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Personal Finance for the Entrepreneurially-Minded!






What is the Life Insurance Death Benefit?

Have you heard about Nelson Nash, Infinite Banking, Becoming Your Own Banker, Bank on Yourself, and want to learn more? Or maybe you’re already using Infinite Banking, but would like to explain it better. We're continuing our series on the basics of the Infinite Banking Concept and answering your "what" questions. Today, we'll unpack, What is the death benefit? So if you want to see the power of the death benefit… tune in now! Table of contentsWhat...


Financial Prosperity, with Rabbi Daniel Lapin

What is the difference between those who achieve financial prosperity and those who do not? How do you build sustainable wealth? Rabbi Daniel Lapin is back to talk about the mindset of abundance rather than shortage, the financial power of reading over watching, and why giving comes before getting. So, if you want to increase your income while becoming a better person … tune in now! Table of contentsWhy is Financial Prosperity Difficult to...


What is Infinite Banking? Part 3

Have you heard about Nelson Nash, Infinite Banking, Becoming Your Own Banker, Bank on Yourself, and want to learn more? Or maybe you’re already using Infinite Banking, but would like to be able to explain it better to your spouse, your parents, your children, business partner, or friends. We're continuing our series on the basics of the Infinite Banking Concept and answering your "what" questions. Today, we're unpacking: What is the Cash Value of Life Insurance?...


Building a Strong Family Culture, with Mitzi Perdue

Every family has a culture, but those that leave their culture to accident rarely end up lasting across the generations. Mitzi Perdue shares the wisdom of successful multi-generational families, as she connects two business titan families with a collective 276 years of staying together as a family. She’s a businesswoman, speaker, and anti-trafficking advocate. Mitzi is also the author of How to Make Your Family Business Last, How to Communicate...


What is the Infinite Banking Concept? Part 2

Have you heard about the Infinite Banking Concept, and you want to learn more? Or maybe you’re already using Infinite Banking, but would like to explain it better to your spouse, your parents, your children, business partner, or friends. In part 1 of our series on Infinite Banking, we're unpacking the basics of policy design and what that means. You can view the first part of the series here: What is the Infinite Banking Concept? Part 1. Here’s...


Building a Multigenerational Family Team, with Jeremy Pryor

We often talk about multigenerational legacy and multigenerational wealth, but beneath it, you need a multigenerational family team. Not just in name, but a strong team deeply committed to flourishing for generations. Jeremy Pryor, Partner and Co-Founder of Family Teams, is helping families build a multigenerational team on a mission. They help parents think of families as a team, and coach the team to work together toward a common mission. They...


What is Infinite Banking, Part 1

What Is Infinite Banking? Have you heard about Nelson Nash, Infinite Banking, Becoming Your Own Banker, bank on yourself, or be your own banker and want to learn more? Maybe you’re already using Infinite Banking but would like to explain it better to your spouse, parents, children, business partner, or friends. Today, we're starting a new series on Infinite Banking Basics. We'll be unpacking all of your "what" questions about Infinite Banking. In...


Investing in Self-Storage, with Paul Moore

Why would a commercial real estate investor, author, and syndicator move away from apartments and become a self-storage investor? Paul Moore, real estate investor and author of Storing Up Profits, demonstrates how to capitalize on America's obsession with stuff by investing in self-storage. So, if you want to find out what's to love about self-storage, learn the risks and downsides of self-storage, and get the scoop on how it performed during the...


Personal Finance for Beginners

Here’s a listener question about personal finance for beginners: "What is the foundation or the starting point of wealth building? What are the core things I would want in place to start building wealth?" You might be asking the same question. Do you have savings you want to do something with? Are you wondering if you are making the best personal finance decisions? Is it time to talk with a financial advisor? What do you need to know to figure out...


Hire Better People, Faster, with Ryan Englin

Are you working too many hours? Chances are, you don’t have the right people on your team. And if you don’t, chances are, your hiring practices are causing more problems than they are solving. Ryan Englin created Core Matters to fix your recruiting and staffing headaches. He coaches and trains business owners to hire better people, faster. So, if you want to hire and retain rock star employees… tune in now! Table of contentsHow Ryan Got StartedThe...


