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#54 Secrets to running amazing offers

Today's episode is a good one! I share my top secrets on how to running an amazingly successful offer campaign - one that works for both you and your clients. I take you through step-by-step on the strategy behind creating an amazing offer campaign so you have the complete blueprint there ready for your when you want to run your next offer. Take our FREE 4 Part Business Health Check here: Get you 7 Day Trial of Clinic Business Growth here:...


#53 Recovering from the Google Medic update!

Today's episode is a technical one! Step by step all the things to do to ensure that you're doing everything you should be for the technical SEO on your site PLUS specifically how to recover from the recent Google Medic update that's hit websites on health & wellness HARD! Yoast SEO: Content King trial: Take our FREE 4 Part Business Health Check here: ——————————— —>Join...


#52 Beating Marketing Overwhelm with Tor Davies

In today's episode I speak with Tor Davies from Co-Kinetic about all things marketing. She helps us to understand what we need to do to market our businesses and cuts through all noise making it simple - reinforcing that it doesn't have to be complicated to get new clients into your clinic - but that consistency is key. She mentions LOADS of resources so here are few of them! Free Marketing Grader - discover your marketing IQ! Licence check and...


#51 The Easy Way to Improve your Customer Service

If you're wanting to improve your customer service then use this ridiculously simple technique to get pages of improvements for your business! I run through a few examples of where I used this technique recently on on a trip home from Canada. And there is plenty for us to work on at the clinic based on this! Take our FREE 4 Part Business Health Check here: ——————————— —>Join us on Facebook at The MT Business & Marketing Podcast:...


#50 Room rental, Associates & Employees..What to do?

In today's episode I take you through the 3 main options of bringing another therapist into your practice. - Learn the pros & cons of each option - Understand why most therapists offer room rental or associates only - Decide which option is best for your business right now Take our FREE 4 Part Business Health Check here: ——————————— —>Join us on Facebook at The MT Business & Marketing Podcast:...


#49 4 Part Business Health Check - Money/Marketing/Rebooking/Freedom!

I've been ill - so a short episode today! I have been busy though! Try out the FREE 4 Part Business Health Check here: NOTE: Email results not yet done!


#48 The fastest way to level up your business: Mentors, Coaches & Courses (and where to find them!)

What is 'the' quickest way to level up your business? Coaching, mentoring & courses - so by the end of this episode you should be able to work out where you are and what you need to access to grow your business without breaking the bank! To join early or register for the waitlist for the Clinic Business Growth membership site launching Nov 1st 2018 head to: ---------------------------------------- —> Join us on Facebook at The MT...


#47 How to create a Marketing Calendar (and why!)

Let's get started on sorting out your marketing! How do you create a marketing calendar? Is it the same as a marketing plan? How complicated should it be? And 'why' do I even need one in the first place? I tackle all these questions on today's episode and help you get started creating a marketing calendar and plan that ACTUALLY works for you and your business!!! —>Join us on Facebook at The MT Business & Marketing Podcast: —>Subscribe...


#46 Surviving a Scam

Scams suck - and suck even worse when you get stung by one So, in today's episode I talk about: - The common industry scams - What to do to avoid getting caught in a scam - What we did when we got caught in a scam - How to save a booking when it's actually real! ——————————— —>Want to learn more for improving your clinic? Head over to the Massage Therapists Business School —>Join us on Facebook at The MT Business & Marketing Podcast:...


#45 Building a successful Mobile Massage Business with Krzys Klinowski

This week we're joined by Krzys from Bristol Mobile Massage to talk all things Mobile Massage Business! In this episode we cover: - The benefits of being a mobile massage therapist - How to price yourself successful - Insider tips on how to manage scheduling & diary issues - Strategies for staying safe as a mobile therapist - Marketing ideas for mobile therapists and much much more! To find out more and connect with Krzys you can: Visit Bristol Mobile Massage at:...


