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Episode 110: Whine or Grind

The Blind Blogger, Maxwell Ivey, is our guest in today’s episode of The Journey Principles Radio Show. Max, is a force to be reckoned with. Legally blind and encountering adversity at what seems to be every turn in his life, Max exemplifies determination and perseverance and we are so excited to have him share his inspiring story of transformation with us on the show today. We are talking today about the choice to Whine or Grind. It's really easy for all of us to get into the habit of...


Episode 109: Conquering Emotional Trauma

We have an esteemed special guest on our show today, Dr. Jason Newsome, President Dayspring Counseling Center in Charleston, West Virginia. Dr. Newsome has spent more than ten years as a mental health counselor, over twenty years in ministry and serves as a program developer at Ohio University. He is also the author of the “Finding Peace in an Imperfect World” where you will learn how to apply God’s principles to calm real life chaos. One of the long lasting effects of suffering emotional...


Episode 108: Intellectual Wrap Up

Stephen Scoggins is back with us in the studio this episode as we wrap up September and our focus on the Intellectual Pilliar and the importance of growing, stretching your mind and being real. The last several months have been a time of trial and tribulation for Stephen and he has had to dig down deep and revisit the principles and strategies he teaches in Transform U and apply them to his life… again. Stephen shared an in-depth look into his life through a video post on social media and we...


Episode 107: Own Your Growth

Helping grow and develop other people with our guest Sergeant Jeff Stoner. Jeff has spent the last 18 years serving in the United States Air Force and is now entrusted to grow and develop new leaders at the Airman Leadership School. You can be a leader, no matter your current situation, station or education. You do not need a title to be a leader. Through purposeful personal development you can influence those around you. It’s all up to you! Jeff shares how surrounding yourself around “the...


Episode 106: Clayton Harvest Festival: Special Edition with Scott Mason

We are out in the community today at the Clayton Harvest Festival in downtown Clayton, North Carolina. The Journey Principles Institute is proud to be a part of this incredible event and we are celebrating with a special live edition of Journey Principles Radio Show. In this episode, our founder Stephen Scoggins, gives us an overview of what exactly The Journey Principles Institute does. Make sure to listen to this episode to hear the mission and purpose directly from Stephen! The Chairman...


Episode 105: The Road to Recovery

The Intellectual Pillar is about keeping your mind sharp! We could not think of a more appropriate time to bring back our very special guest Liz Rooney, founder of Hope Unfading – an organization created to provide resources for anyone who is struggling with a brain injury of any type. After surviving numerous accidents and injury-causing events and struggling through misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis, Liz finally found out that she suffered from a traumatic brain injury and began her journey...


Episode 104: Fresh Way to Grow Your Mind

It’s September and at JPRadio this means a new pillar to focus on this month! It’s September 2017 and we are focusing on The Intellectual Pillar. Just to get you set up for success, this pillar is not about how smart you are or what grades you got in school. The Intellectual Pillar is about your mind and keeping it in tip top shape and functioning at 100%. Our guest today, Doug Stewart, is an instructor for The Dale Carnegie Institute and spends most of his days helping others grow and...


Episode 103: Professional Wrap Up

We are wrapping up August 2017 and our focus on The Professional Pillar. In episodes 100, 101 and 102 we’ve been focusing on finding purpose, passion and fulfilment in your career. We spend more than half our waking hours each day, at work – often more hours than we get to spend with our family and friends. In order to keep strength in this pillar of life, it is essential to work with purpose and leverage your passions. In this episode, Stephen Scoggins is back in the studio with us as we...


Episode 102: Discovering Your Purpose

Living your life with purpose requires commitment and a constant effort to live your mission day in and day out. Finding purpose in your career choice is an even tougher battle for many, but once you find the harmony of purpose in both your personal and professional lives you will achieve fulfillment like you have never known. It’s not easy, but it can be done and you are worth it! In this episode, we have some very, very special guests (Jo Garret, Liz Layman,Stephanie Denton, Maggie Medina...


Episode 101: My Passion is My Career

Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life. We’ve all heard that before, right? But how exactly do you identify your passion and turn it into a career, like a legit career that pays the bills? Our guests this week, Engel and Amanda Jones, are going to dive into how they made this happen and how you can too. Engel Jones, host of 12 Minute Convos, and his wife Amanda both left their “professional careers” behind and have thrived in their new careers, living in their...


Episode 100: The Right Job for Me

Have you ever wondered if you were going to “the right” job every day or is a certain field the right professional path for you? Are you working in your true calling? What is the right place for me? Design and Destiny Coach, Karen Gilliam is our special guest who brings light to these common professional questions. Coach KG has been mentoring and coaching for over 20 years and has dedicated her life to helping others design their lives and live by default. In this episode we will take a deep...


The Framework for Transformation: G.R.O.W.

Transformation is coming! The Launch of Transform U Online is right around the corner. Our school is focused around the G.R.O.W. framework. In order to be completely successful you should go through this framework. Gain perspective. Recognize your roadblocks. Organize your personal plan. Work your plan. In this episode, we will be taking you step by step through the G.R.O.W. framework and how we can apply to our lives.


8 Strategies to Breakthrough

Do you feel like you're stuck in life? That doesn't have to be the case anymore. There are 8 types of roadblocks that we can all fall into. Most of us relate to at least 1 or 2 roadblocks. Once we discover what our main roadblock(s) is, we can work to overcome that. In this show, we will walk you through how to overcome each of the 8 roadblocks.


Taking Charge of our Influences

There are 5 Influences which shape our thoughts, viewpoints, actions and sometimes outcomes. The question is, who's in the driver seat? On today's show we dive into those 5 Influences: Parental, Environmental, Relational, Situational, and Subliminal with our good friend Taanya Sarma. Taanya was raised in a VERY influential family, but not in a way that allowed her freedom to be who she was meant to be. Listen now and find out how she was able to break free then chase her dreams!


How to Lead a Transformational Life

Why does my life seem to stay STUCK all the time?! This frustrating question is one we ask about our careers, our relationships, our finances, our health and more. There is a predictable pattern to staying stuck and staying there. Good news! There is also a pattern to a successful thriving life. One that moves forward at the pace we want. It's called the Transformational Life, and the best part about what Stephen shares in this episode is it only takes slight rearranging what we already do.