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Leadership can be lonely and difficult. The Leadership Window helps leaders clarify the cloudy, simplify the complex, and align the moving parts toward the goal. With a lens on the social sector, The Leadership Window explores the unique challenges nonprofit leaders face.


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Leadership can be lonely and difficult. The Leadership Window helps leaders clarify the cloudy, simplify the complex, and align the moving parts toward the goal. With a lens on the social sector, The Leadership Window explores the unique challenges nonprofit leaders face.




Episode 99.5 – Highlights of our First 3 Years

As we prepare Episode 100 for some special announcements, this “in-between” episode covers some “best of” highlights from the first 100 episodes. This gives a great (albeit small) sampling of the kind of content found on The Leadership Window.


Episode 99 – Career Coaching with Randi Roberts

Patrick sits down with Executive Career Coach Randi Roberts to discuss the challenges leaders face along their career path. From figuring out where your career is headed to getting unstuck when you lose your mojo, Randi covers the 8 pillars of career satisfaction and how she helps leaders navigate their careers effectively.


Episode 98 – Leadership Potpourri II with Dr. Patrick Jinks

In this episode, Patrick shares some of the insights he gains when coaching leaders.


Episode 97 – CARE in Crisis with Dr. Patrick Jinks

We all experience times in our organizational leadership journeys when chaos seems to take over. One crisis after another creates stress and anxiety among the entire team. This can turn toxic quickly. In this episode, Patrick shares a helpful model for managing the environment during times of organizational crisis.


Episode 96 – Leadership Drills with Patrick Jinks

How do we "practice" as professional leaders? What drills do we go through to strengthen our leadership muscle?


Episode 95 – Leading as a Social Entrepreneur with Kate Curran

School the World’s Founder and CEO Kate Curran talks with Patrick about leading with the mindset of a social entrepreneur. With an international footprint, School the World leverages education to mitigate extreme rural poverty in Central America. Now in its ... Read entire article...


Episode 94 – Nonprofit ROI with Dr. Patrick Jinks

Patrick re-airs a radio interview from 2018 in which he discusses how nonprofits must SELL their work. Overhead is not the value proposition. Return on Investment (ROI) is.


Episode 93 – Nonprofit Leadership Interview with ChatGPT

Patrick interviews the infamous AI bot, ChatGOT, hosted by In this episode, Patrick asks questions in real-time about leadership in the nonprofit sector, and publishes unedited responses through the use of text-to-speech technology.


Episode 92 – 5 Questions with Ron Harvey

Ron Harvey (Global Core Strategies and Consulting) returns to the show for an impromptu conversation on leadership with Patrick. Patrick and Ron cover everything from DEI to AI. Deep conversation on critical topics affecting nonprofit leaders today and in the ... Read entire article...


Episode 91 – Heartificial Empathy with Minter Dial

Heartificial Empathy -- where empathy meets artificial intelligence. Branding and empathy expert Minter Dial is back on the show from the UK with deep insights on the human element of empathy and its path crossing with AI. His latest book is Heartificial Empathy (2nd Edition), and it deals with building our own empathy as well as the trends of programming empathy into AI.


Episode 90 – How Nonprofits Can Thrive in Tough Times with Mark Slabaugh

Mark Slabaugh is an executive coach with a unique background in non-profit leadership and entrepreneurship. These experiences taught him how to recruit, lead, and retain teams. He is a student of his surroundings and the people he meets. He brings expertise in a truth-telling conversation.


Episode 89 – Performance Leadership with Dr. Carla Fowler

How does performance science factor into leadership? Patrick digs into this topic with Dr. Carla Fowler, executive coach and performance science expert.


Episode 88 – Outnumbered 20 to 1 – High-Stakes Leadership with Col. William Collier

Patrick discusses principles of crisis leadership with Retired Army Colonel William Collier, author of Outnumbered 20 to 1, a true Vietnam war story and biography.


Episode 87 – Leading an Innovative Foundation with Leigh Adams

Patrick talks with Leigh Adams, Executive Director of the Ausherman Family Foundation. The Ausherman Foundation serves Frederick County, Maryland, through grantmaking, community convening, and large-scale community benefit projects.


Episode 86 – Measuring Health Quality and Equity in Free Clinics

Dr. Jinks interviews NAFCC President and CEO Nicole Lamoureax and Greenville Free Medical Clinic President and CEO Suzie Foley about their leadership of the Roadmap to Health Equity (RHE). The RHE is a national metrics initiative designed to lift the quality, equity, and impact of over 1,400 free and charitable clinics across the United States.


Episode 85 – The 5×5 Nonprofit CEO

In this episode, Patrick shares his proprietary framework for effective nonprofit leadership, the 5x5 CEO Leadership Perspective Matrix. THe framework covers the 25 critical competencies of an effective nonprofit CEO.


Episode 84 – Capital Campaign Principles with Dr. Whitney Anderson

Patrick chats with Dr. Whitney Anderson about the challenges and opportunities presented when conducting a capital campaign. Topics include board engagement, peer-to-peer fund development, contracted RD professionals, and more.


Episode 83 – Right Leader at the Right Time with Robert Jordan

Patrick talks about leadership styles with Robert Jordan. Specifically, Jordan's FABS framework, which helps leaders think about their unique value and leadership sweet spot.


Episode 82 – 3 Challenges for 2023 with Dr. Patrick Jinks

In this first episode of the new year, Patrick shares why New Year's Day is his favorite day of the year, and challenges us all with a deep question -- Am I doing my best?


Episode 81 – Addressing Burnout with Dr. Kim Hires

Patrick discusses burnout with Dr. Kim Hires. Dr. Hires is an international Keynote Speaker, Strategic Consultant, and Coach dedicated to leadership development and helping leaders achieve their highest potential. Her work focuses on burnout prevention and cultivating cultures of well-being which she has been doing for over a decade.