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Personal Finance for the Entrepreneurially-Minded!






Legacy & Wealth Transfer Risks that Can Cost You Big, with Ron Phillips

10/26/2020 Want to know what happens to your real estate portfolio after you’re gone? In this episode, we’re talking with Ron Phillips—CEO of RP Capital, a real estate brokerage—about his client who passed away. It turns out, his family didn’t even know what assets he had, or what to do with them, and it almost cost them a fortune in taxes. Tune in to hear what hoops they had to jump through, and how to avoid the same wealth transfer risks, so you and your...


How Safe are Life Insurance Companies?

We frequently discuss high cash value life insurance here at the Money Advantage, yet with the financial uncertainties of COVID-19, how safe are life insurance companies? How strong is the life insurance industry really? What impacts do today's low-interest rates, economic turmoil, and the pandemic have on my long-term growth rates and the policy guarantees? How do they affect the life insurance industry as a whole? Do insurance companies have...


Custom-Designed Estate Planning, with Stephen Haynes

10/12/2020 Considering estate planning, but not sure how to make it work best for your family? Wondering how to balance your unique age, stage, personalities, and goals? Does estate planning feel constrictive, or your ambitions seem bigger than what you can accommodate with a finite plan? Do you wonder how you could possibly know what’s best 30 years from now when you’re not sure who your children will become? Today, we want to help you wrestle the giant...


Family Banking: How to Start a Family Bank, with John Moriarty

10/5/2020 Would you like to see Family Banking in action? Today, Bruce and I talk with our friend and colleague, John Moriarty, Founder and President of e3 ConsultantsGROUP. You'll hear about his personal and business use of Infinite Banking, and the thinking behind a growing and evolving system of policies. John is smart, business savvy, and a leader who walks the talk of thinking differently with his finances. And it’s paying dividends – literally! We...


Estate Planning for Everyone, with Andrew Weinhaus

Today, we’re talking with Andrew Weinhaus about why you need an estate plan. He's an attorney who has worked in estate planning for 30 years. That means he knows it like the back of his hand. So, you get the tremendous value of hearing about estate planning in a way that's relatable, plain and simple! Do you wonder what happens to all of your stuff when you die? Have you heard of estate planning, but are not really sure what it is and whether it’s...


Building Family Wealth, with Jon and Missy Butcher

Do you want extraordinary relationships with your kids? Are you longing to build a family that’s strong and enduring, living life on purpose? Building family wealth is so much more than being a family with a lot of money. So, if you aspire to do the most for your family, start with the building blocks. Family wealth is strong family relationships that start with flourishing individuals, combined with practicing the fundamentals of wealth creation....


Life Insurance Agent Commission and Whole Life Policy Design, with Rodney Mogen

Not all whole life policies are designed equally. Some that show up better on an illustration actually have a higher risk. Rodney Mogen came back on the show to continue the conversation about life insurance agent commission and whole life policy splits. We address the “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt” in the IBC world around policy splits. We answer questions about illustrations, changing dividends, agent commissions, effects on the death benefit,...


Complete Family Wealth, with Keith Whitaker

9/7/2020 Will the work you do create a foundation for your kids and grandkids to prosper? Then how do you create long-term complete family wealth that does the most good for as long as possible? How do you make sure the money you make, the business you build, and the real estate and investments you acquire do more than just benefit you during your lifetime? How do you create rich kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids? To answer these questions, we're...


How to Become a Real Estate Investor Goddess, with Monick Halm

8/31/2020 Do you want to invest in real estate? Do you want it to feel effortless and productive, without getting slowed down, veering off course, and stuck by number-crunching and over-analyzing? In this episode, we discuss real estate investing for women with Monick Halm, the creator of Real Estate Investor Goddesses. So if you want to be empowered to own your financial future, invest in real estate, and use your own unique gifts as an investor, and not...


Sequence of Returns Risk: How to Get the Most Investment Income Without Running Out of Money

Did you know there’s a secret hiding in plain sight that average rates of return will never tell you? In this episode, we’ll discuss Sequence of Returns and the risk they pose to your future income. Then, we'll show you exactly how to minimize the risk. So if you want to get predictable income from an unpredictable investment portfolio, NOT run out of money, and see exactly why you should supplement your investments with non-correlated assets … all...


