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This podcast is a series of talks, much like TED, from business and marketing leaders, as well as activists, athletes, musicians and leaders from various industries

This podcast is a series of talks, much like TED, from business and marketing leaders, as well as activists, athletes, musicians and leaders from various industries
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This podcast is a series of talks, much like TED, from business and marketing leaders, as well as activists, athletes, musicians and leaders from various industries






Wax Lyrical | Love Island's sponsorship with special guest Bauer's Steve Taylor

In this audio-focused episode, Mark, Paul, and Ben are joined by Bauer’s Creative Commercial Director, Steve Taylor, to discuss the challenge of making radio a more creative medium; the brand safety implications for those who are sponsoring and advertising on Love Island; and prompted by Waitrose’s trial, debate the implications for FMCG brands of a packaging-free future. -------------------------------------...


Leadership coach Andy Bird and Gemma Greaves on uncomfortable excitement and being your best self

Leadership coach, consultant and author, Andy Bird, took some time out from speaking at our professional development programme Ones to Watch to chat to Marketing Society chief executive, Gemma Greaves, about leader v manager mode, being your best self and being vulnerable and how to maintain a sense of balance in life as a leader.


Unilever's Paul Polman and Caroline Casey on sustainability, disability and the Valuable 500

Paul is Chair of the International Chamber of Commerce, The B Team and Vice-Chair of the U.N. Global Compact. He has almost four decades of experience in the consumer goods industry, having served in senior roles at Nestle and Procter & Gamble prior to becoming CEO of Unilever. During his time at Unilever, the company was one of the best-performing in its sector, delivering ten years of consistent top and bottom line growth. Paul was appointed to the U.N. Secretary General’s High-level Panel...


Wax Lyrical | Extinction Rebellion, Jeremy Kyle and the ad industry, Warburtons, Boots, Amazon Prime

In this episode Mark and Ben are joined by creative director Dave Buonaguidi. Dave co-founded agencies St Lukes and Karmarama, and was creative director of Channel 4, before going on to set up his latest venture Unltd-Inc. They discuss Extinction Rebellion turning their attention to the ad industry, what the controversy surrounding the Jeremy Kyle show means for advertisers, and review new campaigns from Warburtons, Boots, and Amazon Prime. This podcast series is brought to you by Wax/On and...


Mike Fairburn and Khaled Ismail discuss CMOs of the future, purpose and young talent

Sony Music Entertainment's Mike Fairburn - Vice-Chair of The Marketing Society Middle East - and Tetra Pak's Khaled Ismail - our Chair, sit down to discuss the brave CMO of the future. Among other things, they discuss: - How you inspire you team and get the best out of your people - When do you back off as a leader and let people do their thing? - The purpose and sustainability of business, citing companies such as Patagonia - The risk to your business if you ignore purpose and why it matter...


Andy Fennell and Chriz Barez-Brown on 'pots and pans' strategies, vulnerability and human leadership

At this year's Ones to Watch, our leadership programme for rising star marketers in the industry, our chief executive, Gemma Greaves, sat down with two of our speakers, Bloom's Executive Chairman, Andy Fennell, and the Founder of Upping Your Elvis, Chris Barez-Brown. They discussed taking risks, aiming for a 9 or 10 and not a safe 7, a 'pots and pans' strategy of doing things fast and cheap to learn, betting a pig not the farm, and vulnerability and the human side of leadership and not...


Wax Lyrical | England's Lionesses, Phillip Morris' life insurance, Just Eat, Amstel and Tesco

Selling women’s sport. And Philip Morris selling life insurance? Mark, Paul, and Ben discuss what marketers can learn from the England women’s world cup football squad campaign; Philip Morris’ involvement in a new life insurance product; and new campaigns from Amstel, Just Eat, and Tesco. Wax Lyrical is a podcast series produced by the team at Wax On in partnership with The Marketing Society. Read more about them here


Wax Lyrical | Carlsberg's 'probably not the best beer' campaign, Audi and BBH, TK Maxx and Skoda

In this episode the team discuss Carlsberg’s brave decision to admit their lager probably wasn’t the best; whether agencies should boycott Audi’s advertising pitch after a seemingly exemplary 40-year tenure with BBH; and how marketers can ensure their brands play a meaningful role in the circular economy, with examples from Adidas and Mercedes. Plus the team discuss new ads from both TK Maxx and Skoda. -----------------...


Wax Lyrical | Accenture and Droga5, Lush quits social, ASOS, Heinz, Fosters and M&S

The Accenture takeover episode when Ben, Paul, and Mark discuss Accenture’s recent acquisition of Droga5. They all previously worked at London creative agency Karmarama which was also acquired by Accenture in 2016. Plus, Lush abandoning social media? And ASOS stopping some people sending stuff back. Reviews of new campaigns about malaria, 150 years of Heinz, and revived campaigns for Fosters and Marks & Spencer. --------------------------------------...


