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Claude Silver & Bryan Falchuk - How to Reinvent Yourself

This week we have a very special podcast. On Wednesday I did a facebook live with two of our old podcast guests – Claude Silver, who is the Chief Heart Officer of VaynerMedia and Bryan Falchuk, the author of Do A Day. This was a chance for me to catch up with Claude and Bryan to find out what has happened since our interviews. More specifically though, we talk about how to reinvent yourself and start living life on your terms. This podcast is the audio of that facebook live and what...


Andy Molinsky - How to Bust Out Of Your Comfort Zone

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” - Neale Donald Walsch Let’s face it, the single biggest barrier between you and the life of freedom and adventure you yearn for is inertia i.e. your comfort zone. Most of us would rather stay comfortable than taking risks and pushing ourselves to become the person we know are capable of becoming. Sooner or later, if you want to change, you have to bust out of your comfort zone. That is exactly what this week’s podcast guest, Andy Molinsky,...


Brooke Siem - Take Back Control of Your Life

Our guest this week is the speaker, writer and chef, Brooke Siem. Brooke describes herself as “categorically homeless”, having created a life as a digital nomad entrepreneur. Brooke was a highly acclaimed chef and food writer in New York. However, she suffered huge depression and had been on anti-depressants since the age of 15, following the sudden death of her father. So, she made a massive change by booking a one-way ticket to Malaysia and getting off the meds. Two years and 17...


Daniel Aaron - The Art of Radiant Living

Our guest this week is world-renowned yoga teacher, entrepreneur and modern mystic, Daniel Aaron. Daniel travels the world teaching yoga teachers and in 2012 set up the highly acclaimed Radiantly Alive yoga studio in Bali. He has also taught at Esalen and Omega and studied with many of the modern yoga masters. Daniel firmly has both feet on the ground and has founded, run and sold several businesses. He works with business leaders using his signature mix of personal inquiry, breathwork...


Susan Peppercorn - Ditch Your Inner Critic

On this week’s episode, I am speaking to positive psychology coach and author of the book, “Ditch Your Inner Critic At Work” - Susan Peppercorn. Like all of us, Susan battled her own inner demons. However, she has studied with some of the world’s leading authorities on positive psychology and has come up with many evidence-based practices to really kick that critic into touch. Susan has been featured in the New York Times, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review and US News amongst...


Kathryn Haydon - How To Supercharge Your Creativity

Kathryn Haydon has spent her life figuring out what creativity really is, helping to nurture it and being a passionate advocate for creative strengths. She believes the troubled kids at school - the class clown, the rebel, the misfit - are actually misunderstood and are actually what the world needs more and more, due to their ability to think differently. In this fascinating conversation, Kathryn suggests that as a society, we don’t really know what creativity is. However, if we can...


Olivia D’Silva - Recognise Your True Value and Improve The Quality Of Your Life

On this week’s episode our guest is life coach, writer and deep thinker, Olivia D’Silva. Olivia went through had a life changing moment in 2006 which led her on a journey to discover what is truly valuable in life. Through different ups and downs, and moments of thinking “is this all there is?”, she has cultivated an approach to life that really is values based. This led her to train as a coach and write her book – the Whole Life Economy. As she says, “recognise your true value and...


Bryan Falchuk - How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time

Our guest this week is the author, TEDx speaker and C-level executive of a major finance company, Bryan Falchuk. In this interview, Bryan shares the importance of self-love, knowing your truest deepest motivation and then executing consistently every day…without letting yesterday’s baggage or anxiety about the future get in the way. This has enabled Bryan to lose 100lbs, become a marathon runner, a best-selling author and writer for Inc Magazine, as well as a much sought-after...


Dr David Hamilton - Following Your Heart to Find Your Passion

In episode 5 of our “Unleashing Superpowers” season, we are talking with the inspirational Dr David Hamilton. David is a speaker and author in the realm of neuroscience, holistic healing, kindness and spirituality. David is an organic chemist and spent 4 years in the pharmaceutical industry before following his heart to write his first book. He has since written 10 best-selling books including “The Five Side Effects of Kindness” and “How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body”. David’s mission is...


Jenny Blake - How To Pivot Your Way To Your Dream Career

In episode 4 of our “Unleashing Superpowers” season, we are talking with the wonderful Jenny Blake, business and career strategist, international speaker and author of “Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One”. Jenny’s motto is “If change is the only constant, let’s get better at it.” She wants people to have careers and lives that they truly love but understands how difficult change can be. So Jenny has made it her work to find the practical strategies that help people to not...


Chris Chamberlin - Making Your Purpose Your Real Life Mission

Chris Chamberlin is the General Manager of EFFECT Partners, a consultancy based in Minneapolis creating opportunities to make progressive change utilising art, music and culture that motivate people to take action. Chris comes from a mainstream business communications background but has always had a huge passion for sustainability, climate change and environmental causes. In May 2017, he went through a huge life pivot when he left the agency world behind to become the Sustainability...


Sonia Choquette - Connect With Your Inner Wisdom

In episode 2 of our “Unleashing Superpowers” season, we are talking to Sonia Choquette, best selling author, spiritual teacher and visionary in the realms of intuition, inner wisdom and transformational living. Sonia teaches that we are all creative, whole beings with six senses, not five and it is our sixth sense that leads us to live authentically, passionately and impactfully. The thing is Sonia doesn’t just tell, she walks her talk and is a bright, fiery spirit, full of life and...


Claude Silver - Unleashing Heart In The Workplace

In episode 1 of our “Unleashing Superpowers” season, we are talking with the amazing Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer of VaynerMedia and close colleague of Gary Vaynerchuk. Claude has made it her mission to humanise workplaces and is passionate about creating work environments where people thrive and grow. She is the perfect person to leader VaynerMedia’s ‘people first’ ethos as she walks her talk and leads with huge amounts of heart. Claude’s star is in the ascendancy as she is taking...


Michael Bungay Stanier - Do More Great Work

Our latest Spotlight is with Michael Bungay Stanier, founder of Box of Crayons and author of the Wall Street Journal best seller, The Coaching Habit. Michael is one of our biggest influences and we are pumped to have got the chance to talk with him. We were impressed with Michael level of insight and practical wisdom, his levity and sense of perspective on what true success takes and his refreshing level of honesty and openness. In our conversation, some of the highlights we spoke about...


Zikry Kholil: How talk minus action equals jacksh*t

Our latest Spotlight is with Zikry Kholil, the Co-Founder and visionary behind Incitement. Named one of Forbes 30 under 30 in Asia, Zikry is an absolute dynamo who believes without action, talk is just jacksh*t! After participating in some of the most inspirational conferences and seminars on the planet, Zikry and his business partner Daniel created Incitement. Incitement is a social movement that blends cutting edge personal development with opportunities to create significant social...


Jo Berry: The Disarming Power of Empathy

Our guest in this episode of Spotlights is Jo Berry, peace activist and founder of Building Bridges for Peace. Jo tells the remarkable story of how she met and came to build a bridge – and eventually, a friendship – with Patrick McGee, the IRA bomber behind the 1984 Brighton bombing. In that bombing, Jo’s father – Conservative MP Sir Anthony Berry – was killed. In this podcast, Jo offers hope through a radically different way of perceiving a world seemingly full of strife and disarray....


Mike Martin: The Power of Culture to Create Change

Our first Maverick Spotlight is with Mike Martin, one of the pioneers of sustainability and the “Green Guru” according to Billboard. We were impressed by his deep passion, his wisdom and understanding of how society and change really work. Mike really is a Mavericks’ Maverick. In our conversation, some of the highlights that we spoke about include: