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Episode 023: Get Sh!t Done, with Alex Batdorf

Today on The KT Speetzen Show, we welcome Alex Batdorf: entrepreneur, business strategy coach & keynote speaker of Get Sh!t Done. Alex empowers badass female entrepreneurs to make their dream company a reality by helping them achieve meaningful growth without sacrificing their purpose in pursuit of profit. She also the host of the YouTube web series: Get Sh!t Done. Get some amazing action items for your business as KT and Alex discuss her company’s name’s origin story. In addition, they...


Episode 022: Power of Perspective, with Nicole Vasquez

On today’s episode, KT welcomes Nicole Vasquez, the Co-Founder and Chief Community Officer of Deskpass & Second Shift. Nicole believes that a certain kind of magic occurs when people of all different backgrounds come together to share information and ideas: they experience the power of perspective. As a serial entrepreneur, Nicole has built companies and communities with the shared mission of supporting, promoting, and connecting people to the resources, opportunities, and networks that can...


Episode 021: Codeverse, with Katy Lynch

On today’s show, KT is pumped to welcome Katy Lynch, the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Codeverse. Codeverse is the world's first fully interactive coding school and educational tech platform for kids. Katy is formerly the CEO of Techweek, the nation's largest traveling technology festival, and the President and Founder of SocialKaty, Inc, Chicago's largest social media marketing agency. KT and Katy discuss how the documentary Code: Debugging the Gender Gap lit a fire under Katy...


Episode 020: Sparkle Hustle Grow, with Julie Ball

Julie Ball is the Founder + Chief Sparkler of Sparkle Hustle Grow, a monthly subscription and online community for female entrepreneurs. Julie leads thousands of women through personal development and business training in a way that’s fun and supportive. Julie is an author, speaker, community builder, subscription box coach– featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Thrive Global, POPSUGAR, Mashable, and Buzzfeed. After running her successful website design and development firm, Julie wanted to...


Episode 019: Overcoming Burnout, with Daniela Bolzmann

Today, The KT Speetzen Show welcomes Daniela Bolzmann, the CEO & Founder of Mindfull Goods. This leader in eCommerce and Amazon growth marketing is a serial entrepreneur and Techstars graduate whose journey led her to develop high-growth launch strategies for startups. In 2015, her on-demand B2B logistics platform WeDeliver was acquired. In 2016, she joined the launch team at Breather to open dozens of spaces in just a few months. In 2017, she created Mindfull Goods to help emerging...


Episode 018: Business As A Force of Good, with Jill Pollack

Jill Pollack is founder and director of StoryStudio Chicago, overseeing writing training for more than 1,200 students each year. She is a presenter on the power of stories in our personal and professional lives and was included for the fourth time in the biannual Newcity Lit Top 50 list of literary leaders in Chicago. Since founding the studio in 2003, Jill has focused her attention on developing new approaches to teaching storytelling, and providing a wide variety of experiences in writing...


Episode 017: The Founding Moms, with Jill Salzman

Today say hello to the fantastic Jill Salzman of The Founding Moms. Jill Salzman is currently growing her third entrepreneurial venture, The Founding Moms, the world’s first and only kid-friendly collective of monthly meetups for mom entrepreneurs. A sought-after speaker, Jill has been featured in national media outlets including the New York Times, CNN’s Headline News, People Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Daily Candy Kids, Business Matters, WGN TV and WAHM Talk Radio. Her TED talk, Why...


Episode 016: Connecting, with Mike Ganino

Today we are pumped to welcome Mike Ganino to The KT Speetzen Show! Mike is a story culture and engagement expert, the author of Company Culture for Dummies. Today we're talking about our mutual love of storytelling, comedy, and how to lean into this awesome way of connecting with your clients and your team. To learn more about Mike, please visit Get to Know Mike Mike Ganino is a culture + storytelling expert who helps executives, teams, and thought leaders communicate,...


Episode 015: Sell Like A Mutha, with Renee Hribar

Today we welcome Renee Hribar on The KT Speetzen Show! Renee is a master educator at helping her clients selling their consulting services, digital products and live events (even if you can’t convince your own children to eat their broccoli). This TedX speaker is dropping all types of truth bombs on how to raise your sales game and make selling a less stressful part of your business. To learn more about Renee, please visit at Get to Know Renee Renee Hribar has been...


Episode 014: Taking Up Space, with Karen Hawkins

Today, KT Speetzen is joined with Karen Hawkins, the Founder and Rebelle in Chief of Rebellious Magazine for Women. In addition, after recording, Karen was named the Managing Digital Editor of The Chicago Reader. We are chatting with Karen about her role in Rebellious Women’s Magazine and Ladies Room Chicago. Highlights Learn a bit about Karen from KT [0:00:40] Why she created Rebellious Magazine + why feminist news is important in Chicago [0:02:29] Why it is important to have a space...


