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Episode 54: 3 Marketing Myths That Are Messing With Your Success

If you want to join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs, you’ve got to figure out one big thing: how to attract a steady flow of buyers into your business. In this episode of the Marketing Funnel Show, I'm busting through three common marketing myths and showing you what to do instead so that you consistently have a parade of profitable buyers streaming into your business.


Episode 53: The Magic of Storytelling With Facebook Ads

If you’ve always wanted to run Facebook ads to get more people into your funnel and business, but you don’t know if it’s the right time to get started, this is a must listen. In this episode of the Marketing Funnel Show, I’m interviewing Tricia Brouk who took her passion for storytelling and used it to reach a bigger audience with Facebook Ads.


Episode 52: How To Stop Standing In Your Own Way

If you’re trying to market and grow your business, chances are there are ‘things’ standing in your way. Most of us think if we can just figure out that magical marketing tactic, we’ll be successful. On this episode of the Marketing Funnel Show, we’re diving into the mind of a billionaire to see what she thinks about this whole concept.


Episode 51: Fifty, Fabulous, and Fulfilling Funnel Fantasies - Part 2

In celebration of our 50th episode of the Marketing Funnel Show, I invited a few of my students to come on and get coaching on a specific area they’re either stuck on, questioning or wanting to dive deeper into in their own marketing funnel. This is part two of my celebration episode, and these are all real conversations about real marketing funnel questions so you can take away some insights away that may help your marketing funnel.


Episode 50: Fifty, Fabulous, and Fulfilling Funnel Fantasies!

This episode of the Marketing Funnel Show sees us hitting a SUPER exciting milestone — episode #50! To celebrate, I’ve invited a few of my students to join me and get some coaching on a specific area they’re either stuck on, questioning, or wanting to dive deeper into in their own marketing funnel. These are all real conversations about real marketing funnel questions so you can take away some insights that may help your marketing funnel.


Episode 49: Creating Content That Gets Results

If you’ve ever poured your heart, soul, sweat, and tears into creating content for your audience only to have people end up not buying from you, confused about what you offer, or not even really paying attention to what you created, you’re not alone. In this episode of the Marketing Funnel Show, we’re talking about how to create marketing funnel content your audience can’t wait to get.


Episode 48: The Highs and Lows of Creating Your First Funnel

In this episode of the Marketing Funnel Show, I’ve got Chef Shelley from Chef in the Burbs here with me to talk about the triumphs and frustrations in launching her first marketing funnel for her business and sharing how she turned a passion for cooking into a truly incredible business.


Episode 47: How to Use Mini Offers to Build A Profitable Marketing Funnel With Confidence

Mini offers are incredibly easy to put together and insanely valuable for your business in a few specific ways. In this episode of the Marketing Funnel Show, we’re talking about creating mini offers and how you can use them to build a marketing funnel for your business with confidence.


Episode 46: The Secret To A Predictably Profitable Marketing Funnel

The decision to buy from you actually starts WAAAAYYY before anyone hits your sales page, attends your webinar, comes to your event, or talks with you one-on-one. In part three of my four-part series on simplifying your marketing, we’re talking about the key secret to creating a predictably profitable marketing funnel.


Episode 45: 3 Steps To A Predictably Profitable Online Business

There are three keys to creating a predictably profitable business in today’s world, and I can assure you they have nothing to do with some hot marketing trend. In this episode of the Marketing Funnel Show, we’re exploring the second topic in my 4-part series about going back to basics and simplifying your marketing to create a predictably profitable online business.


Episode 44: Marketing Made Simple: Finding Your Audience

If you’ve ever said that marketing is hard or confusing or just not in your wheelhouse, you are NOT alone. In this episode of the Marketing Funnel Show, we’re kicking off a four-part series to simplify marketing and help you see that you CAN create stellar marketing for your business once you get your arms around a few marketing building blocks.


Episode 43: How to Ditch Your Impostor Syndrome

Ever feel like you’re just not ready to move forward with your business only to get frustrated with yourself that you’re NOT moving forward? What the heck is up with that? The truth is, this is such a common situation for entrepreneurs, and it can hold you back from getting your marketing funnel done AND really block growth in your business. In this episode, I’m exploring the things that hold us back (like imposter syndrome) and how to move past them to reach your goals.


Episode 42: Why You Need a Funnel for Your Business

Have you ever wondered why you even need a marketing funnel? If so, you’re not alone as this is a question I get asked all the time. There’s a LOT of confusion about what a marketing funnel actually is and how a well-designed one can have a big impact on your business. Check out this episode of the Marketing Funnel Show where I’m breaking down everything you need to know.


Episode 41: From Struggling to Sold Out - The One Thing I Did Differently

Have you ever decided to go all in on marketing and growing your business? If you have, then you know what it’s like to put in a ton of time, money, and effort hoping that this is THE THING that will tip your business into success. But what happens if things don’t go quite as planned? Check out this episode where I share what to do when things aren’t going according to plan — along with some big successes and failures in my business.


Episode 40: Create Clients By Finding Your YES Factor

When nothing you’re doing seems to be panning out, you need to start asking yourself the hard questions — like WHY isn’t this working? In this episode, I dive into the topic of figuring out your WHY with author and coach, Kay Richardson, . Kay spent the first several years in business chasing this very question and is now an expert who helps others find their Yes Factor.


Episode 39: Bootcamp Basics with Annette Bond When You Just Aren't Converting

If you’ve ever wondered why you have all these customers who seem to just LOVE you but aren’t actually buying, this show is for you. I interviewed the incredible Annette Bond, owner of Definitive Style, who had this exact issue, and in this episode, Annette shares how creating her first funnel made all the difference.


Episode 38: 3 Big Secrets To Create A Successful Marketing Funnel

When you’re working on your marketing, does it always feel like you have to ‘make’ yourself do the work? Sometimes that resistance is a clue that perhaps the marketing funnel you’re trying to create isn’t totally in line with YOU. In this episode, we’re talking about how to diagnose the issue and fix it so your marketing funnel flows and feels like an extension of you.


Episode 37: How to Hook Your Audience with Irresistible Content

If you ever feel like you’re putting it ALL out there with tons of valuable free stuff, but no one seems to pay attention, this show is just for you. The truth is, you’re probably making a mistake in not knowing how hot (or not!) your audience is. Check out this episode where we’re diving into some good insights to help you figure out how hot your audience is and how to use curiosity to get their attention.


Episode 36: How to Create Offers That Sell

Do you have an audience? Maybe it’s a FB group, email list, video viewers, or social media connections who gobble up your free content but when it’s time to’s total crickets? In this episode, I’m diving into why this happens and how to get that cash register to ring when you make your next offer.


Episode 35: I Found My Niche… How Do I Get My Niche To Find ME?

We’ve all heard about how important it is to find your niche, but even if you’ve found it...has it found YOU? Knowing who to attract is the first step, but how you do it is a completely different story. Check out this episode where I’m talking about what do if you’ve ever struggled with standing out — and more important — how to get noticed by your target audience.