is at an historical low, which is usually a contrarian indicator. But investors are facing challenges on all fronts, which could put a wrinkle in history. Is all this pessimism "priced in"? LINKS FOR SHOW NOTES