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The Messy Middle - Bloomberg BusinessWeek China Keynote.

Dr. Roberts gave the keynote address at Bloomberg BusinessWeek's conference in Shanghai, China for The Year Ahead. Set among the brightest economists in the world and heads of global financial firms, here are his remarks on how to Create the Fastest Selling Product in the world. An advisor to world governments and nominated to the Central Command Task Force for Department of Defense, America's CEO, Dr. Roberts is the Founder/CEO of Courageous!, and is the former CEO of the Hoverboard...


Is Network Marketing a Legitimate Business, Equity Valuation, & US-China Trade War

Lively call-in discussions on Courageous! Entrepreneur iHeartRadio today (is network marketing a legitimate business and how to get equity not loans when starting a business) along with some inside perspective on the largest trade war in human history - the ongoing US-China Trade War. Get the inside scoop on Kellog's Famous Amos cookies, Men's Warehouse, Universal Studios, and my favorite clothier, Thomas Pink! Recognized as “Top 100 Most Influential Floridians” of 2015, America's CEO, Dr....


Entrepreneurship for College Students - Courageous! Entrepreneur Radio

#Bloomberg, #Bitcoin, #Twitter, #Netflix, and college entrepreneurs on the Hot List Hit List and Boardroom Battles - it's Courageous! Entrepreneur Radio on iHeartMedia.


Business with Liberty University Provost & Student Entrepreneurs - Courageous! Entrepreneur Radio

Ladies & Gentlemen, coming to you LIVE from the campus of #LibertyUniversity with the Provost and Vice President, this is Courageous! Entrepreneur Radio! I'm helping student entrepreneurs and business students then blowing up the #HotListHitList and fixing #OutbackSteakhouse, #Carrabas, and #Bonefish in #BoardroomBattles!


What Makes One Product Fail & Another Succeed - Courageous! Entrepreneur Radio

Courageous! Entrepreneur Radio going head-to-head with large corporations and the unstoppable Boardroom Battles! I hit #Snapchat, #Kinkos, #Sears, #Cryptocurrency, #Google, #Blackberry, and #HarleyDavidson on this week’s #iHeartMedia show.


Capitalizing on the Pain of Entrepreneurship - Courageous! Entrepreneur Radio

There is a joy in the pain and suffering that every entrepreneur goes through. Learn to love the trials, love the pain, love the suffering, and build something more beautiful than you could ever imagine. Hot companies blessed or blistered today were Elon Musk, Walgreens, Amazon, Walmart, J.C. Penney, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, GE, and Coach. Recognized as “Top 100 Most Influential Floridians” of 2015, America's CEO, Dr. Roberts is the Founder/CEO of Roberts & Lowe and Courageous!, and is the...


Why Entrepreneurs Suck at Marketing - Courageous! Entrepreneur Radio

Most entrepreneurs aren’t good marketers. Most small business owners are even worse at marketing. I’m talking about what marketing is and isn’t and when to use the different types based on what you’re trying to accomplish. Joining me in-studio is the founder and CEO of Red Rock Travel Group, the premier lead generation company for the timeshare and travel club industries! We blistered #MAO #MissAmericaOrganization, #GE #GeneralElectric, and #WeightWatchers #WW, and praised #SquidLips and...


Growing Your Business with Grief - Courageous! Entrepreneur Radio

On today’s @iHeartRadio show,, I'm blistering @Tesla, @purduepharma, and praising @Starbucks and @NewYorkLife. Gisabel Sariol talked about how grief affects productivity, and the costs to business is astounding! Recognized as “Top 100 Most Influential Floridians” of 2015, Dr. Roberts is the Founder/CEO of Roberts & Lowe and Courageous!, and is the former CEO of the Hoverboard company - the single, hottest, global consumer product of 2015. He was a featured keynote speaker...


