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Strategic End of Year Tax Moves That Leave You Wealthier – TMA 056

As you count down the days until Christmas, you’re also counting down the days you have before you tie up the loose ends on your fiscal year to prepare for 2018 taxes. We’ll walk you through practical and strategic tax moves you can make to close out the books, stay organized, and save taxes. This will help you keep more money in your pocket and best plan for next year. There’s lots of information out there. On the one hand, some of the typical advice is so commonplace, it seems like common...


Privatized Banking: High Cash Value and Long-Term Growth – TMA 055

A typical whole life insurance policy won’t give you the high early cash value and long-term growth you need for Privatized Banking. As enticing as its certainty and control are to wealth creators, it’s not enough. You’ll need enhancements to convert your policy from a slow equity-builder into one that you can use quickly.  Policy modifications are like custom upgrades on a standard model floorplan when you’re building a house. These design features make all the difference between an...


Teaching Kids Free Market Principles, with Connor Boyack – TMA 054

Connor Boyack is the author The Tuttle Twins, a series of a premier free market educational books for kids. Once a web developer and online marketer, his passion transformed him into an economic, history and political philosopher and educator. Because he was perplexed by current events, he began studying history’s patterns, looking for answers to prevent us from repeating the mistakes of the past. Through his study, he discovered the time-tested principles of free market economics, liberty,...


Rich Person Roth: For the Most Tax-Free Income (Reviewed) – TMA 053

Although Trump’s Tax Reform cut taxes in many ways, millions of Americans will see taxes increase in 2018. The lower standardized deduction and the $10K cap on deductions for SALT (State and Local Taxes) will primarily affect those in the upper-middle to mid-upper class. Consequently, tax planning is becoming a growing priority for an increasing population. But for one of the most common tax-minimizing tactics, the Roth IRA, the luster is wearing thin as its limitations are becoming...


Privatized Banking: What Kind of Policy Do You Use? – TMA 052

You’re on the hunt for the best life insurance policy to use for Privatized Banking. For this, not just any policy will do. You want to buy exactly the right kind of life insurance to get cash you can use, earn uninterrupted compounding, and have your dollars working in two places at the same time.  Life insurance is a powerful product that can serve you in infinite ways at the same time. But designing a life insurance policy in a way that fulfills its potential has become almost a lost...


Turnkey Real Estate Investing in Memphis, TN, with Mid South Homebuyers – TMA 051

Get to know the team at Mid South Homebuyers. This conversation will help you determine how and when turnkey rental real estate could help you invest for cash flow. Who Are Terry Kerr and Liz Nowlin Brody? Terry Kerr Terry Kerr was born in 1970 in Memphis Tennessee. Except for some nomadic travel in his early twenties, has lived in Memphis his whole adult life. Terry enjoys water sports, hiking, and the Memphis Grizzlies with his family. He shares his life with his wonderful wife Elaine and...


Early Tap of the 401(k) Replaces Homes as American Piggy Bank (Reviewed) – TMA 050

Piggy banks may seem best suited to our childhood era. We mentally organize them with wagon-rides, tooth fairies, and the endless pencil-sharpening of early grade school. But as adults, we need and use piggy banks; they just come in a different form. When people need money for life’s setbacks and lean times, one of the most accessed “piggy banks” is the 401(k), says Richard Rubin and Margaret Collins, in the Bloomberg article, Early Tap of 401(k) Replaces Homes as American Piggy Bank....


Privatized Banking: The Golden Key that Unlocks Your Financial Life – TMA 049

You play a big game, and you want your money to keep pace. Being in control is essential to you, and your money is no exception. You don’t have time to be strung along every year, hoping for better returns. Instead, you want to be able to count on your money to give you confidence and certainty. You want the cash available to be able to invest in what you understand and control – what matters most to you. Because you’re discerning and savvy, you don’t place stock in magic bullets. Instead,...


LifeBook: Creating an Extraordinary Life, with Jon and Missy Butcher – TMA 048

You are a creator! You can create and live your own extraordinary life, starting right now. And here are the tools to do so, right at your fingertips! Jon and Missy Butcher, founders of LifeBook, have embodied creating their own life. And you can do that too.  To quote Steve Jobs, “Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you, and you can change it, you can influence it. You can build your own things that other people can use.” If what you see...


Don’t Be a “Rugged Individualist” – Delegate! (Reviewed) – TMA 047

As entrepreneurs building growing businesses, it often becomes necessary to transform ourselves. Innovation requires shedding our old thought patterns and ways of operating, so we can embrace new ones that serve us better. Dan Sullivan, of Strategic Coach, outlines this phenomenon in his growth-provoking article, Don’t Be a “Rugged Individualist” – Delegate! He contrasts two ways of being. As fledgling entrepreneurs, we embody the tenacity and grit of “rugged individualist.” Perhaps...