CEO Conversation with Just Eat's Peter Duffy

Marketing Society chief executive, Gemma Greaves, sat down in the Curzon cinema in London to interview the interim CEO of Just Eat, Peter Duffy, quizzing him on his career, leadership style, lessons learnt in his roles in Barclays, easyJet and Just Eat, mental health, and lots more. This is the full session audio from the event, recorded as part of our CEO Conversation series for The Marketing Society London.


'Tech is a means to an end' Silvia Lagnado, global CMO of McDonald's

Silvia Lagnado believes that while the world may be changing, the fundamentals of marketing remain the same: “Tech is a means to an end: it’s people first, not digital first.” For McDonalds, ‘one of the most inclusive and democratic brands in the world’, building a community is still at the core. Archive talk recorded at The Marketing Society London conference.


How brands can use data and analysis to drive better decisions

For this Marketing Society Middle East event we explored how brands can use data and analysis to drive better decisions, teaming up with our friends at Landor to launch a new series called Brand Conversations. Analysis of business values, based on the S&P 500 Index, shows that your brand represents up to 30% of business value creation. Landor’s Global Executive Director, Nick Cooper was joined by Promont's Ross McAuley, Saudi German Hospital Group's Rami Zahran, and Ras Al Khaimah Tourism...


Gemma Greaves at Advertising Week Europe 2019, discussing bravery and vulnerability

Marketing Society chief executive, Gemma Greaves, talking to AWE 360's Editor, Jack Hershman, at Advertising Week Europe 2019, discussing the moment she became CEO, the Society's brave agenda and how she felt brave and vulnerable hosting mental health events in Asia for the first time.


Vitasoy's Roberto Guidetti on creating brand equity

Group chief executive officer of Vitasoy International Holdings, Roberto, has taken a local Hong Kong company 'beyond', by growing its market cap from 1.3 to 2 billion USD in last 3 years, via innovation and international expansion. Here he talks about how to create brand equity within business. Archive talk recorded at The Marketing Society London conference.


Wax Lyrical | Marmite peanut butter, KFC, McDonald's, GoDaddy's jam roly poly and in-housing

Wax Lyrical – the foodie episode For the second in our Wax Lyrical series, brought to you by the Wax/On team in partnership with The Marketing Society, Ben, Paul and Mark consider how brave it is of Unilever to create a new peanut butter Marmite variant, simply by making some toast and trying it (almost), whilst they debate the pros and cons of marketing services in-housing, and reviewing new campaigns from KFC, McDonald’s and GoDaddy’s jam roly poly. ------------------- Learn more about the...


'We cluster in cities' Parag Khanna, CNN global contributor and author

Geopolitical futurist and author of Connectography: Mapping the Global Network Revolution, Parag Khanna believes we are living in a world in which megacities, supply chains and connective technologies are redrawing the map away from borders and states: “If an alien observed the human species from the last 100,000 years, they would only have two things to say that are true across all societies. We, the 8 billion people, try to live near water and we cluster in cities.” Archive talk recorded...


'Don’t put things off' Dr Ed Lu, physicist and former NASA astronaut

Flying into space has changed Ed Lu’s perspective on life and humanity: “I wish people could see how beautiful the world is… It makes you realise that humans can do great things if we work together.” Another lesson his experiences have taught him is “Don’t put things off. You don’t know what’s going to happen. The time to do things is now.” Archive talk, recorded at The Marketing Society London conference.


Tamara Littleton, Emma Harris and Sophie Morgan talk to Gemma Greaves about workplace diversity

After a lunch discussing working models of the future at the Gherkin in London, Society chief exec, Gemma Greaves, sat down with the CEO and founder of The Social Element, Tamara Littleton, CMO of The Social Element, Emma Harris, and TV presenter and creative consultant, Sophie Morgan, to discuss the challenges around diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


'It’s all about the customer' David Wheldon, CMO at The Royal Bank of Scotland

For David Wheldon, marketing is simple: it’s all about the customer – and his aim was to bring the voice of the customer into the RBS boardroom. Yes, the marketing world has transformed, he acknowledges – but “a lot of twaddle is written about change. Marketing comes down to three simple questions. Who are you trying to target? What are you trying to say? Why is it better than your competitors?” A Marketing Society archive session, taken from our London conference.


Wax Lyrical | Doc Martens, Avon, cannabis, Mothercare and Gamble Aware

Wax Lyrical is the new advertising podcast, brought to you in partnership with The Marketing Society, in which the team at creative media agency Wax/On discuss the big marketing issues of the month. In this first episode Mark Runacus, Paul Jacobs and Ben Hooper talk about, among other things: - The sustainability of the new engagement-focused ad strategy from Doc Martens; - Avon’s move to turn their 5m+ sales reps into micro influencers – an inspired move or a misguided mistake? - Baked...