Touchy Topics for Entrepreneurs - Courageous! Entrepreneur Radio

On Thursday's radio show, I’ll be joined in-studio with Chelsea Newman, who had great success in the mortgage industry turned hair and beauty entrepreneur, and joining remotely is my friend and business attorney, Tim Baldwin! We'll debate #SeaWorld's strategy against #Blackfish and #Disney's decision to sell alcohol at all Disney parks, including Disney's #MagicKingdom during the #BoardroomBattles segment, and hear my business winners/losers in the Business #HitList segment, which includes...


Transitioning from Corporate America to Entrepreneurship - Courageous! Entrepreneur Radio on iTunes

Courageous! Entrepreneur Radio with Dr. Rollan Roberts on @iHeartMedia is live with founder of @UnityBackpacks, and the former head of marketing for a $6 billion media publishing company! We'll debate @Nike’s campaign, the @NFL’s decision to not air the national anthem, and more during the #BoardroomBattles segment, and hear my business winners/losers in the Business #HitList segment, which includes @UPS, @Kinkos, @Groupon, and other businesses that you’ll want to hear take a beating! Call...


Where to Invest Your Last Dime - Oracle TV Network (Part 1)

My latest episode on Oracle TV helping entrepreneurs know "Where to Invest Your Last Dime." You have X amount of money, X amount of bills, and you could invest in this or that, but you can't do it all. Do you pay the debt, invest in marketing, attend the tradeshow, or buy the equipment? Message me your circumstance, and I'll address it LIVE!


Sinking Without Drowning.

Keynote speech at the BOSS Lady Business Expo. Ladies and Entrepreneurs, I’ve lost more money than most will make in a lifetime (means I’ve made more too 😉). Here’s 3 keys to “Sinking Without Drowning."


The Deepest I've Ever Gone on the Truth of Entrepreneurship - Oracle TV Interview

Live interview today on the Christian TV station, Oracle TV. Man, did he grill me good! He made me dig deep haha, but we talked extensively about the CEO Cruise and went deep on the pain of being an entrepreneur and practical things to do immediately if you're hurting or your world is on fire. Enjoy my Kingdompreneurs! Recognized as “Top 100 Most Influential Floridians” of 2015, Dr. Roberts is the Founder/CEO of Roberts & Lowe and Courageous!, and is the former CEO of the Hoverboard company...


What are You Willing to Forsake for the Future You Want - Kingdompreneur Radio

What is the one thing you're not willing to walk away from? You know it/they are bad for you, and you can't/won't walk away, and it's destroying you. My Dad has broken my bad habits before and counseled me to walk away (or run!). There's ONE thing you're not willing to walk away from, and it's the VERY thing that will set everything free in your life. Watch/Listen to Kingdompreneur LIVE tomorrow and call in! 407.682.9595


Breaking the Soul Ties that are Killing Your Business - Kingdompreneur Radio

Soul ties are the silent killer of your business. Revenue not growing? Low morale? Not experiencing the breakthrough? Find the soul tie and break it. I'm helping you find and break the soul ties that are weighing you down and holding you back. Call 407.682.9595 to go live on air with me!


Bold vs. Stupid & How to Know the Difference - Kingdompreneur Radio

Bold vs. Stupid - Should you be in that relationship? Should you expand your business? Should you give them the thousandth chance? Are you being bold or stupid - that's the topic for today's program! Call in with your stories and comments at 407.682.9595.


Entrepreneur Pitchfest - Kingdompreneur Radio

One of my favorite shows! Topics were all over the board today, plus lots of good off-air conversation at the end! ENTREPRENEUR PITCHFEST starts now on Kingdompreneur Radio LIVE! Call 407.682.9595 to promote your business, product, or service. I’m talking about how to grow YOUR company, revenue, and sales, while YOU grow.


How to Deal with Dishonest People - Kingdompreneur Radio

Ever dealt with someone that is simply dishonest? It could be about what they ate for lunch, and they just can't be honest. I'll be addressing these dishonest fakes, frauds, phonies, pretenders, and those that "have a FORM" of being an entrepreneur, have a FORM of following Jesus, have a FORM of loving you, and have a FORM of doing what's right and how to see right through them! (2 Tim. 3) I will share some personal stories, but I really want to hear and talk about YOURS so call me Saturday...