Cash Flow Index: The Smartest Way to Pay off Debt – TMA 046

Most people struggle to get out from debt like they’re drowning in the ocean. Like drowning, they waste energy, time, and money floundering and flailing instead of taking calculated, focused, strategically-timed strokes that would free them most efficiently.  One of the reasons that this happens so often is because people focus on solving the wrong problem. When it comes to paying off debt, most people are riveted on the interest they are paying. They let it steal their attention like a car...


Nelson Nash: Father of The Infinite Banking Concept® – TMA 045

Nelson Nash is an exceptional thinker who discovered a secret to prosperity that was too good to keep to himself. The Infinite Banking Concept® was born when he noticed what was already possible inside cash value life insurance; the ability to earn interest, gain access to capital and take control of your financial life. Since then, he’s poured his life into providing education about life insurance, making it plain so that others could prosper. Through his life and work, Nelson has woven a...


See You Next Week

We'll be back next week with our regular podcast, video, and blog. I promise it's one that's well worth the wait. This week, my family and I spent several days preparing for Hurricane Florence. Because we were bracing for potential rain, wind, storm surge, flooding and power outages in our area, we closed the office, packed up, and left town. I'm so grateful to report that our home and community were largely unaffected. We did get a mini vacation out of it and spent a few beautiful days with...


Taking Time Off Can Increase Your Productivity and Better Your Company (Reviewed) – TMA 044

For the business owner who wants to perform at their best and make the most out of life, the answer may be in working less, not more. In his insightful article Taking Time Off Can Increase Your Productivity and Better Your Company, Dan Sullivan, of Strategic Coach, reveals the leverage that taking time off can give your work life, your non-work life, your company, and your employees. His advice runs against the grain of our culture that is addicted to workaholism. We live on caffeine,...


Opportunity Cost: The Invisible Cost of Financing – TMA 043

Opportunity cost, like the submerged portion of an iceberg, is a part of your financial decisions hidden from view. While odorless, colorless, tasteless, and silent, opportunity cost is a threat to your wealth creation.  This wealth restrictor is no respecter of persons or purchase types. Opportunity cost is the tag-along to every financial decision you’ll ever make, whether you finance or pay cash. Because a dollar is a seed, every time a dollar leaves your economy, it takes along with it...


Creating Cash Flow with Real Estate: J. Massey – TMA 042

If you’ve been in our community for a while, chances are, you love cash flow, and you know we do too! You’re interested in quickly creating income streams with cash-flowing assets. You want assets you know and control that produce income for you so that your source of income is not restricted to the money you can make from your business while you are working in it. You likely already have your sights set on advancing your business to one that is self-sustaining, buying other businesses, or...


Staying Positive by Looking Backward (Reviewed) – TMA 041

Dan Sullivan shares a profound perspective on goal-setting, exponential vision, and staying energized to continue progressing, in his article Staying Positive by Looking Backward.  We’re sharing this article, along with our experience of using these concepts, to help fortify your abundance mindset. We know that developing a healthy, positive perspective is the secret weapon of the entrepreneur. It energizes and encourages you, helping you build the life and business you love. Where...


The Right Way to Spend Money: Spender, Saver, or Steward? – TMA 040

Alexander Pope said, “To err is human, to forgive divine.” Financially speaking, it would be more accurate to say, “to spend money is human, to create wealth divine.” No one ever needed a lesson in how to buy things. In fact, with no restraint, we manage quite well to find plentiful ways to spend money. How you spend money has the power to stunt or accelerate your wealth creation. Find out whether your purchase personality is a Spender, a Saver, or a Steward. Learn the practical action steps...


Speaking Without Fear, with Joe Yazbeck – TMA 039

If you’re in business, you should be speaking. Don’t let fear of using your own voice and not knowing what to say cripple your impact and prevent you from building a life and business you love. Instead, recognize the power of this essential skill and say yes to mastering speaking, so you can expand your relationships and grow your business. Here to encourage, enlighten, and empower you to improve your communication to create positive change is Joe Yazbeck, master speaker and coach. In this...


Business Is Simple: You Only Need One Thing Before You Launch, with Josh Thomas – TMA 038

We brought Josh Thomas, of Profit Arc, onto the show to talk about sales, marketing, and growth. This dynamic, authentic conversation covered that ground, and so much more.  In his down-to-earth message of simplicity and focus, Josh shares the power of one person to make a difference, how to adapt to change, and the #1 thing that your business needs to get results. Josh tells his fascinating story that winds from burnout and mediocre failure to learning how to run a successful business and...