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EP75: Money, Women and Business - Part Two

“If you are uncomfortable with money, this relationship with money is going to affect your business.” This week in Part Two of Money, Women, and Business, Sonya and Laura discuss some more practical aspects on the topic of money and business. Many women shy away from the numbers and metrics in their business. However, success in our business is dependent on our ability to see and understand our numbers as a roadmap. We can use money and numbers to give us a picture of where we are, our...


EP74: Money, Women and Business - Part One

“Money is neutral, but how we view it determines its power.” This week on Women in the Business Arena, Sonya and Laura discuss the topic of money, women and business. They had so much to talk about, this is part one of a two-part series. As women, we often struggle to talk about money. Too many women avoid looking at, working with it and getting intimate with their money matters. This really affects our ability to have a thriving business. Too many times, money holds an inordinate amount...


EP73: The Zen Guide to Operating your Business

“Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.” In this episode of Women in the Business Arena, Sonya and Laura discuss some strategies and perspectives on how to operate your business day-to-day. Many people see running a business as a “sexy” alternative to working in a 9 to 5. There is excitement about the freedom and a focus on the more glamorous side of running a business, but they fail to realise the reality around running a...


EP72: How to Have a More Wholistic Mindset in Business

“We can’t dissect our home life from our work life. They need to flow together. We need to look at the whole framework of our lives before we design our goals.” In this episode of Women in the Business Arena, Sonya and Laura discuss how to have a more wholistic mindset in business. So often, we place an expectation on ourselves to compartmentalize our work life from our home life. Then, we become frustrated when our obligations overlap, and we feel we fall short of business goals. The...


EP71: What Does It Mean to Be “Professional,” and How Does it Relate to Being Authentic?

“Sometimes we take the professional label and try to be perfect. We try to hide our emotions, feelings, imperfections… where we’re struggling… This is a misunderstanding of what professionalism is.” In this episode of Women in the Business Arena, Sonya and Laura explore the balance of professionalism and authenticity. So often, we let fear of losing credibility, oversharing, or the pressure of perfectionism determine how authentic we are with clients and coworkers. This is one side of the...


EP70: How Do People-Pleasing Behaviors Affect Our Business?

“Any time we are standing in our truth, it is inevitable that we are going to make someone unhappy. It’s imperative, but it is hard.” In this week’s episode of Women in the Business Arena, we are discussing the ins and outs of people-pleasing, and how it affects women in business. Many times we confuse etiquette or kindness for people-pleasing. Because politeness is often rewarded, we can forget how to adequately express ourselves without feeling apologetic for expressing and owning our...


EP69: What Does it Mean to be More integrated, and Why Is This Crucial for Our Business?

“The more integrated we are as a being, the more effective we will be and the more power we bring to our business.” In this week’s episode, Sonya and Laura discuss the importance of self-integration and how it relates to our success in business. It is in the integration of the whole self that we can be empowered, find happiness and freedom. If you have been in self-development circles, you probably have encountered the concept of integration, but it is rarely talked about in the business...


EP68: How Do We Talk About Ourselves in Business?

“How do we talk about ourselves in business without giving up our power, or asserting too much power?” In this week’s episode, Sonya and Laura discuss the importance of building confidence in speaking about self within the context of business. Too often, women struggle to speak about themselves, without feeling that they are being arrogant or cocky. This becomes a huge issue in the way of success. If you can’t clearly articulate your value, it is hard to create financial success in your...


EP67: The Truth About Mental Health and Business

“If we’re only as successful and sustainable as our health and well-being, why is our mental health so hard to talk about?” In episode 67, Sonya and Laura have an in-depth conversation centred around the mental health of entrepreneurs and business owners. They talk about how being an entrepreneur can affect your mental health and vice versa. Everyone is willing to talk about the glory in being a business owner, but way too few are willing to talk about the challenges that can push us past...


EP66: Is It Really Procrastination?

“A lot of women label themselves as procrastinators, but is it really procrastination?” In this week’s episode, Sonya and Laura chat about a topic that has been coming up frequently in the Women in the Business Arena Facebook Group. The conversation centers around what procrastination really is and why many women perceive themselves as procrastinators when really there is something else going on that they need to pay attention to. Sonya discusses how the term “procrastination” is a...


EP65: How Do We Get Clear About What’s Really Important in Our Business?

