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The MapleMoney Show is a personal finance podcast helping Canadians learn how to make money, save money, invest money, and spend money in a way that helps you create lasting financial freedom. More information at

The MapleMoney Show is a personal finance podcast helping Canadians learn how to make money, save money, invest money, and spend money in a way that helps you create lasting financial freedom. More information at




The MapleMoney Show is a personal finance podcast helping Canadians learn how to make money, save money, invest money, and spend money in a way that helps you create lasting financial freedom. More information at




Tips to Help You In Your Job Search, with David King

The Canadian workplace has undergone massive changes in recent years, with the rise of the gig economy and a shift towards remote work. But does it mean companies have changed how they recruit and hire new talent? My guest this week is an expert on hiring in Canada. He joins me to share tips to help you land a job in 2022 and beyond. David King is a Senior Managing Director with Robert Half, the world’s first and largest specialized talent solutions firm. His perspectives and knowledge on...


What To Consider with Digital Assets and Estate Planning, with David Edey

Have you made your will and named an executor for your estate? Does your executor understand your wishes when it comes closing down your digital assets? If not, you still have some work to do. Anything that’s attached to a login ID and password can be considered a digital asset. If your executor isn’t prepared to handle your various online accounts after you die, it could cause problems. David E. Edey is a Certified Executor Advisor (CEA) who has worked in the financial planning industry in...


What to Do Financially After Your Spouse Passes Away, with Richard Dri

It’s a subject no one wants to think about, but at some point, many people will be forced to endure the loss of a spouse. The emotional toll alone can be overwhelming, but how do you deal with the financial implications when your spouse passes away? It’s an experience this week’s guest had to face. Richard Dri is a financial planner with over 20 years of experience. In 2020, he lost his wife, Mary after a five year battle with ovarian cancer. He has now dedicated his work to help widows and...


Getting Prepared to Buy a Home in Any Market Condition, with Bekim Merdita

The price of Canadian real estate is all over the map. We’ve been hearing that prices will continue to fall, but how far and for how long? With so much volatility, how does one know when it’s a good time to buy a house? Bekim Merdita is the Vice President of Sales & Business Development at Rocket Mortgage Canada, a mortgage broker that uses a fully digital experience to transform the home buying process. Bekim joins me on the show to discuss the current state of the Canadian housing market....


Inflation is High, Markets are Tanking, How Should You Invest Now?, with Kanwal Sarai

With stock markets in turmoil and sky-high inflation, we haven’t had much in the way of good news as of late. But how does one respond when it seems like our economy is crashing? Do you stay invested or cash out? According to this week’s guest, now isn’t the time to panic, but that doesn’t mean the trouble is over. Kanwal Sarai has been a dividend investor for more than 22 years, and started with just $500. He is the founder of Simply Investing, a dividend investing educational company...


Helpful Tips for Designing Your Life, with Matt from Financial Imagineer

What’s your approach to life? Do you set goals for the future or take things as they come? And if you have a spouse or partner, how do you include them in your plans? This week’s guest has achieved financial independence together with his wife. I met him at Fincon in Orlando, Florida, to discuss the role that lifestyle design played in their early retirement. Matt is a financially-independent economist, entrepreneur, and financial consultant who left the corporate world in 2017 to pursue...


The Power of a Good Network, with Monica Louie & Lacey Langford

Do you have a career or business venture that you’re trying to grow? If so, how is your network? The very thought of building a network is intimidating for most people, but it doesn’t have to be. For this week’s episode, I reached out to my own network for help. Monica Louie is a former personal finance blogger turned Facebook Ads strategist who now runs her own successful agency. Lacey Langford is an Accredited Financial Coach and founder of the Military Money Show, a podcast dedicated to...


What Is the Outlook for Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain? with Eric Rosenberg

Want to know more about cryptocurrencies and NFTs or how the blockchain works? It’s a fascinating and ever-changing world, and as you explore it, the possibilities seem endless. Eric Rosenberg is a finance writer, speaker, and consultant. His writing has appeared in publications including the Huffington Post, Business Insider, Investopedia, and many others. He’s worked with many top brands, including TD Ameritrade, Betterment, Citizens Bank, and BMO Harris. I met with Eric at Podcast...


How to Cook Up Extra Cashflow, with Gordon Stein

Do you find yourself checking your bank account statement every month wondering where all of the money has gone? Do you wonder why you find yourself still living paycheque to paycheque no matter how many raises you get at work? The problem is cashflow, or a lack of it. Gordon Stein is an international keynote speaker, blogger, personal finance expert and author of Cashflow Cookbook - $2 Million of Financial Freedom in 60 Easy Recipes. He delivers transformational talks that help people...


Protecting Your Financial Health During Divorce, with Kelly Lavallie

Are you in the midst of a divorce or considering a divorce? The road ahead will have it’s share of difficulty, but you and your spouse can have a more positive outcome depending on how you make some key decisions. My guest this week is a divorce account who understands the financial and emotional toll of divorce, and she joins me to share some expert advice. Kelly LaVallie, CPA, CA, is a divorce accountant who helps clients navigate the financial implications of marriage breakdown from...


