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The Mentor List - David Lewis The Mentor List: Business and personal development podcast tailored to professionals looking for inspiration and "the edge".

The Mentor List - David Lewis The Mentor List: Business and personal development podcast tailored to professionals looking for inspiration and "the edge".
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The Mentor List - David Lewis The Mentor List: Business and personal development podcast tailored to professionals looking for inspiration and "the edge".








Brent Valle - The Future Phase

"Brent Valle is a born speaker, entrepreneur, passionate surfer, snowboarder and all round adventurer known for pushing boundaries and building big business! He is a multi award award winning business person who has been recognised by CRN for growing Australia’s fastest growing tech company in 2013 (2nd 2014, 9th 2015, 10th 2016 and All Star Category in 2017), and the countries 5th fastest growing company across all industries in the BRW Fast 100 2015. He was the co-founder of award...


Nathanial Bibby - Fall in Love with your Customer

Nathanial Bibby - Fall in Love with your Customer by David Lewis - The Mentor List


Dr. Richard Huysmans - Come Back to the Body of Knowledge

As a research strategist, Dr Richard Huysmans is an expert in helping researchers get the best out of their training, their research and their career. He has a 70% grant success rate and a 100% success rate for establishing research centres and institutes. His clients include the Department of Health and Human Services, University of Queensland, University of Sydney, University of Melbourne and Monash University. He is focused on research translation and together with Jane Anderson, is the...


Jamie Pride - Take More Risk

Jamie Pride is a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist & author on a mission to make entrepreneurs, executives and enterprises failure proof. As an entrepreneur, Jamie sold his first startup, Velteo, to New York–based System Integrator Bluewolf, and has founded over six technology startups. As an investor, he has raised more than $16 million in funding for startups via private and public markets, including completing an IPO on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2015. He has more than 20...


Nicolas Depierre - A Young Entrepreneur’s ambition of reducing Obesity amongst Children

"I am an aspiring entrepreneur, with an enduring passion to disrupt and innovate the health, fitness, and nutrition sectors. I am an expert in health, fitness, & nutrition, with an ambition of becoming the next successful Australian tech entrepreneur. Since 2014, I have built a reputation for my efforts and achievements in personal development and training. As a 2017 National Champion, I have structured a lifestyle to remain at 6% body fat year round, with future ambitions to compete on an...


#49 Tom Mullaly - Wage freedom (Follow up to #01)

Listen in to our second recording with Tom Mullaly marking the first annual celebration for The Mentor List. Listen in as Tom answers the big questions you as the listeners have asked after episode one. Wage Freedom isn’t about getting by. It’s about the good life—as defined by you—and how to get there. It was great to be back in Bali interviewing Tom Mullaly for the second time here on The Mentor List. If you haven't listened to our first interview with Tom you can catch it here...


#48 - Brooke Miller - Back yourself

Brooke Miller is BP’s VP Sales & Marketing Australia, leading the company’s retail business in a highly competitive fuels market. Brooke is focused on delivering a high quality, differentiated offer at 1,400 BP-branded sites and successful partnerships with some of Australia’s largest commercial customers. Prior to being appointed to this role in April 2016, Brooke was BP’s CFO Fuels AsPac. Over four years, she brought focus and rigour to the financial performance and strategy of the...


#47 Nadine Champion - Ten seconds of courage

Nadine Champion is a truly inspiring keynote speaker, author and martial arts Sensei (teacher). She is a thought leader on courage, inner strength and resilience, having engagingly presented for a wealth of notable companies such as Facebook and Telstra. Nadine's mission is to help others access a high performance mindset in order to deliver at their best under pressure. Her closing speech for TEDx Sydney 2015 is regarded as "one of the most memorable of all time", after receiving a standing...


#46 Rachael Robertson - Make the decision

Rachael led the Australian expedition to Davis Station, Antarctica - the second female to lead a team at the Station and the youngest ever leader. She managed a team of 18 people through the long, dark, Antarctic winter and through trial and error built a resilient and highly successful team based on the foundation that ‘respect trumps harmony’. Since returning Rachael has completed her MBA, written a best-selling book, Leading on the Edge, and has presented at over 1000 events around the...


#45 Rebecca Burrows - Bring your whole self

Rebecca has a track record of delivery of sustainable growth in both mature and emerging markets, driving sizeable and sustained efficiencies across large scale operations and building and leading highly engaged and performing teams. Rebecca is a true enterprise leader - with a track record of strong relationships across stakeholder groups including staff, customer, unions and government and is able to manage the complexities presented by competing priorities or perspectives. Rebecca is a...


