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Talking to Creators, Leaders, and Massive Action Takers


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Talking to Creators, Leaders, and Massive Action Takers




33. Antonio Garcia. Injecting Personalities Into Your Sales Strategy. Episode 33 with Keaton Nelson

Antonio Garcia knows a lot about personalities. As an actor, he learned how to get into the headspace of a character and distinguish it from his ordinary self. Now Antonio works as a personality styles coach teaching business owners how to recognize certain personality types. On today’s episode of The Keaton Nelson Show, Antonio and I talk about acting, different personalities, and how you can use those techniques in making sales. Follow Antonio: Instagram:...


32. Kevin Lee. Real Estate Investing, Air BnB, and Personal Development. Episode 32 with Keaton Nelson

One of the most important Kevin Lee has learned is modeling the success of others and using their stories as inspiration. With this mindset, he’s made it big on Air BnBs and rental properties, and Kevin’s an expert in all things real estate. On today’s episode of The Keaton Nelson Show, Kevin and I talk about how he got started as an entrepreneur, looking at the success of others to jumpstart your own success, and what he has planned for the future in real estate. Follow Kevin: Facebook:...


31. Gary Allman. The Science Behind Sleep. Episode 31 with Keaton Nelson

After listening to this episode, you’ll never have to count sheep again. Gary Allman is a professional sleep coach, and he regularly teaches people how they can get a full night’s rest. He originally worked as a mindset coach, which proved useful when he shifted to sleep coaching. On today’s episode of The Keaton Nelson Show, Gary and I talk about how he got into sleep coaching, growing as a business, and all about the best sleep habits to practice. Follow Gary: Facebook:...


30. Jeff Fenster. What It Really Takes To Scale A Company. Episode 30 with Keaton Nelson

When it comes to scaling up a business, Jeff Fenster certainly knows his stuff. Over the years he’s founded a multitude of companies, many of which were geared toward helping entrepreneurs. His current business, Everbowl, is a quick-serve restaurant with a “build your own bowl” focus. On today’s episode of The Keaton Nelson Show, Jeff and I discuss his multiple business ventures, how he was able to scale them upward, and the lessons he’s learned along the way. Follow Jeff: Facebook:...


29. Scott Morse. Making Money Is Easier Than Ever. Episode 29 with Keaton Nelson

If you’re able to master your sales calls, your business will be able to rake in a ton of revenue. Scott Morse is all about helping businesses close sales, and his company, Lamassu Leads, generates over 2000 leads a month for his clients. On today’s episode of The Keaton Nelson Show, Scott and I talk about how he got his start, the best sales practices to use, and why a shift in mindset is needed to get past limiting beliefs. Follow Scott: Facebook:...


28. David Neagle. How To Lose $5M and Make It Back In 2 Years. Episode 28 with Keaton Nelson

If you woke up one morning and found out you lost $5 million, do you think you’d be able to get it back? David Neagle was in this exact situation, and he found out ways to make it all back in only a few years. On today’s episode of The Keaton Nelson Show, David and I talk about recognizing business opportunities, the importance of mindset, and what he did to get that $5M back. Follow David: Facebook: Instagram:...


27. Tim Kintz. Sales, Hiring, and Training Secrets. Episode 27 with Keaton Nelson

Tim Kintz specializes in the automotive industry, but his philosophy can be applied to any kind of business. He’s coached people on what it takes to be a leader for their team, and how you can assemble the right people for your company. On today’s episode of The Keaton Nelson Show, Tim and I talk about the importance of sales and marketing, finding the right people for your sales team, and how to keep them motivated. Follow Tim: Facebook: Instagram:...


26. Samuel Knickerbocker. Big Family, Big Heart, and Big Money. Episode 26 with Keaton Nelson

What kind of legacy do you want to leave? That’s the question that Samuel Knickerbocker gets his clients to consider, and his consulting is built on the premise that everyone deserves to be remembered for something. On today’s episode of The Keaton Nelson Show, Sam and I talk about leaving a legacy, being there for family, and what it takes to build the ideal life. Follow Sam: Facebook: Instagram:...


25. Brad Blazar. Raising Capital Is Easier Than You Think. Episode 25 with Keaton Nelson

At a young age, Brad Blazar discovered his greatest skill: an exceptional ability to raise money. With his skills he rose to become an oil CEO at the age of 23, and now he teaches entrepreneurs around the world how they can access capital through the Capital School. On today’s episode of The Keaton Nelson Show, Brad and I discuss how he discovered his talents, how they’re used in his business, and some valuable tips for anyone looking to scale their own company. Follow Brad: Facebook:...


24. Tony Whatley. How To Build A Community Worth Millions. Episode 24 with Keaton Nelson

There are three things Tony Whatley is an expert on: business, community and cars. He’s self-admitted to building multiple million-dollar companies to support his passions, and now he teaches people what they can do to create thriving businesses and build supportive communities. On today’s episode of The Keaton Nelson Show, Tony and I discuss his business ventures, his tips for community building, and the importance of taking back your time. Follow Tony: Facebook:...


