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Discover how some of the sharpest minds in business, marketing & entrepreneurship think.

Discover how some of the sharpest minds in business, marketing & entrepreneurship think.
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Discover how some of the sharpest minds in business, marketing & entrepreneurship think.






$6M Product Orders for the price of a LinkedIn Message and a round of coffees?????

$6M Product Orders for the price of a LinkedIn Message and a round of coffees????? Elizabeth Pearson is a speaker, success coach and author of the forthcoming book, Manifesting Through The Mess. She is a money mindset expert specializing in helping women entrepreneurs and executives increase their income by at least an additional six figures within a year. Passionate about helping women get unstuck, uncovering limiting beliefs and energetic blocks, Elizabeth routinely helps her clients get...


How this ex door to door salesman has used a unique combination of in person events and digital marketing to sell over $1M in training, masterminds and software commisions

As a former door-to-too salesperson, Matt is a marketing strategist, author and sought-after speaker with vast experience working with hundreds of businesses all over the world helping them to rapidly grow their business in the simplest way possible and putting systems and automation in place to scale. Matt believes in simplifying business success and helps his clients do that through creating an automated income system and focusing on the 3 pillars – structure, sales funnels and scale. He...


Simple yet profound mindset shifts for female entrepreneurs to start closing six figure contracts with Nafissa Shireen

Nafissa Shireen is an entrepreneur, speaker and income growth expert specializing in helping women grow their businesses to multiple six figures and beyond. She’s also the host of Living Forward TV, an online show designed to educate entrepreneurs on how to make big leaps in their income quickly. Passionate about releasing subconscious blocks, Nafissa helps women entrepreneurs uncover their limiting beliefs around self worth and abundance so that they can make more money and build a business...


Business for social good - how to impact the lives of over 175 Million People with Paul Dunn

Paul is a 4-time TEDx speaker. He is a Senior Fellow in one of the World’s Leading Think Tanks and consults to and mentors leading-edge businesses around the world. He was honoured as a Social Innovation Fellow in his new home of Singapore; something he shares with film-star and philanthropist Jet Li and Walmart Chairman, Rob Walton. He was one of the first 10 people in Hewlett Packard in Australia. He then created one of Australia’s first computer companies and then The Results Corporation...


Organic Facebook Reach IS NOT DEAD - How Rachel Miller helps get posts with 2million shares and more

After helping 38 people bring single posts from their business pages to more than 10,000,000 people each, without a massive ad budget, Rachel Miller has become a sought after strategist. Businesses she has helped have been able to go from obscurity to household brands. Rachel Miller began as a blogger before getting hooked “collecting people” and building audiences. She has authored multiple books, spoken at numerous conferences and has assisted in crafting organic social strategies for...


How culture drives the success of law firms with Midja Fisher

Melinda Fisher, known as Midja, is a leadership expert, corporate facilitator, mentor, author and keynote speaker. She is a lawyer and former partner of Shine Lawyers, an ASX listed company and one of Australia’s largest compensation law firms. Midja began her career as an IT consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers, before practising law and then finding her passion in the field of learning and development. Midja specialises in the areas of authentic leadership, building career confidence and...


80k per month running a lifestyle business with Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier

Joe Fier & Matt Wolfe are the co-founders of Evergreen Profits and absolutely LOVE showing people how simple it really is to get seen online in competitive industries. They get pumped up to share their system of driving targeted traffic that turns into leads and sales to business owners who want to scale (but have failed in the past). They aren't an agency (they're pretty much the anti-agency). They started in business together 12 years ago and haven't stopped learning, experimenting and...


$100M p/yr through vehicle finance with Matt Manero

Grit - zero to $100M and beyond... Matt Manero shares his personal journey as an entrepreneur that's grown multiple companies some with revenues sitting st $150M - Proud husband and father - 3 time winner of inc. magazine fastest growing companies in amera - Author of Grit and I need more money (2017) - Transportation equipment finance expert "When you start to tap into your potential you realise just how much more you have left" Learn more about Matt here >


Social Media for Associations & Purpose Driven Organisations...

Mel Kettle’s broad experience in communication, stakeholder engagement and leadership has been gained over 25 years, working with member-based, non-profit, commercial and government organisations. She is passionate about getting her clients to engage with their customers, members and stakeholders, especially by using digital and social media. Recognised as a thought leader in her field, Mel provides tailored and practical solutions through speaking, mentoring, training and facilitation. She...


Creating Billion Dollar Brands with Rick Cesari

Rick has been a pioneer in the Direct to Consumer(D2C) marketing industry since the early 90’s He has used direct response strategies to help build many iconic brands, products like, The Juiceman, Sonicare, The George Foreman Grill, OxiClean, Clarisonic, Rug Doctor, Momentus Golf and The GoPro camera and many others. Rick’s strategies have helped grow four companies from start-ups to over a billion dollars in sales. These case studies are outlined in his newest book, Building Billion Dollar...


Empowering Women Entrepreneurs and Corporate Leaders With Jane Anderson

Jane Anderson is a Leadership and Communications expert. With over 20 years’ experience in Personal Branding she has worked with over 50,000 people on building more trust and influence in their businesses and brands. Her clients include Virgin Australia, Lego, Ikea, Rio Tinto and Origin Energy. She is on faculty in Thought Leaders Business School, mentoring some of Australia’s leading experts in their field. Jane’s blog was recently voted in the top 10 branding blogs in Australia and in the...


Mastering Sales with Jeb Blount

Jeb Blount is the best-selling author of eight books including Sales EQ, Fanatical Prospecting, People Follow You, People Buy You. He is a Sales Acceleration specialist who helps organizations reach peak performance fast by optimizing talent, leveraging training to cultivate high-performance sales culture, developing leadership and coaching skills, and applying more effective organizational design. Through his companies – Sales Gravy, Channel EQ, and Innovate Knowledge - he advises many of...