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23: Fear Should Be Your Greatest Fear w/ Musa Sulejmani

Musa Sulejmani is the founder and CEO of Volume Technologies. Volume is a data analytics company whose main product is Volume the App. Musa's entrepreneurial story is a powerful one, and he is wise behind his years:) Give it a listen and learn a ton, guaranteed.


21: 5 Books That Took Kurtis Kildew From Sales Rep to COO

In this episode Kurtis Kildew, COO at MWI, talks the top 5 books that have taken him to great heights in his career.


15: How to Manage Client Expectations

Setting and managing expectations should be your top priority with your clients...Why? If you don’t you are asking for a train wreck. Corey and Sterling outline the why, the how, and what the outcomes should be of doing this right. This episode includes some of the pitfalls to avoid, the importance of understanding your strengths, and why taking a yellow legal pad with you wherever you go is a great idea. Use these tips to better manage the expectations of your clients and provide real value.


14: 6 Steps to Acquiring B2B Business

Seth Godin once said "The only way to consistently grow in B2B is to be better than very good.” In this episode, Corey and Sterling dissect the 6 steps for earning a B2B partnership and how these 6 steps will help you to become “better than very good” and at the same time allow you to make win-win B2B partnerships a blast.


13: Working Remote

In today’s world, it’s possible to work anywhere you have an internet connection. Corey and Sterling share their experiences working remote and insights from a digital agency with employees across the globe about how working remotely effects options for hiring, employee choice, efficiency, etc. Listen in for thoughts about remote work and possibly how your company can benefit from it.


12: When to Do a Redesign

Have you outgrown your website? If you are considering a redesign of your website, there’s a lot to think about. “How do I do it? Do I pay a consultant or do it in house? What are the tools I can use or what tools do I need to stop using? Do I understand why I am even doing it?” Corey and Sterling dive in to take a look at these questions and other considerations about one of the most important platforms of your company.


11: Shipsticks Case Study

Shipsticks is an awesome service that allows you to golf wherever you travel - without the hassle of dragging your clubs around. In this episode, Corey and Sterling break down the online problems Shipsticks faced as a rapidly growing company and how MWI was able to stabilize, solidify, and increase their digital footprint. Listen to find out how a tailored approach is key in getting results in a fast-paced marketplace. Case Study:


10: Selling Exclusivity

The art of selling exclusivity in your sales process is an absolute game changer for any sales process. In this episode Corey talks about the how's and why's of selling your product or service with exclusivity. Give it a listen, implement some of what you learn, and watch your sales game get way better as a result.


9: What's Stopping You From Launching Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

A lot of businesses out there know that they need "digital marketing." They've read it in books and blogs, heard it on podcasts, watched it on YouTube videos, heard it at conferences... but there's one big problem... they have no idea where to begin. In this episode Corey and Sterling discuss some of the main reasons businesses, small and large, hesitate or take their time on launching an effective digital marketing strategy, and give advice on how to make it happen.


8: Sales Chat w/ Sterling Wahl

You've worked hard to get traffic to your site. You've worked just as hard to validate your brand and existence to those out there finding you. Now you have to sell. In this episode Corey and Sterling discuss the sales process in more detail... sales tips galore:)


7: How to Validate Your Brand w/ Sterling Wahl

In this episode, Corey discusses in more detail how to validate your brand with MWI's Director of Brand Marketing, Sterling Wahl. Whether its online validation, word of mouth validation, quality of work validation, etc., you've got to find a way to validate your brand early and often for your potential customers. Listen in to learn more.


6: The 4 Pillars of the Win-Win Partnership

In this episode Corey discusses part of MWI's "secret sauce" to customer satisfaction. After losing some clients for unnecessary reasons, then doing a lot of research and soul searching, the Four Pillars of Win-Win Partnerships was established in an effort to create, and maintain amazing business relationships.


5: The Employee Experience/Entrepreneurship With Security

It's one thing to find amazing talent, it's another to keep that amazing talent growing and prospering. Listen in for some amazing insight as Corey discusses hiring strategy, and building a company culture of entrepreneurship.