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Summer Season Episode 7: How JT McCormick Went From Homeless To CEO

JT McCormick is a successful CEO and an anomaly. His motivation and determination is something I just had to share on the podcast. Sit back and enjoy the show because this is one hell of a podcast. Topics Discussed: How he went from being homeless and broke to CEOThe parallels between the hood and corporate AmericaHow he took charge of his lifeHis formula for a successful lifeWhy you don’t need to know code or grammar to run either a coding or publishing company SUBSCRIBE: LINKS...


Summer Season Episode 6: Yaro Starak, The Laptop Lifestyle

My friend Yaro Starak, shares his story and what we can learn from his entrepreneurship ventures past and present and how it ties into the early dot-com era. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” LINKS JOEL: Instagram: LinkedIn: Facebook: Spotify: YouTube: SUBSCRIBE TO TJHP: LINKS Yaro Starak: Instagram: LinkedIn: Website: . . . . . Giraffe...


Summer Season Episode 5: How To Balance Creativity and Deadlines W/ Kid Super

Meet Colm Dillane also was known as Kid Super, who started out making clothes when he was just 14 years old. This directed him to move from his hometown of Wisconsin to NYC to be around other passionate individuals. Colm is a talented dude, to say the least, he’s collaborated with artists and brands such as Russ, Joey Bada$$, the Underachievers, Nike, and Safa Gaw. Enjoy today’s episode as we cover his upbringing, perspective on work, life, creativity, and how he utilizes deadlines to...


Summer Season Episode 4: How The Co-Founder of SunnyCoClothing Pulled Off Quite Possibly The Greatest Viral Marketing Campaign Of All Time

Meet Brady; He is the co-founder of SunnyCo. You might recognize his company from an Instagram post of a red bathing suit that went viral last year. On today's show, we sit down and talk about his experience with virality and how this wasn't his first attempt at it. In fact, while everyone thinks it was an overnight success, this was just one of his many efforts leading up to it. LINKS JOEL: Instagram LinkedIn Facebook Spotify YouTube Email SUBSCRIBE TO ...


Summer Season Episode 3: Ketogenic Diet, Cancer Success Story, Content Creation Tactics, And More

Today’s episode was recorded with Logan Sneed while I was in Austin, TX. On the show today you will learn what it means never to give up, how to create valuable content, and what goes into running a successful online training business. Additionally, If you leave a review today, I’d love to thank you myself so make sure to drop your Instagram handle. LINKS JOEL: Instagram LinkedIn Spotify YouTube Email SUBSCRIBE TO TJHP: LINKS LOGAN Instagram YouTube Facebook Website *If...


Summer Season Episode 2: How To Standout Among The Crowd With Adam From Mind Pump

LINKS JOEL: Instagram LinkedIn Snapchat: @Joelhereth Facebook Email: LINKS ADAM: Instagram Podcast Website YouTube SONG: *If you enjoy today's episode make sure to leave a rating and review!*


Summer Season Episode 1: Two Things You Assumed To Be Impossible Are Now Possible Featuring Eli ThePartyingTraveler

*Show Notes Will Be Added When I Return Home From Guatemala* SOCIAL LINKS ELI: YouTube Website Facebook Instagram SOCIAL LINKS JOEL: Instagram LinkedIn Snapchat:@Joelhereth Facebook *If you enjoy today's episode make sure to leave a rating and review!*


Wisdom Wednesday Episode 12: Want To Increase Your Success Rate? Double Your Failure Rate

“If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate.” - Thomas Watson Jr. “All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.” — Mark Twain This week I kick off Wisdom Wednesday with a story about why I spent seven months seeking an answer to an interview question. Social Media...


Wisdom Wednesday Episode 11: Optimize Your Life Through The 80:20 Principle

This weeks episode of Wisdom Wednesday I share my experience with the 80:20 principle and how I've found it to be a useful strategy to become more efficient in reaching my work, school, and fitness goals. 0:00 - 8:00 Applying the 80/20 principle in work and school 8:00 - 13:45 Using the 80/20 principle with your fitness goals Social Media...


Wisdom Wednesday Episode 10: Cody "Boom Boom" McBroom: Defeating Your Limiting Beliefs, The Importance of Mentoring, And Creating Discipline

On this segment of Wisdom Wednesday, Cody McBroom also known as Cody Boom Boom joins me on the podcast to share what drove him to create such a radical change in his life. Social Media Instagram: LinkedIn: YouTube: *If you enjoy today's episode make sure to leave a rating and review!* Cody's Social...


Wisdom Wednesday Episode 9: 21 Year Old Entrepreneur Turns a Profit Through Selling on Amazon FBA

On this segment of Wisdom Wednesday, Clay Cary joins me to share how he turned an interest in selling on Amazon into a reality. 0:00 - 15:00 Background and What Sparked His Interest In Selling On Amazon 15:00 - Onward - Selling online through Walmart -- Walmart is a sucky place to list your product due to bad customer service and software that kicks you off the listing if someone runs a sale beating your price - What Software To Use -- Jungle Scout, Fetcher, Jumpsend, Adoro,...