2022 Nelson Nash Think Tank Reviewed

Nelson Nash, Father of Infinite Banking, left quite a legacy. One of the things that he poured his life into was teaching and training advisors to serve clients with excellence. Every year, IBC practitioners, clients, or anyone searching for a deeper understanding of Infinite Banking gather at the Nelson Nash Think Tank. There, they share ideas and recommit to the fundamentals of Infinite Banking the way Nelson taught. Bruce traveled to the 2022...


Writing Your Legacy Letter, with Blake Brewer

Do you want to write the perfect letter to your kids, but don’t know exactly where to start, what to say, or how to share your heart best? Legacy Letters solve this problem. Blake Brewer is on a mission to help 1 million dads write at least one well-written, meaningful, lasting Legacy Letter to their children. Today, we’re digging into the importance of our parent’s words, how to prepare your heart and mind to write this letter, the three things...


How to Protect Your Money Against Inflation

Are you feeling the rise in prices and wondering what the long-term effects will be on your financial goals? When inflation eats away at the value of your dollars, how do you protect from inflation? What are your options for a level-headed approach to getting your money to do the most today and in the future? Today, we're talking about your options to protect your money against if you want to keep your money growing, tune in now!...


Laundromat Millionaire, Dave Menz

Are you fascinated by the success stories of other entrepreneurs? Today, learn from Dave Menz, the Laundromat Millionaire, Dave Menz's inspirational story, learn the secrets of his success, and find out how you can overcome your own obstacles while building wealth. Tune in now! Table of contentsLearning the Laundromat RopesCraigslist BusinessThe Beginning of the Laundromat MillionaireOn Rejection and PerseveranceBuying the Next LaundromatDelayed...


Why I Use Infinite Banking, with Wesley Smith

It’s time to showcase another client who’s building an Infinite Banking System for himself and his family. Meet Wesley Smith, real estate investor, business owner in the digital marketing space, husband, and dad. To find out why he’s been using Infinite Banking for the past 7 years, and how it’s helping him in his business, investments, and his family… tune in now! Table of contentsWesley's Entrepreneurial JourneyIntro to Infinite BankingWhy...


Crush Your 2022 Goals with Less Doing, with Ari Meisel

Want to get more done, quicker, easier, and more profitably? Then, it’s time to do less. Today, we’re talking with Ari Meisel, author of The Replaceable Founder, The Art of Less Doing, On Productivity, Idea to Execution about how to build a business that can run and grow without you. So, if you want 2022 to be the year you opt-out of the hustle and make consistent progress… tune in now! Table of contentsThe Art of Less DoingAsynchronous ToolsHow to...


Infinite Banking Objections, Answered

Have you heard about Infinite Banking, but somehow feel left with a bad taste in your mouth and you’re not sure why? We are airing some of the biggest Infinite Banking objections most people have in regards to whole life insurance. So, whether you’ve heard that it’s trash value insurance, it’s more expensive than term, it takes years to grow your cash value, the returns are garbage, or that the insurance company keeps your cash value when you die …...


Successful Families, Inheritance, and Family Giving with Rabbi Daniel Lapin

What does ancient Jewish wisdom reveal about successful family enterprise and leaving a legacy? Today, we’re talking with Rabbi Daniel Lapin. He is the author of Thou Shalt Prosper—Ten Commandments for Making Money, and Business Secrets from the Bible. In this conversation, we’re digging into ancient Jewish wisdom for successful families, and how to navigate inheritance and family giving. So if you want to do the most for your kids, get more people...


Rich vs. Wealthy – Why Mindset Matters!

Do you want to be rich, or do you want to be wealthy? There’s a huge distinction between being rich vs. wealthy. Understanding the difference is the missing ingredient you need to truly enjoy your money. So, if you want to be wealthy, find out the one thing you need to create wealth that makes a real difference, not only in your life but also in generations to come… tune in now! Table of contentsRich vs. Wealthy: What's the Difference?Make Your...


Accelerate My Revenue: High Ticket Sales and Virtual Events, with Eileen Wilder

Did you know that it’s possible to compress your annual goals and accomplish them in a day? With virtual events, all things are possible. Here’s your permission to blow the lid off your expectations for your income! Eileen Wilder, known as “The Queen of Stages,” is a master communicator, trainer, teacher, and advocate for growing (and monetizing) your personal influence for more impact, more income, and most of all—more fun! So today, find out how...