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The Stories We Tell Ourselves that Hurt Our Businesses

At this point in my life, I feel like I've gained a little bit of wisdom. I used to get frustrated because I felt there were so many things that I wished I had done differently or had paid attention to or done years ago. Not anymore. Of course, I still get frustrated, but I never really go down that old path of 'woulda, shoulda, coulda'. It just doesn't happen... or if it does, it's very brief and I catch myself. I don't feed it. Because of this, my life has a completely better flow and I...


So You Want To Be A Podcast Guest…

If you've been hosting a podcast for a while (for the sake of this post, let's say longer than a year), you've probably received unsolicited requests from people who want to be a guest on your podcast (and if you haven't, hang in there, you will). Not only are they unsolicited requests, which we'll talk about in a minute, but it's usually from someone who is doing the outreach for someone else. Which, in and of itself isn't really a big deal. It's how they go about doing it. The first few...


Re-evaluating Business After Heartbreak & Loss KDS: 042

This summer has been a complete and teary blur. I'm going to do everything I can not to make this a sad, depressing episode, but bear with me as this is coming from a painful place. I've shared this on Facebook so I know it won't come as a surprise to many of you that my Mom passed away on July 14th. She had been sick for about 4 months and was basically misdiagnosed over and over again from her doctors. She started not feeling well in February and was told it was just a bug. Long story...


Newsletters for Marketing & Growth with Josh Spector KDS: 041

Newsletters for marketing and growth are on the rise. I wrote an article called 'The Return of the Newsletter' and truly contribute my interest in newsletters to today's guest, Josh Spector. Josh Spector is who sent me down the rabbit hole when I found his newsletter titled "For the Interested" (we'll get into that more in a bit). I first found him on Medium, loved his content, then did what many of us do and followed the link and became a subscriber. I've since joined Josh's Facebook group...


Allegra Sinclair & Non-Douchey Marketing, Part 2 – KDS: 040

Allegra Sinclair is back for part 2 of our conversation on non-douchey marketing. In case you missed the first episode, check out part 1 here (this was literally a two-hour recording, so we pick up where we left off from part 1). Confession time: I enjoyed listening to this as much as I enjoyed recording it. We covered a lot in this second half of the episode. In fact, I'm sure there are many discussion points we covered that are going to resonate with many of you. Such as... Not building a...


Design & Branding for Sales with Mor Cohen KDS: 039

Mor Cohen is one of my 'go to' resources for design & branding. I'm fortunate because I know a handful of great designers who are also successful at making sure their designs and branding convert to sales, but Mor put her 'money where her mouth is' (so to speak). Not only does she deliver amazing branding and design for her clients, but she used her own skills to brand and design a course, that she pre-sold and launched with massive success. Her course, Design Class, is for "digital...


More Being, Less Being Seen KDS: 038

I've been thinking about balance in business and where I spend my time and energy quite a bit these days. In fact, it's probably safe to say this has been bubbling up for a while. My business has shifted and grown significantly in the last few months. I have another brand (Content Creators Planner), I've added services back into my business (content marketing), and am hiring team members again. It's been a couple of years since I've done any service work, and I was adamant that I didn't want...


Non-Douchey Marketing: A Conversation With Allegra Sinclair, Part 1 KDS: 037

Non-douchey marketing. How do you like that for a title? This conversation came out of an amazing article I read by Amanda Bond called "The Real Reason Facebook Ads Have Stopped Working"... and it's AH-MAZING. My dear friend, Allegra Sinclair joined me on the podcast to talk about all things marketing. Where we're frustrated, how the marketplace is changing, and all kinds of other juicy stuff. We started off by talking about being disappointed in the recent Kajabi event (IMPACT), which we...


Funnel Packs with Matt Davies KDS: 036

After doing a live stream demo with Matt Davies, the co-founder of Funnel Packs, I knew we needed to do a separate podcast interview. Unfortunately, not all live streams translate well to an audio-only version when you're doing a demo and screen sharing. I've linked to the live stream below if you want to watch the demo. Lucky for me, Matt Davies over-delivered on both the live stream and the podcast, so you won't be disappointed. Like the rest of my interviews, I had to start out by asking...


Packaging & Pricing Your Offers with Michelle Hunter KDS: 035

Packaging & pricing your offers is so much more than "what the market will bear." Which is why I asked Michelle Hunter to do a second live stream with me where we could go deeper into both offers and pricing (an offer being more than just the product your selling). I think this is probably the shortest time frame for having a guest on the podcast twice. I've had plenty of people on the show more than once (and all were amazing), but we more or less ran out of time on the first live stream...