23. Sean Castrina. How To Make Millions With Boring Businesses. Episode 23 with Keaton Nelson

When he was younger, Sean Castrina had one goal in mind: to stop being poor. He decided to get into entrepreneurship, and since then he’s launched at least one new business every year for the past 20 years. On top of all that, Sean’s published 4 bestselling books on starting your own business. On today’s episode of The Keaton Nelson Show, Sean and I talk about his numerous business ventures, the skills he picked up along the way, and how they can help aspiring entrepreneurs get...


22. Jeff Lerner. Music, Money and Life. Episode 22 with Keaton Nelson

Jeff Lerner’s life is an odyssey. After dropping out of high school, he supported himself by learning music and becoming a jazz pianist. Now he runs Entre, an entrepreneurial education program that teaches entrepreneurs everything they need to know to get started. On today’s episode of The Keaton Nelson show, Jeff and I talk about his musical roots, how sales helped him out, and why you need to know how to sell yourself. Follow Jeff: Facebook:...


21. Corey Berrier. Sales Tips, Gun Control, and Pro-Life v. Pro-Choice. Episode 21 with Keaton Nelson

Want to know what it takes to push more sales? Corey Berrier, sales expert and author of the bestselling “9 Simple Steps To Sell More Shit”, has the answers. On today’s episode of The Keaton Nelson Show, Corey and I discuss sales strategies, break down the steps to boosting your sales, and get real about our thoughts on some big issues. Follow Corey: Facebook: Instagram: Website:


20. Rocky Zapata. The #1 Skill You Need To Grow A Million $ Company. Episode 20 with Keaton Nelson

What’s the secret to growing a multi-million dollar company? Rocky Zapata knows it, and he’s used it to build several highly successful businesses for himself. On today’s episode of The Keaton Nelson Show, Rocky and I talk about where he got his start, how he found his success, and the answer to his secret for success. Follow Rocky: Facebook: Instagram: Website:


19. Brandon Adams. How to Use The Power of Proximity to Grow Your Business. Episode 19 with Keaton Nelson

When you rub shoulders with successful people, you’re bound to pick up some of their secrets to success. Brandon Adams knows all about this, and he’s always eager to make new connections or commit to brand new opportunities that will enhance his growth. On today’s episode of The Keaton Nelson Show, Brandon and I talk about how he got his start as an entrepreneur and how building lasting connections is a vital part in becoming successful. Follow Brandon: Facebook:...


18. Brigette Sobus. Hypnosis, NLP, and Beating Cancer. Episode 18 with Keaton Nelson

If you’ve ever wondered how exactly hypnosis works, then today’s episode is for you! Brigette Sobus is an expert in NLP, hypnosis, and exploring how the subconscious mind can be programmed toward success. On this episode of The Keaton Nelson Show, Brigette and I delve deep into NLP, various programming techniques, and how these can be used to advance your personal or business goals. Follow Brigette: Facebook: Instagram:...


17. Kamrin Huban. How To Avoid Burnout And Treat Yourself With Respect. Episode 17 with Keaton

Kamrin Huban has gained a wealth of experience over the course of her life. Her career has allowed her to work and live in several countries, operate in a multitude of positions, and ultimately teach women in similar positions how they can get the most out of their life. On today’s episode of The Keaton Nelson Show, we discusses Kamrin’s prolific career and the numerous lessons she’s learned along the way. Follow Kamrin: Facebook: Instagram:...


16. Bryana Ryan. What The Top 1% Do That 99% Of People Won’t. Episode 16 with Keaton Nelson

Bryana Ryan is a superstar at scaling businesses. Thanks to her ingenuity and desire to help solve problems, Bryana went from selling billboards and doing branding to pitching sales and generating leads for attorneys. On today’s episode of The Keaton Nelson Show, Bryana and I explore where she got her start, what it’s been like working alongside people like Rudy Mawer and Chad Durfee, and what businesses can do to scale themselves up. Follow Bryana: Instagram:...


15. Ken Joslin. How To Create An 8 Figure Business In Less Than Two Years. Ep 15 with Keaton Nelson

Ken Joslin is a master of making 8 figures. Through his Grow Stack Drive program, he’s helped countless entrepreneurs gain the confidence and clarity they need to become immensely successful, all while becoming part of a vibrant and thriving community. It’s all business on today’s episode of The Keaton Nelson Show, as Ken and I talk about gaining momentum, getting in the right mindset, and insights for being a leader. Follow Ken: Instagram: Website:...


14. Estee Stein. How To Do What You Really Want To Do. Episode 14 with Keaton Nelson

Over the course of her career, Estee Stein has become an expert on branding and design. Currently, she coaches new entrepreneurs by teaching them how to build their businesses and see real growth. On today’s episode of The Keaton Nelson Show, Estee and I talk all things business-related, from generating sales and growing socials to getting in a winning mindset. Follow Estee: Instagram: Website: