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EP013 The Homeless Guy

This week on The Larb, after a 2 week imposed hiatus, I return to reflect on the homeless guy I saw this week begging in traffic on the Liffey Quays. I'm asking myself is it appropriate for me to be opinionated with regard to his position in life?


EP011 The Purposeful Accident

This week on The Larb I'm taking with Ray Heffernan about the purposeful accident, a concept that encourages us to create for the sake of creating. It is an idea that suggests that we go out on purpose to create our work for no other reason than to create, then see what happens.


EP009 Why Good Coffee Matters

Good coffee matters. But unfortunately, too many makers of coffee simply want to sell more coffee and too many people want instant gratification. The upshot of all of this is that good coffee is a rarity. Making something great takes time and effort and I'm not sure we really understand this.


EP008 When Did Work Become A Curse?

When Did Work Become A Curse? Why is work such a drag for so many? Why is it that Sunday night is a dread in anticipation of Monday morning and why does Monday morning signal the start of another dreary week doing things we don't like doing? This week on The Larb I'm looking at how work became such a curse on so many people, entire societies in fact.


EP001 An Introduction To The Larb Podcast

Hey folks, welcome to the very first episode of The Larb, the podcast show for artists, musicians, craftspeople and creative entrepreneurs of all disciplines. If you are interested in the creative process and how to make a living from your creative work then this show is for you.