#44 Growing a Successful Business when you're Short on Time

Today I'm sharing with you my tips on growing a successful business when you're short on time! FREE DOWNLOAD: 6 Page Workbook for how to grow a successful business when you're short on time ( Growing your massage business isn't easy at the best of times. But if you're short on time it can feel even more like a challenge. Knowing what to prioritise, when to delegate and how to automate is crucial if you are ambitious to grow - otherwise you'll find yourself hitting the...


#43 Convert patients from promotions to paying full price

It's easy to think that running promotions doesn't work. That patients won't rebook and it just attracts people looking for a good deal. But it doesn't have to be that way! In today's episode you can listen to the recording of my presentation on how to convert patients from promotions to paying full price: You'll learn about: - Losing the Groupon Mindset - N0 < ANY < QUALITY - Short vs Long Sell - My lessons learnt from running promotions and what to do to improve! ——————————— —>Join us on...


#42 How to get GDPR compliant with award winning lawyer Suzanne Dibble

Today we have award winning lawyer Suzanne Dibble taking us step by step through what we need to do as massage therapists to get GDPR compliant! The date for this is 25th May 2018 - so Suzanne helps us (and me!) to understand what we need to be doing and simplifies the entire process!! She helps us with: - What is GDPR and why we need to be compliant - How the 20 million euro fine works!? - The difference between data and sensitive data - What we need to be adding to our client intake forms...


#41 How to protect your body for a full time career with Susan Findlay

In today's episode learn how to protect your body for a full time career as a massage therapist. I speak with Susan Findlay, director of the North London School of Sports Massage, on how to use and move your body in a way to reduce wear and tear whilst still delivering kick ass treatments! You can find out more about her membership site and get in touch with Susan below: W: T: L: F:...


#40 Blogging tips to increase website traffic, authority & sales with Lee Bell

Learn why and HOW to blog in ways to increase the traffic to your website, show you are an expert (because compared to the general public you definitely are!) and importantly increase sales in your practice. Listen to today's episode for simple strategies even the beginner blogger can use and understand why if you're not blogging then you're missing out! You can find Lee over at: And his online writing programme is...


#39 Secrets of a highly converting website with Robert Norberciak

Robert is an expert when it comes to website optimisation and converting potential clients into paying ones! He shares with us the secrets he learnt whilst building his spa, Mozaik, from losing $8K/mth to making sales of over $70,000 per month! Imagine if just by making some simple changes to your website you could get extra bookings for free?! There are some SIMPLE steps that literally anyone can make to their website to increase the number of bookings regardless of whether you are sole...


#38 5 Mistakes Therapists Make When First Starting Out with Gael Wood

Gael Wood shares with us the 5 most common mistakes that therapists make when they are first starting out in business. And I have to admit I STILL make some of these even after 12 years in business! This episode is full of helpful tips and we go off track with loads of massage-specific business & marketing advice. This is a MUST listen for anyone running their own massage practice!! You can find Gael over at: Grab you FREE Marketing Summit Pass (starting Mar 16!) at:...


#37 Ranking higher on Google using Local SEO tactics with Tim Cooper

Today we talk about how to increase your Google ranking for FREE using Local Search tactics. Expert Tim Cooper talk us through: - How he went from struggling therapist and to fully booked within 90 days - How to rank higher on Google locally - Why it's important to get into the "3 pack" - The simple, free tactics you can use to promote your business Setup, check and update your Google My Business page here: You can find out more about Tim and his work at:...


#36 Lessons from Clinic: Weapons..what to do?!

We had a client bring a knife into an appt this I share with you my thoughts as this has never happened before!! Get your FREE Global Wellness Professionals Summit pass at: ——————————— —>Join us on Facebook at The MT Business & Marketing Podcast: —>Subscribe to the Podcast in iTunes:...


#35 When to expand & problems with overbooking

When should you expand your clinic? And what are the problems if you don't? Today I talk about Overbooking - what is it, what are the symptoms, when can it happen and when should you be expanding your clinic. --> Also you get can your free access pass to the Global Wellness Marketing Summit at ——————————— —>Join us on Facebook at The MT Business & Marketing Podcast: —>Subscribe to...