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Justin Prince Interview (Network Marketing Professional)

Justin Prince is a husband and father of four kids. He built two multi-million dollar businesses in his 20s, earned his first million dollars in his 20s, became an equity partner in a $300 million a year global business at age 33, helped create a social retail business model that led to the acquisition of well over 100,000 customers in under two years, and built an annual income that places him in the top 1 percent of income earners in his network marketing globally. He is a sought-after...


Mark Hoverson Interview (Network Marketing Professional)

Mark Hoverson is an eight-figure adventurepreneur, info-marketer, and dad of four rambunctious kids. A Few of Mark’s Accomplishments: - More than 1,000,000 hours of his online marketing and lifestyle how-to videos have been viewed. - He started his business at a public library while having $40,000 in credit card debt. Just five short years later, he’d built an eight-figure online empire. - He spends the winters in Arizona and the summers in North Dakota (where he grew up). - Play is...


Jordan Hubbard Monroe Interview (Network Marketing Professional)

Jordan grew up in a network marketing household. She earned a Division 1 basketball scholarship to the University of Portland and graduated with honors with a BA in English and a minor in philosophy. At the age of 21, she attended her first network marketing convention, realized her love for the business, and jumped in. By 2009, at the age of 27, she had become the youngest Diamond Associate in her company. In 2015, she was selected to represent her company in Nicaragua as an ambassador...


Loren Slocum Lahav Interview (Network Marketing Professional)

I had a really bad case of "I'm too cool" and said no to joining network marketing for 17 years. I loved my life and what I did but I was still trading my time for money. One day, 8 years ago my dear friend of 17 years came to an event I was teaching and said “Loren, Just come check it out.” I had every excuse not to attend the event, but I said "If I make up excuses, where else will this show up and that is SOOO not met!” I got on a plane and flew to an event. We proceeded to reach the...


Vincent Ortega Jr. Interview (Network Marketing Professional)

Before discovering network marketing, Vincent was a college athlete, on track to become a professional because he had a 95mph fastball and professional curveball/slider. He got started in network marketing around the age of 24 because his mom, a National Director for Mary Kay, said one of her friend’s sons was doing awesome in a health company. He saw his mom become a massive success story and amazing entrepreneur, so he said, "Why not?” and decided to give it a shot. Today, Vincent...


Keala Kanae Interview (Network Marketing Professional)

Keala was introduced to network marketing at the age of 18 and quickly swore off the industry two months later. He went on to graduate with a BA in psychology in 2006 from the University of Hawaii, but failed for 11 years as an entrepreneur. In 2012, he returned to network marketing while earning minimum wage at a coffee shop. A Few of Keala’s Accomplishments: - First five-figure month within seven months of returning to network marketing - Invited to speak at multiple events to...


Ann Sieg Interview (Network Marketing Professional)

Ann runs a family run business with her eldest son and husband. They’ve been working together as a team for the last ten years building their online business. With her very first online multilevel marketing (MLM) company, she became the top producer and was responsible for 80 percent of the company's sales volume. In Ann's most recent network marketing company she reached top recruiter status having brought in 1300+ people in 4 short months. Her commissions were $148,365.23 and she...


Jessica Ellerman Interview (Network Marketing Professional)

Jessica was a national champion gymnast and later became a hairdresser by trade for eight years before being introduced to network marketing. A Few of Jessica’s Accomplishments: - Car earner - Multiple trip earner - Personally coached more than 50 six-figure earners - Earned the title “Inspirational Leader of the Year” - Number 1 Recruiter in her company - Top five earner in her company - Featured in Success from Home Magazine - Rated Top 10 Female Networker in 2015 - Paul...


Tanya Aliza Interview (Network Marketing Professional)

In 2009, Tanya read The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss, and it changed everything for her. She discovered network marketing when a girlfriend invited her to a business presentation. The presenter stated they were making $350,000 a year and that it took them three years to get there. Tanya grabbed the application! In 2010, Tanya got a call that her dad had had a stroke and passed away that Sunday. While she was taking time off from work to be with her family, she realized that she still...


Cindy Samuelson Interview (Network Marketing Professional)

My mom was a single parent of five, and I was the oldest. I went to work at age 17, graduated from high school at 18, and managed to get about 80 hours of college credit before personal circumstances took my attention away from completing my education. Quitting school was a decision I regretted well into my 40s. Even as a teen, I knew something for certain. To honor all the sacrifices my mother made for us, I wanted to be happily married, I wanted to stay home and raise my children, and I...


Ana Gabriel Mann Interview (Network Marketing Professional)

Ana has an MA in clinical psychology and education and has spent her entire career teaching and mentoring. She is a devoted mother and is married to the New York Times best-selling author John David Mann. Ana believes deeply in relationships, giving, and mentoring as key aspects of a happy life. A dedicated teacher globally, she believes that education is power and that curiosity is the cornerstone to finding your true path. About Pat Petrini: Pat Petrini is the co-author of what has...


Lisa Cox Interview (Network Marketing Professional)

Upon joining the company that Lisa represents, she quickly replaced a 13-year income from another network marketing company and earned a free Lexus and a $50,000 bonus. In the last three-and-a-half years, she has grown as a leader, become a student of the industry, built a team to over 15,000 strong, and is generating millions of dollars per month in product sales. She has personally mentored 29 people to a six-figure income and has helped hundreds of people earn their own free...


Jennifer Glacken Interview

After graduating from the University of Virginia in 1988 with a degree in foreign affairs and Spanish, Jennifer started her first job as a Sears executive management trainee. In 1992, her son David was born, and Jennifer was introduced to some network marketing products due to some health issues her son had. She was a customer for six-and-a-half years before deciding in 2000 to build the business when her husband was laid off from his job. A Few of Jennifer’s Accomplishments: -...


Rob Robson Interview

At 21 years old, Rob was able to transition from addiction and depression to being financially independent and a professional speaker in just six months by completely eliminating all media and immersing himself in personal development books and audios for six to ten hours per day. Rob and his wife Kenyon have achieved the prestigious rank of Life Coach in their company. At the time of this writing, the average Life Coach earns $137,441 per month. The Robsons have five children of their...


Evan Klassen Interview

Get two FREE chapters here: Get the full book on Amazon here: Access more great interviews here: See what else Pat Petrini is up to at About Evan Klassen: Evan was born in the mid-1980s in a communist country that was also the poorest country in central Asia during a period of war, poverty, and persecution. Being one of nine children in a blue-collar working family taught him to work hard for...


Maria Williams Interview

Get two FREE chapters here: Get the full book on Amazon here: Access more great interviews here: See what else Pat Petrini is up to at About Maria Williams: Maria came to the US as a poor Brazilian immigrant with big dreams. She was the first in her family to graduate college, earning a BA from The University of Massachusetts. She worked successfully for 20 years in human resources, and then...


Ray Higdon Interview

Get two FREE chapters here: Get the full book on Amazon here: Access more great interviews here: See what else Pat Petrini is up to at A Few of Ray’s Accomplishments: - Two time best-selling author - #1 income earner in previous network marketing company - Podcast has over 1.5 million downloads - Blog gets 100,000 unique visitors per month - Went from foreclosure to millionaire in four...


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