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Sinking Without Drowning.

Keynote speech at the BOSS Lady Business Expo. Ladies and Entrepreneurs, I’ve lost more money than most will make in a lifetime (means I’ve made more too 😉). Here’s 3 keys to “Sinking Without Drowning."


The Deepest I've Ever Gone on the Truth of Entrepreneurship - Oracle TV Interview

Live interview today on the Christian TV station, Oracle TV. Man, did he grill me good! He made me dig deep haha, but we talked extensively about the CEO Cruise and went deep on the pain of being an entrepreneur and practical things to do immediately if you're hurting or your world is on fire. Enjoy my Kingdompreneurs! Recognized as “Top 100 Most Influential Floridians” of 2015, Dr. Roberts is the Founder/CEO of Roberts & Lowe and Courageous!, and is the former CEO of the Hoverboard...


What are You Willing to Forsake for the Future You Want - Kingdompreneur Radio

What is the one thing you're not willing to walk away from? You know it/they are bad for you, and you can't/won't walk away, and it's destroying you. My Dad has broken my bad habits before and counseled me to walk away (or run!). There's ONE thing you're not willing to walk away from, and it's the VERY thing that will set everything free in your life. Watch/Listen to Kingdompreneur LIVE tomorrow and call in! 407.682.9595


Breaking the Soul Ties that are Killing Your Business - Kingdompreneur Radio

Soul ties are the silent killer of your business. Revenue not growing? Low morale? Not experiencing the breakthrough? Find the soul tie and break it. I'm helping you find and break the soul ties that are weighing you down and holding you back. Call 407.682.9595 to go live on air with me!


Bold vs. Stupid & How to Know the Difference - Kingdompreneur Radio

Bold vs. Stupid - Should you be in that relationship? Should you expand your business? Should you give them the thousandth chance? Are you being bold or stupid - that's the topic for today's program! Call in with your stories and comments at 407.682.9595.


Entrepreneur Pitchfest - Kingdompreneur Radio

One of my favorite shows! Topics were all over the board today, plus lots of good off-air conversation at the end! ENTREPRENEUR PITCHFEST starts now on Kingdompreneur Radio LIVE! Call 407.682.9595 to promote your business, product, or service. I’m talking about how to grow YOUR company, revenue, and sales, while YOU grow.


How to Deal with Dishonest People - Kingdompreneur Radio

Ever dealt with someone that is simply dishonest? It could be about what they ate for lunch, and they just can't be honest. I'll be addressing these dishonest fakes, frauds, phonies, pretenders, and those that "have a FORM" of being an entrepreneur, have a FORM of following Jesus, have a FORM of loving you, and have a FORM of doing what's right and how to see right through them! (2 Tim. 3) I will share some personal stories, but I really want to hear and talk about YOURS so call me...


Lies We Believe - Kingdompreneur Radio

I talk about the Lies We Believe about God, the Lies We Believe about Marriage, the Lies Women Believe, and the Lies Men Believe. I talk sex, marriage, business, worthlessness, betrayal, God, and politics. It will stir up more emotions in you than you care to think about! Get ready to cry, laugh, think, and process.


How to Get Unstuck - Kingdompreneur Radio

If you've plateaued or feel stuck in life, relationships, business, or career, set your alarm for 2pm Eastern tomorrow to watch, listen, or call-in to get unstuck! My guests drop truth like you've never heard. I can promise you that if you are stuck and tune in, you will not be stuck at 3pm.


What to do When Life Isn't Fair - Kingdompreneur Radio

You've been done wrong - really wrong. Inhumane wrong. Why do bad things happen to good people? Get the answers in this edition of Kingdompreneur Radio!


One More Night with the Frogs

"One More Night with the Frogs" Throwdown and Interviews with Down Syndrom Entrepreneurs! Call 407.682.9595 with questions and comments!