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8 Strategies to Breakthrough

What does it mean to be “Stuck”? Vague enough answer that triggers the audience to thinking, “Yes, that’s me!” or “Yes, I feel stuck just like____!” Why am I stuck, or how did I get into this? Leading answer which takes us into…. Important Note – If you can picture yourself in one or more of these upcoming Roadblocks, then just simply be HONEST with yourself, write it down, then jot down some notes on what we are about to teach you. We will teach how to recognize it when it comes up, what...


Taking Charge of our Influences

There are 5 Influences which shape our thoughts, viewpoints, actions and sometimes outcomes. The question is, who's in the driver seat? On today's show we dive into those 5 Influences: Parental, Environmental, Relational, Situational, and Subliminal with our good friend Taanya Sarma. Taanya was raised in a VERY influential family, but not in a way that allowed her freedom to be who she was meant to be. Listen now and find out how she was able to break free then chase her dreams!


How to Lead a Transformational Life

Why does my life seem to stay STUCK all the time?! This frustrating question is one we ask about our careers, our relationships, our finances, our health and more. There is a predictable pattern to staying stuck and staying there. Good news! There is also a pattern to a successful thriving life. One that moves forward at the pace we want. It's called the Transformational Life, and the best part about what Stephen shares in this episode is it only takes slight rearranging what we already do.