“We need to become more aware of where we’re operating from.” In this week’s episode, Sonya and Laura discuss the importance of having clarity around what is really important in our business, not just what we need to “do”, but also what to put our attention on for the most results. A lot of business owners struggle with prioritising in their business. It is easy to lose money, time and energy focused on things that don’t add to our income or impact. Knowing what is really important...


EP64: How to Know When You’ve Reached Your Capacity (and What to Do About It)

“How much can we hold? Can we really keep holding more and more until we pop?” In this week’s episode, Sonya and Laura are digging deep to uncover a topic that isn’t widely talked about, especially in business. How much capacity do we really have to serve our clients and the people we love? How much capacity do we have to hold our own emotions, worries, stresses and those of others? Do we only have a finite amount of space? What are the indicators that we have reached our capacity, and...


EP63: What do we do when someone else is “projecting” their feelings and thoughts onto us?

“How do we determine the difference between what is truth and what is a projection?” In this week’s episode, Sonya and Laura talk about a subject that can be a challenge for you and your business. Understanding the concept of “psychological projection” is important when running a successful business, especially if you are working intimately with clients. When we are working closely with other people, it is easy to get caught up in others emotional reactions and defence mechanisms, or...


EP62: How Does a Big Personal Transition Affect Our Business?

“When we give ourselves permission to have space, everything changes” What happens when we go through a big transition inside ourselves? How does this affect our business? In this week’s episode, we are talking about how to navigate personal transitions and how it affects our businesses, sales, families, and the people around us. This can be around our mindset, our emotions, our awareness or a physical transition. We have to realize that we need to give ourselves full permission to change...


EP61: How To Know When You Are Over-Owning or Under-Owning Your Responsibility

“Where are we over-owning or under-owning with our clients?” In this week’s episode, we are dipping a toe into a discussion that is much bigger than any one podcast episode. This is a topic that we face in our businesses every day, especially as women. For many of us, there is a challenge of either over-owning or under-owning our responsibility and this has a dramatic effect on our business. We’re constantly having to balance the amount of responsibility that we take on from others and...


EP60: How Do We Succeed in Aligning Our Tactics with Who We Are?

“There’s an incongruence between what we say we want and what we put our money behind” In this week’s episode, we’re asking a question that we don’t really know the answer to but is a conversation that we need to be having in the business arena. How can we run a successful business if we’re not aligning our tactics with who we are as women? This incongruence can cause us to feel stuck and keeps us from creating the business and the life we really want. “We need more women who are...


EP59: How Do You Discern Between a Good Fit and a Bad Fit When it Comes to People in Your Business?

“Being in business is about being with people” In today’s episode, Sonya and Laura shed light on what it means to find the “right” people to work with in your business. Whether you are hiring staff, finding contractors, or looking for new clients, you need to be able to discern when someone is a good fit or a bad fit for your business. Ignoring the early warning signs causes more trouble than just saying “no” in the first place. We have to learn to listen to our gut when something feels...


EP58: How Do We Create and Embody a Bigger Vision?

“A bigger vision pulls you up and makes you to think differently” In today’s episode we are talking about vision, but from a deeper viewpoint. It is not enough to just think of a vision, we have to embody our vision, feel it and allow space for it to become real. In business, we are always busy doing. We spend so much time in action we often lose sense of our big vision and our actions take us way off track. The more you embody the vision, the more you focus your mind and actions. You...


EP57: Is There a “Right Time” for Things in Business?

“Women have a really special connection to timing” Today’s episode is all about timing. Is there a “right time” for things in business? Does sequence matter? As women, we often talk about things cyclically, and follow our rhythms. Do women have the sense of right timing? Are we following it? Is it possible that this timing and rhythm may actually be a benefit for women in business? “Women have power, and that power is intuition. Part of that power is us being to able to feel timing and...


EP56: Why Value is the Core Issue Getting in the Way of your Success

“Women don’t recognize how valuable what they bring to the table actually is” In today’s episode, we decided to tackle a topic that we’ve mentioned in a lot of other threads. It’s such an important topic in the conversation of modern business, and we believe that this episode will truly help women step into their true value and full potential. “I Am Valuable” With women, in particular, value is at the core of most challenges in business. From pricing to leadership to setting boundaries to...