Family Values: The Starting Point of a Legacy, with Richard Wilson

If you want to create a legacy of wealth, the starting point is a strong culture of family values. That's because having the greatest impact and doing the most for your children hinge on their character and self-leadership. And their character and self-leadership depend on yours - your example, your relationship, and your communication. So how do you model and teach the values necessary for your children to be successful? How do you build bonds...


Estate Plans that Transcend Generations with Andrew Howell

8/10/2020 Do you want to leave a legacy with an estate plan that transfers wealth and empowers the next generation? Find someone who is helping others do it successfully. And that means tailoring a customized, bespoke plan specifically to your family. Today we're talking with highly recognized estate planning attorney, Andrew Howell, about the principles and wisdom he's distilled from working with ultra-high net worth families and business owners. So if you...


Maximizing Retirement Income with Whole Life Insurance – Dr. Wade Pfau

8/3/2020 Want to get the most income later in life? Your success depends not on one product, but the coordination of financial tools and your entire personal financial system. Whether your focus is on acquiring cash-flowing assets or you have a more typical investment portfolio, whole life insurance and annuities can play a critical role. That's why we’re talking with Dr. Wade Pfau, a widely-recognized expert on income strategies with whole life insurance....


The Conversation Between Generations

Do you want to leave a legacy for future generations to come, but worry about the gift corrupting them? Are you hoping to pass on meaning even more than the money itself? Do you wonder how to start the conversation? Do you worry if family dynamics will prevent you from communicating your points clearly and in a way that will be received and understood? Today, we're bringing Tom Michler into the conversation. As a psychologist, he's helped families...


Expat Living and Offshore Investing, with Mikkel Thorup

Have you considered investing offshore, or even becoming an expat and living abroad? Today, we’re talking with Mikkel Thorup, of The Escape Artist, about how to have more travel, freedom, and control. So if you want to travel and live overseas, invest internationally, shrink taxes and grow your wealth, tune in now! In this episode, you'll discover: Why living abroad is easier and more attainable than you may think.How to work in another country to...


10/90 Premium Split & Blended Term PUA Rider Risks, with Rodney Mogen

7/13/2020 Considering a 10/90 premium split (Base/PUA) policy design with a Blended Term PUA Rider for an IBC policy over a design truer to Nelson Nash's original 33/67 split? Was it because someone showed you that you can get more cash value in Year 1? Or an earlier break-even point, and still outperform the cash value by Year 30? Unfortunately, this newest fad design hurts clients who want the best place to store cash and build investible capital. When you're looking for...


Everything You Need to Know About Self-Directed IRAs, with Edwin Kelly

7/6/2020 Do you have money in a retirement account that you wish you could use to invest in real estate? Today, we’re talking about self-directed accounts and investment strategies, with Edwin Kelly, the CEO of Specialized Trust Company. So, if you want to know how to best use qualified plan money to help you reach your financial goals and invest in real estate, figure out if you should continue funding self-directed IRAs, and maximize the ability to use...


Buy The Avocado Toast, with Stephanie Bousley

6/29/2020 Are you looking for unconventional ways to get out of student loan debt? Today, I’m talking with Stephanie Bousley, millennial debtor-turned-success story and author of Buy the Avocado Toast, about how she's creatively tackling $289K of student loans. (Hint: it wasn’t with mainstream advice.) So if you want to pay off student loan debt, build faith in yourself, and crush the feeling of failure and guilt that comes with debt so you can live the life...


Saving Time with Passive Cash Flow

6/22/2020 Are you looking for practical guidance on how to create passive cash flow from real estate? Today, we’re talking with Lane Kawaoka, of about real estate investing for cash flow. He's a second-time guest on our show. We've brought him back because his work is so valuable to help you build time and money freedom. You can find his last interview here: So if...


Is Velocity Banking the Fastest Way to Pay Off Your House?

6/15/2020 Want to pay off your house fast? Considering Velocity Banking? You’re not alone. So many people are motivated, whether by culture, values, or something else, to pay off their house as quickly as possible. This desire is completely normal. But it can leave you vulnerable to some pretty big unintended consequences. When we’re emotionally driven to do something, we can be attracted like moths to a porchlight, to anything that promises that thing. When...