How to Plan a Regret-Free Life, with Jordan Grumet

As I get older, I realize just how quickly life moves by. And at the end, I don’t want to leave behind a bunch of regrets. But how do you plan a regret-free life? That’s what this episode is all about. Jordan Grumet was a hospice doctor who discovered the personal finance community through a book called The White Coat Investor. Since then, he left his clinical practice to pursue his passion for deep conversations about money and life. Today he hosts a podcast called Earn & Invest, and his...


How to Find Great Individual Stocks, with Braden Dennis

For most investors, a passive index approach is the easiest way to invest for the long-term. But if you’re willing to do the research, individual stocks offer a lot of potential. The challenge is knowing what fundamentals to look for, especially in today’s turbulent markets. Braden Dennis is my guest this week. He’s the founder of, an all-in-one platform for financial data, company specific metrics, and company research for investors, and host of The Canadian Investor...


How to Make Eco-Friendly Upgrades to Your Home, with Jordann Kaye

An energy-efficient home can save you thousands of dollars and help the environment, but making the necessary eco-friendly upgrades can be very expensive. Thankfully, there are several different federal and provincial home rebates and loan programs that can help to offset the cost. Jordan Kaye is a personal finance expert, green home renovation enthusiast, and spokesperson for She joins me this week to discuss ways you can take advantage of these programs to save money and make...


How Private Mortgage Lending Works, with Chad Robinson

Real estate investing often requires a slow and steady approach, but there is a way to increase your investment returns, through private mortgage lending. You have a chance to become the bank by lending your own money to individuals who need a mortgage, but are outside the box of traditional lenders. Chad Robinson is the president of Align Mortgage Corporation and IQ Lend Inc. A fully licensed mortgage and real estate broker with 25 years of experience, he is also the author of the book,...


The Influences Behind Your Spending Choices, with J.D. Roth and Miranda Marquit

It’s hard to believe, but we celebrate 200 episodes of The MapleMoney Show this week! Joining in the fun are my most frequent guests from the past four years, and good friends, J.D. Roth and Miranda Marquit. Rather than focus on a single topic for episode 200, I decided to reflect on my previous conversations with J.D. and Miranda here on the show. For example, Miranda updates us on how she continues outsourcing tasks like grocery shopping and housekeeping. And J.D. talks about a recent...


How to Get the Most Out of Travel Rewards, with Ricky Zhang

Loyalty rewards programs can be very lucrative, rewarding their members with free flights and hotel stays, and other luxury experiences. But why do they have to be so confusing? This week, I sat down with an expert to find out what really are the best credit card rewards programs in Canada, and how the average Canadian can maximize their earnings. Ricky Zhang is the founder of Prince of Travel, Canada’s leading travel rewards website. Leading up to our conversation, I was hoping that Ricky...


Understanding the Basics of Disability and Critical Illness Insurance, with Kristen Fazio

When most of us think about insurance, we think of life insurance - protecting our loved ones after we die. But what about insurance to cover you and your family while you’re still alive? This week on The MapleMoney Show, I tackle the subject of disability and critical illness insurance with my guest, Kristen Fazio. Kristen explains how disability and critical illness insurance differs from life insurance. For one, life insurance is very straightforward, you’re either alive, or you’re not....


Worthwhile Eco-Friendly Upgrades as a Solo Homeowner, with Jordann Brown

Purchasing an older home and then funding major renovations is hard enough for two people, let alone one. The numbers can get tricky in the current housing market if you’re a solo homeowner. This week on The MapleMoney Show, I brought in an expert. Jordann Brown is a content marketing manager for Zolo and a personal finance expert who writes on topics such as debt management, homeownership, and budgeting. She has been featured in publications including The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, and...


What the Bank Isn’t Telling You About Your Mortgage, with Brighton Gbarazia

Does applying for a mortgage seem overwhelming? With all of the complicated rules and jargon, it’s easy to feel like you’re at a disadvantage when dealing with your bank or mortgage broker. This week’s guest is here to help. Brighton Gbarazia is a mortgage broker, finance expert, and author of the book, Master Your Mortgage: What the Bank Won’t Tell You About Buying the Right Home. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, he spent over a decade gathering game-changing...


The Benefit of Having Multiple Emergency Funds, with Alyssa Davies

Does dealing with your finances cause you anxiety? If so, how do you handle it? My guest this week has a clever approach to conquering money-related anxiety - multiple emergency funds. Alyssa Davies is a content manager for Zolo and the published author of The 100 Day Financial Goal Journal. Her newest book, Financial First Aid, hit stores on May 3rd. Alyssa is also the founder of the two-time award-winning Canadian Personal Finance Blog of the Year, Mixed Up Money. I sat down with Alyssa...