Episode 013: A Marketing Chat, with Dannie Fountain

Today, KT Speetzen is joined with Dannie Fountain, who is a marketing strategist and a Googler. Dannie has had her hands in the creative entrepreneurship area for years and has done amazing things. In addition to being a three time author, she helps mentor people through The Rising Tide Society, a mentor 1871 in Chicago, and a member of the advisory board at Creative Women’s Co. KT loves how she puts business in such a tangible way. Highlights Learn a bit about Dannie from KT...

Episode 012: Awkward Marketing, with Rachael Kay Albers

Today, KT Speetzen is joined with Rachael Kay Albers, founder and creative director of RKA ink, and the lead web designer and digital strategist around RKA ink. Her sweet spot is the space where business, marketing, and design meet. She is also the host of the Awkward Marketing Show and is a part of the Mother Cluckers Comedy troupe with KT. Highlights Learn a bit about Scott from KT [0:00:49] What Awkward Marketing is + why she created it [0:03:17] How she decided her show was the way...


Episode 011: Clarity in Business, with Scott Desgrosseilliers

Today, KT Speetzen is joined with Scott Desgrosseilliers, the CEO of Wicked Reports. Wicked Reports helps customers figure out their return on investment (ROI) on ads and all things tech! This company is actually Scott’s third venture. Listen to this episode to hear how his business has taken off and launched into the stratosphere. Highlights Learn a bit about Scott from KT [0:00:55] How Scott and KT know each other [0:02:30] What made Scott passionate about tangible marketing data...


Episode 010: Selling A Story, with Mark Murrell

Today, KT Speetzen is joined with Mark Murrell, who is the chief-curator of Get Maine Lobster. Mark grew up in Maine around lobster, but as he lived in the Midwest, he realized lobster was hard to come by. He founded Point Seafood in 2010 with the primary goal of making fresh Maine seafood available to anyone in the continental United States. In addition, Get Maine Lobster has partnered with large companies across the United States. Highlights Learn a bit about...


Episode 009: Talking Money, with Carolyn Leonard

Today KT is coming back at you with our next episode featuring Carolyn Leonard, who is the CEO and co-founder of DyMynd. DyMynd is dedicated to insuring that female founders are receiving equal funding as start-ups. KT loves Carolyn because she holds no punches when discussing finance in the start-up world. Highlights Learn a bit about Carolyn from KT [0:00:43] Why talking about money as a woman is important + writing down your goals [0:02:49] What Carolyn’s origin story is...


Episode 008: Building a Personal Brand, with Melissa Stockwell

Today KT is coming back at you with our next episode featuring Melissa Stockwell, who is a veteran, two-time Paralympian, and a patriot. Melissa, from a business-aspect, is her own brand and is super pro-USA and has numerous sponsors. She is a badass and is basically who KT wants to be when she grows up and inspires KT everyday to be a better human. Highlights Learn a bit about Melissa from KT [0:00:56] How Melissa keeps up with her busy life [0:03:20] How to stay motivated + setting...


Episode 007: Balancing + Happiness As An Entrepreneur, with Ari Krzyzek

KT is coming back at you with our next episode featuring Ari Krzyzek, the Co-founder, creative director, and chief designer of Chykalophia and founder of Creative Women’s Co. Listen below to hear how balancing your passion projects can feel overwhelming and how to make sure that you are balancing things for your happiness. Highlights Learn a bit about Ari from KT [0:01:03] How Creative Women’s Co is starting chapters internationally [0:04:05] What advice she has for juggling multiple...


Episode 006: Employing Empathy, with Parissa Behnia of Sixense Strategy

KT is coming back at you with our next episode featuring Parissa Behnia, the CEO and business whisperer of Sixense Strategy, a company to help you redesign your businesses strategy. One of KT’s favorite things about Parissa is the way that she talks about empathy and how it is a vital part of the corporate culture. Listen below to hear how empathy can influence your company culture in a very positive way. Highlights Learn a bit about Parissa from KT [0:01:35] Why empathy is part of her...


Episode 005: The Importance of Community, with Sue Reardon of Suite Spotte

Today, KT Speetzen is joined with Sue Reardon the co-founder of Suite Spotte. Suite Spotte is coworking space in the western suburbs of Chicago, in La Grange and Forest Park. Sue exudes is warmth of community and a keen ability of matching people to work together. Highlights Learn a bit about Sue from KT [0:00:39] How community and collaboration was a part of the Suite Spotte vision [0:03:10] What KT loves about Suite Spotte as a coworking location [0:04:51] How community has been...


Episode 004: Human Connection + Company Culture, with Alida Miranda-Wolff of Ethos

KT is coming back at you with our next episode featuring Alida Miranda-Wolff, the co-founder and CEO of Ethos, a talent strategy firm for tech companies. Alida grows the teams that fuel rocket ship companies. She previously served as director of platform at Hyde Park Angels, where she was one of only two dozen Latina women in VC and has had many twists and turns in her entrepreneurial journey! Alida is all about shaping culture, developing talent, and helps strengthening every companies...