#44 Brendan Maher - R U OK?

Brendan Maher is the CEO of R U OK? – an organisation most well known for R U OK?Day, a national day of action committed to encouraging and equipping everyone to regularly and meaningfully ask “are you ok?”, of anyone who might be struggling with life. Since the inaugural R U OK?Day in 2009, R U OK? has become a household name. In 2016, an estimated 72% of Australians were aware of R U OK?Day, with one in four of those people taking part. To help make real, lasting change in Australia, R U...


#43 Jon Yeo -Edge thinking

Whether an audience of 1 or 1000, we need to be able to quickly and effectively build rapport. Jon Yeo helps executives and brands design a meaningful and compelling brand story that connects and engages audiences. Jon is the Curator of TEDxMelbourne and Chapter President of Professional Speakers Australia


#42 Cameron Brown - Be curious

Born and raised in outback Australia, Cameron has turned his dream and passion for helping others into a socially conscious company that empowers people across the globe to make a greater impact. In a world where we are more connected than ever before, many are feeling more disconnected… from themselves, each other and the planet. So Cameron developed a bold new project A Place Called Earth. He sold or donated 99% of the things he used to own and embarked on a global quest to inspire people...


#41 Solange Cunin - Our mission

Solange Cunin is a 24-year-old who grew up ‘off the grid’ on her parents’ farm in northern NSW. She was given her first telescope at the age of eight and convinced everyone around her that she would become an aerospace engineer. Solange studied a Bachelors in Mathematics and Aerospace Engineering at University of New South Wales. Solange founded Cuberider, a leader in innovative STEM education, which brings access to space down into the classroom. Solange has lead Cuberider to be the first...


#40 - Jo Burston - If she can I can

Jo Burston is the founder and CEO of Job Capital a company she grew from nothing to $40M in less than 5 years with a team of 12, co-founder and director of Phronesis.Academy and founder of the entrepreneurial movement Inspiring Rare Birds, Rare Birds works to promote opportunity for women in entrepreneurship and has a global vision to have ten million women in its community by 2020. Jo has been recognised as one of Australia’s top entrepreneurs for the past six years and is a leading...


#39 Jan Owen - Socially enterprising

Jan is a highly regarded social entrepreneur, innovator, influencer and author who has spent the past 25 years growing Australia's youth, social enterprise and innovation sectors. In 2012 she was named Australia's inaugural Australian Financial Review and Westpac Woman of Influence; in 2014 she received the Doctor of Letters (honoris causa) from the University of Sydney; and was awarded membership to the Order of Australia in 2000. She is the author of Every Childhood Lasts a Lifetime (1996)...


#38 - Michael Gill - Write your own story

Michael Gill is counsellor with Dragoman, an international advisory firm. He is chairman of Newbe Global, a digital media venture, and of Sustainable Skills Ltd, which advises governments on vocational education systems. From 1998 to 2011 he was CEO and editor in chief of the Financial Review Group and was chairman of AAP Ltd.


#37 Malcolm Jackman - Turnaround merchant

Malcolm is the Chief Executive of the SA Fire and Emergency Services Commission and Chair of the SAFECOM Board, to which the State Emergency Service, Metropolitan Fire Service and Country Fire Service report. He is tasked with providing strategic leadership and direction to the South Australian emergency services sector and has direct responsibility and accountability for championing and leading sector modernisation and the change management processes. Born and educated in New Zealand,...


#36 - The Mentor List - Celebrating our first year (3of3)

The Mentor List celebrates its first year! (Part 3 of 3) Time flies when you're having fun. To celebrate our one year anniversary here on The Mentor List we are showcasing highlights from the year gone by. Tell me, what advice do you wish you received? Listen in as our Mentor's share with you the advice they either received or better still, wish they received. - Claire Rogers - Whitney Johnson - Zeger Degraeve - Katherine Teh-White - Tim Fung - Cameron Schwab - Michelle Melbourne - John...


#35 - The Mentor List - Celebrating our first year (2of3)

The Mentor List celebrates its first year! (Part 2 of 4) Time flies when you're having fun. To celebrate our one year anniversary here on The Mentor List we are showcasing highlights from the year gone by. Tell me, what advice do you wish you received? Listen in as our Mentor's share with you the advice they either received or better still, wish they received. - Sam Wylie - Tessa Court - Anne Lytle - Sam Cobb - Brad Smith - Bonnie Power - Richard Bowles - Amantha Imber - Sam Cawthorn - Gavin...