Wisdom Wednesday Episode 8: Intermittent Fasting: Clinically Proven Benefits, How to Start, and More

On this segment of Wisdom Wednesday, I cover my experience with intermittent fasting, how to start, and explain with science why intermittent fasting could be a beneficial tool to help you with your wellness goals. Questions Answered: Benefits of Intermittent Fasting How long should you fast for? Can you fast for to long? Disadvantages of intermittent fasting? What goes on when you do intermitten fasting? How to Start intermittent fasting? Social Media Insta/...


Wisdom Wednesday Episode 7: How Much Should You Really Be Sleeping? 3 Ways To Improve The Quality of Your Sleep

Wisdom Wednesday is Back! I finally got my laptop *fixed*. I cover the controversial topic of sleep. Questions Answered: How Much Sleep Should You Get? 5-6 Hours of Sleep Vs 9 Hours Why You Should Wake Up Early Quality Vs Quantity 3 tips to maximize your sleep Social Media Insta/joelhereth LinkedIn/ YouTube/ *If you enjoy today's episode make sure to leave a rating and review!*...


Wisdom Wednesday Episode 6: How To Fight Failure With Your Mind

Today's episode kicks off with a weekly themed segment - Wisdom Wednesday. I cover my background and perspective on failure and why I chose to embrace failure. I'm super excited for you guys to tune in! This podcast was based off a LinkedIn article I wrote on February 20, 2017. I enjoyed this recap and reflecting on what has changed. Also, I'm in the process of recording our summer season of 6 episodes as well. Social Media Insta/joelhereth LinkedIn/


Wisdom Wednesday Episode 4: Everything You Need To Know About Coffee

*If you enjoy today's episode make sure to leave a rating and review!* On today's episode, I break down the 3 main benefits coffee provides and what side effects occur due to over-consumption. 0:00 - 1:15 Introduction 1:40 - 2:12 Weight Loss From Coffee 2:15 - 3:17 Improved Long-Term Memory 3:25 - 4:30 Athletic Performance Increased W/ Coffee and Carbs 5:00 - 5:45 Losing An Hour of Sleep Due To Caffeine. Social Media Insta/joelhereth LinkedIn/ YouTube/...


Wisdom Wednesday Episode 3: Why Champion Clothing Is Cool Again

0:00 - 0:25 Intro 0:40 - 0:60 Background on Champion Clothing 1:40 - 4:45 Champion's Key Competitive Advantages 4:50 - 5:00 Recap 5:05 - 5:30 Closing Remarks


Wisdom Wednesday Episode 2: The Core Foundation of Bitcoin

Thanks so much for listening to this weeks episode! Don't forget to subscribe to stay up to date on the weekly podcast series. 1:25 - The framework leading up to bitcoin 2:10 - Who is the founder of bitcoin? 3:40 - What is a bitcoin? 4:30 - Where do you keep bitcoins? 5:08 - Why you need to take precautions in buying bitcoins 6:05 - Why is bitcoin the leading cryptocurrency? Satoshi's White Paper Link/ Cypherpunks History/...


Wisdom Wednesday Episode 1: Why You Need To Leave Your "Comfort Zone" ASAP.

*If you enjoy today's episode make sure to leave a comment and subscribe!* On today's episode, I break down the methodology and reasoning behind why you need to leave your comfort zone. As the Spring 18 semester kicks off I will be posting weekly short podcasts on business, fitness, and life. Additionally, at the end of this spring semester in May I'll publish 6 core podcasts co-hosted by various public figures in the market.


Jordan Syatt - Background, Mastering Rejection, & How To Start Building A Brand

If you enjoy today's episode make sure to leave a rating and review! It ignites my day when I hear from you guys! 0:00 - 3:15 Intro 3:20 - 5:15 Conquering your first major roadblock 6:15 -9:30 Where Jordan Syatt's passion stems from 9:30 - 17:11 Facing rejection as a college student 19:45 - 25:30 The formula for producing content 25:50 - 31:00 How to start building your brand 31:00 What books/articles would you suggest?


The Healthy Gamer - Starting A CrossFit Gym, Exiting A Venture, & Completing The Appalachian Trail

On today's episode, Jack Jones (The Healthy Gamer) joins the show to put things into perspective. There is a ton of great content within this episode. A few takeaways I found useful are listed below. 16:00 Opening up a CrossFit gym 24:00 Cycles of depression 27:00 Pro V. Cons of being an entrepreneur 35:00 Starting a venture and knowing when to exit a venture 39:00 Beginning the Appalachian Trail 45:30 Perspective shifts along the way 57:30 1/5 Finishing the Appalachian Trail, How did you...