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Episode 21: What Way Do People Communicate Best

What Way Do People Communicate Best? Not everyone communicates the exact same way. Some people prefer physical gifts. Some prefer a wonderful experience that they can remember. Others are talkers and want someone to listen to them. Then you have those that actually like dialogue, a conversation where both people exchange ideas. One thing we know for sure is that no one likes to be ignored, not your significant other and not your client. We also know that any kind of lasting communication...


Stick To It Ness

My business partner and I started this business from scratch with no loans, no venture capital. We had no connections, no mentors, no pricey mastermind groups or marketing experts to assist us. We weren’t in those circles. It was hard work, creativity and a desire to be in better control of our business destiny. We were tired of getting screwed around from various companies that were selfish and only about their bottom line. We are at a point where we are doing about 65 – $69 million per...





The Beginning



Episode 7: Start With A Daily Routine

Check out the journey's timeline here. Start With A Daily Routine | This Is Sales Training Program By Khaazra The benefits of a daily routine may surprise you. In this video, I will share the details of my daily routine in order to help you develop your own. The word "routine" can make some people uncomfortable. Well let me tell you this, a daily routine is an important part of your life as an entrepreneur as it can help you build your business and keep things structured. Routine...


Episode 3: Self Discipline: The Foundation To Success

Check out the journey's timeline here. Transcript: Hey people, how are you? This is Khaazra, and welcome to this show. This is show number three, literally speaking, and sometimes, these shows are a little bit out of order. Basically, on my way home, walking outside, here in, I think this part of town is either Orange or Anaheim, and this show basically is going to hard discipline. It may not be the most exciting show because I'm not passing out the million dollar secret or how to make...


Episode 2: Communication is Key

Check out the journey's timeline here. Transcript: Hey people, how are you? This is KhaazRa. My second episode to this unnamed show that I'm starting. Podcast, which has a video version to it. So I'm just coming from my office in ... Where's my office at? This building ... Where's my finger at? Right above me. Big tall building. Super freaking tired, but I'm on my way to the gym. Worked quite a bit this past week. A lot, probably ... It's probably not a good thing to brag about, but I...


Episode 1: Sales Training Programs

Check out the journey's timeline here. Transcript: Hey, people. How are you? This is KhaazRa. Believe it or not, this is going to be one of my podcasts. There's a video version of this, but I don't know how exciting that would be to see me walking in the night, coming home from the gym here in California. Or actually, yeah, going home from the gym, just left 24 Hour Fitness. That's a plug for you guys, and heading home. I have to be in the office at 5:00 a.m., so it's probably not a...


Episode 6 - How To Sell Anything Without Much Talking

KhaazRa MaaRanu, co-founder of Electronic Commerce, has built a business to over 62 million per month in sales volume and is sharing everything on the journey to reaching to hitting 1 Billion In Sales Revenue per year. You can follow the journey at