The Power of The Company You Keep KDS: 034

The Power of the Company You Keep. This has been on my mind a lot the last few weeks. It's been an overarching theme over the last couple of years as some relationships ended, new ones were formed, and old relationships kindled. I have a feeling this episode might go a little old school as well as getting a little deep, so buckle up and let's dive into it. A Little Context First I recently went to an in-person Mastermind that was hosted by a friend of mine (more on that in a bit). The event...


Behind the Scenes with Troy Dean – Going Deeper KDS: 033

I knew after doing the last episode where I shared the Mavericks event I attended in Santa Monica that I wanted to go deeper with Troy Dean on the growth of WP Elevation and the launch of Mavericks. I've known Troy for a while now (I'm thinking 5-6 years?) and watching the growth of what they've created has been inspiring. But I know it wasn't without struggles and challenges along the way, which is what I wanted to talk about (and of course the wins too). For those of you who aren't...


Troy Dean, Mavericks Club, and My Week in Santa Monica KDS: 032

Last week was one of those amazing weeks that leaves you both excited and exhausted. O.K., I wasn't exactly exhausted, but the activity in my brain was on high-speed most of the week, which leaves you needing a little 'white space' to bring it back to a manageable pace. I spent the week in Santa Monica, California with Troy Dean and some of his team for his Mavericks Club event as well as the one-day event for WP Elevation on Saturday (after the Mavericks Club event was over). If you haven't...


Who Cares If Your Ideal Client Likes Coffee… and Other B.S. with Michelle Hunter – KDS: 031

This interview with Michelle Hunter was way overdue. And SO very good! Michelle and I connected last fall and had an amazing interview... that never quite got published (life was a little crazy last year, there was an issue with the audio and well, here we are, in March of 2019). I asked Michelle if we could do a live stream instead of simply an audio interview because I knew once people heard her genius there would be great engagement and questions. I wasn't mistaken. I went ahead and had...


Driving Traffic & Gaining Customers Without Spending A Dime on Advertising with Tom Morkes KDS: 030

Tom Morkes is the epitome of what he teaches. He's a massive relationship builder and without a doubt, one of the nicest, most genuine people I've had the good fortune of connecting with (and now consider a friend). Tom and I connected a few years back when he was working directly with entrepreneurs to help them publish and launch their books. He would connect me with one of his authors if they were a good fit for my audience and I would interview them for the podcast. We would hop on Skype...


A Real & Raw Conversation with Lorraine McNulty KDS: 029

I've been talking about mixing up the podcast for a while, but I wasn't sure what that would look like. When I started paying attention to what I was listening to and what I liked, it wasn't necessarily the interview style shows. I'll continue doing interviews still, but probably a little less frequently. This conversation came about after I was having a private message with my friend Lorraine McNulty on Facebook Messenger. I had witnessed something in my Facebook Group that didn't sit well...


Paid Traffic for Content Promotion with Daniel Daines-Hutt KDS: 027

Daniel Daines-Hutt was one of those people that completely over-delivered as a guest on the podcast. I'd love to tell you that this always works out swimmingly, but it doesn't. In the case of Daniel not only did he completely over-deliver on the show, but I think it's safe to say we've become friends and I look forward to growing this friendship. Daniel got started online with e-commerce and found he was really good at marketing and digital strategy, which actually allowed him and his...


Using Content in A Follow-up Sequence with Jason Resnick KDS: 026

Jason Resnick is another one of the people who I'm super grateful has come into my world. I've known of Jason for a long time and don't know why we hadn't connected yet (you know what I'm talking about right? How many times do you get a friend request and think "we weren't already connected?"). We finally hopped on a call at the end of last year and he's been amazing. Jason has many skills when it comes to online business, but I really wanted to dive in with him to talk about automation, in...


SEO For The Rest of Us – Live With Brendan Hufford KDS: 025

Brendan Hufford isn't a stranger to the podcast (you can listen to the first episode we did here. I think I may have to have him on as a regular ;-) ), so when he mentioned he was launching his SEO course (finally, and no, that's not a dig at him, but his teaching is a breath of fresh air) and I asked if we could jump on a live stream and share what he was doing. I knew he'd be game and he didn't disappoint. Brendan is great at educating and sharing through stories. [click_to_tweet...


When A Failed Kickstarter Leads To A Successful Product KDS: 024

Nothing like starting the New Year off with a failed success, right? I know, that's a bit of an oxymoron, but hang with me, it will make sense. Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of so-called 'failures' (and yes, I'm one of those people that believes all failures happen for a reason and they're not really a failure as long as we learn from them), but it's rare that we get to see those failures turn around so quickly. Or that it wasn't a failure at all ... it was simply a wrong turn. Let me...