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The Millionaire Dentist teaches successful dentists how to take control of their taxes, cash flow, and retirement savings. This podcast is brought to you by Four Quadrants Advisory. Commentary and insights provided by Jason Smith, CEO and Brogan Baxter, COO.


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The Millionaire Dentist teaches successful dentists how to take control of their taxes, cash flow, and retirement savings. This podcast is brought to you by Four Quadrants Advisory. Commentary and insights provided by Jason Smith, CEO and Brogan Baxter, COO.




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Episode 162: Is Your Hygiene Department Costing you Thousands?

Casey and Jarrod discuss an area of your practice that could be causing you to miss out on thousands of dollars each year. Don't ignore the potential of your hygiene department.


Episode 161: Suspect Embezzlement? Here's What to Do.

The 'E' word. Embezzlement. A larger number of practices are victim to this than you might think. Casey and Jarrod walk through what you should do if you suspect a staff member of stealing.


Episode 160: The Razzle Dazzle of DSOs

Back from traveling across the country to multiple dental shows, 4Q's Chad Tothero talks to Casey and Jarrod about how DSOs try to pull out all the stops for their booths.


Episode 159: Large Tax Surprises Got You Down?

Tax day came and went. Did you end up owing or receiving more than $10,000 when everything was filed? If so, there is a better way. CPA Kevin Rhoton joins Jarrod to discuss tax surprises, how to help with preventing those, and to explain how you can double-check your CPA with a complimentary tax assessment.


Episode 158: Is it Time to Spring Clean Your Practice Finances?

Spring is in the air. It's that time of year when temperatures can fluctuate 40 degrees in a day. It's also that time of year when people open their windows and do some deep cleaning. In this episode, Casey and Jarrod discuss spring cleaning and how that relates to your practice finances.


Episode 157: Are Tax Extensions a Good Idea?

Tax returns are due on April 18th of this year. Have you finished yours? If they're not ready, you may want to apply for a tax extension. CPA Steve Levy joins Jarrod to discuss the good, the bad, and the reasons why extending may make sense.


Episode 156: Finding the Right Financial Planner

CFP® Stacy Phillips explains to Casey and Jarrod the differences between an investment advisor and a financial planner, what to look for in a financial planner, and what red flags you need to check on.


Episode 155: The Silicon Valley Bank Hullabaloo

In this episode of The Millionaire Dentist, Casey Hiers and Jarrod Bridgeman are joined by CFP® Colin Holmes to help explain why Silicon Valley Bank has been making headlines lately.


Episode 154: Why is the average retirement age for dentists higher than the rest of America?

Casey and Jarrod discuss a very interesting factoid about how the average age for retirement for a dentist is 69 while the average retirement age for the rest of America is 62.5.


Episode 153: Is Poor Cashflow Hurting Your Practice?

Casey's back and ready to impart some wisdom on co-host Jarrod. Poor cashflow is a common issue with dental practice owners and our hosts walk through the reasons that cause it.


Episode 152: Don’t Get Suckered into the Hype of Owning Several Dental Practices!

Our host Jarrod is joined by the CEO and Founder of Four Quadrants Advisory, Jason Smith, to discuss and dispute the hype that has been building in the world of dentistry that you need to own several practices to become wealthy.


Episode 151: Different Practices, Different Parts of the Country, Same Fundamental Problems

Casey and Jarrod are joined by Chad Tothero, Regional Sales Rep for Four Quadrants, to discuss what attending our CE event is like and how different but similar dental practices across the country are.


Episode 150: 6 Years of Episodes, 6 Years of Change

Casey and Jarrod are joined by the COO of Four Quadrants, Baxter Brogan, to reminisce about the very first episode of The Millionaire Dentist six years ago and how the firm and dentistry have changed since then.


Episode 149: The Perfect Recipe for a Successful Practice

Casey and Jarrod sit down for an entertaining discussion on what the perfect recipe is for a dental practice.


Episode 148: What Practice Pains Do You Experience?

Casey returns to join Jarrod on this week's episode where they dive into dental practice pains and how they may be the same or different depending on geography and the doctor's age.


Episode 147: The IRS, 2023, and Retirement

New year. New updates to retirement accounts. Jarrod is joined by Sam Neff, Associate Financial Planner from Four Quadrants, to give updated numbers to the 401k, IRAs, and help explain the differences between different kinds of plans.


Episode 146: Is It Time to Hire an Associate?

Hiring an associate sounds like a good idea. It's a sign that you're successful. Problem is that it doesn't always work out. Casey and Jarrod discuss what to consider before hiring an associate and the snowball effect of not doing it correctly.


Episode 145: A Healthy Practice Makes Money

It's a brand new year. Casey and Jarrod return from break to discuss healthy habits and the effects they can have on a dental practice.


Episode 144: 2022 Year-End Tax Wrap-Up

Steve "Pipes" Levy, JD, CPA, joins Casey and Jarrod to school them on some year-end tax information that applies to both you and your dental practice.


Episode 143: Setting Realistic New Year's Resolutions

2023 is nearly here. Have you set yourself up with any resolutions or goals for the new year? Casey and Jarrod discuss how setting quantifiable professional goals can make a large difference throughout the year.