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We'll be back next week with our regular podcast, video, and blog. I promise it's one that's well worth the wait. This week, my family and I spent several days preparing for Hurricane Florence. Because we were bracing for potential rain, wind, storm surge, flooding and power outages in our area, we closed the office, packed up, and left town. I'm so grateful to report that our home and community were largely unaffected. We did get a mini vacation out of it and spent a few beautiful days with...


Taking Time Off Can Increase Your Productivity and Better Your Company (Reviewed) – TMA 044

For the business owner who wants to perform at their best and make the most out of life, the answer may be in working less, not more. In his insightful article Taking Time Off Can Increase Your Productivity and Better Your Company, Dan Sullivan, of Strategic Coach, reveals the leverage that taking time off can give your work life, your non-work life, your company, and your employees. His advice runs against the grain of our culture that is addicted to workaholism. We live on caffeine,...


Opportunity Cost: The Invisible Cost of Financing – TMA 043

Opportunity cost, like the submerged portion of an iceberg, is a part of your financial decisions hidden from view. While odorless, colorless, tasteless, and silent, opportunity cost is a threat to your wealth creation.  This wealth restrictor is no respecter of persons or purchase types. Opportunity cost is the tag-along to every financial decision you’ll ever make, whether you finance or pay cash. Because a dollar is a seed, every time a dollar leaves your economy, it takes along with it...


Creating Cash Flow with Real Estate: J. Massey – TMA 042

If you’ve been in our community for a while, chances are, you love cash flow, and you know we do too! You’re interested in quickly creating income streams with cash-flowing assets. You want assets you know and control that produce income for you so that your source of income is not restricted to the money you can make from your business while you are working in it. You likely already have your sights set on advancing your business to one that is self-sustaining, buying other businesses, or...


Staying Positive by Looking Backward (Reviewed) – TMA 041

Dan Sullivan shares a profound perspective on goal-setting, exponential vision, and staying energized to continue progressing, in his article Staying Positive by Looking Backward.  We’re sharing this article, along with our experience of using these concepts, to help fortify your abundance mindset. We know that developing a healthy, positive perspective is the secret weapon of the entrepreneur. It energizes and encourages you, helping you build the life and business you love. Introduction...


The Right Way to Spend Money: Spender, Saver, or Steward? – TMA 040

Alexander Pope said, “To err is human, to forgive divine.” Financially speaking, it would be more accurate to say, “to spend money is human, to create wealth divine.” No one ever needed a lesson in how to buy things. In fact, with no restraint, we manage quite well to find plentiful ways to spend money. How you spend money has the power to stunt or accelerate your wealth creation. Find out whether your purchase personality is a Spender, a Saver, or a Steward. Learn the practical action steps...


Speaking Without Fear, with Joe Yazbeck – TMA 039

If you’re in business, you should be speaking. Don’t let fear of using your own voice and not knowing what to say cripple your impact and prevent you from building a life and business you love. Instead, recognize the power of this essential skill and say yes to mastering speaking, so you can expand your relationships and grow your business. Here to encourage, enlighten, and empower you to improve your communication to create positive change is Joe Yazbeck, master speaker and coach. In this...


Business Is Simple: You Only Need One Thing Before You Launch, with Josh Thomas – TMA 038

We brought Josh Thomas, of Profit Arc, onto the show to talk about sales, marketing, and growth. This dynamic, authentic conversation covered that ground, and so much more.  In his down-to-earth message of simplicity and focus, Josh shares the power of one person to make a difference, how to adapt to change, and the #1 thing that your business needs to get results. Josh tells his fascinating story that winds from burnout and mediocre failure to learning how to run a successful business and...


Why Debt Free Doesn’t Make You Financially Free – TMA 037

Becoming debt free is often listed as a notch on the belt of financial progress. It’s widely discussed, admired, longed for, celebrated, and even praised by so-called financial experts. But, paying off debt may be risky or even altogether unnecessary. In fact, you’re probably not in debt in the first place! We want you to be debt free, but you first have to know what that means. Many confuse being debt free with being liability free. Before you decide whether to add becoming debt free to...


Spartan Invest: Turnkey Real Estate Done Right, with Maureen McCann – TMA 036

Spartan Invest offers the opportunity to benefit easily from real estate investing. Investors secure the tax advantages of real estate ownership and earn cash flow, without industry knowledge, maintenance, or management headaches. If you’re looking for a way to get started in real estate investing or build a portfolio, consider the income-generating asset of single-family rental real estate in the renaissance city of Birmingham, Alabama.  In this interview with Maureen McCann, VP of Spartan...


Who Are the Financial Experts? – TMA 035

How do you know if the advice of financial experts applies to you? In fact, who are the financial experts? Does fame or popularity make someone an expert? What about having the biggest stage or the largest reach? Is it a degree, certification, or credential that qualifies them? Instead, the litmus test for a financial expert is that they give uncommon advice to people with uncommon income and uncommon goals.  To help you decide who to listen to in making educated financial choices to secure...


Lessons from a Commercial Multifamily Investor, with Paul Moore – TMA 034

In this fascinating interview with Paul Moore, we discussed opportunities for investors to build generational wealth through commercial multifamily investing. Unfortunately, there are high barriers to entry into this investment sector. New investors to this space may lack the capital requirements, loan qualifications, and experience needed to gain a seat at the table.  Through real estate investment firm, Wellings Capital, Paul Moore is making this asset class available to investors who...


The Biggest Thing You Can Do to Increase Your Cash Flow – TMA 033

The #1 most effective way to increase your cash flow today is to think like the bank. Banking generates voluminous cash flow. There are rules for how the bank operates that have established banking as the most powerful business model in the world. You can follow these rules to increase your cash flow, starting from whatever income you have today. This secret hidden in plain sight is the catalyst to increase your cash flow and take control of your financial destiny, without cutting back,...


Ted Benna: Reflections from the “Father of the 401(k)” – TMA 032

If you listen to the “financial experts” on tv or the radio, you will hear the typical blanket advice that you should put money into a 401(k). But the question is, does that advice apply to everybody? To get as much of an insider’s perspective as we could find, we interviewed Ted Benna, "inventor" of the 401(k).  During this insightful conversation, we discussed the purpose of the 401(k), its history, shortcomings, and the need for reform. This interview was forthright about why there’s a...


How to Shop for Insurance Part 3: Life, Health, and Disability Insurance – TMA 031

Life, health, and disability insurance protect you, your body, your wellness, and your livelihood. This range of coverage includes some of the most essential protections. Too often, people ask the wrong questions. This leads them to draw the wrong conclusions about life, health, and disability insurance. As a result, many remain drastically underinsured or forgo the protection altogether. Without maximum life, health, and disability insurance, you leave the things that matter most, exposed...


How to Shop For Insurance Part 2: Home and Auto Insurance – TMA 030

Home and auto insurance are two pillars of insurance protection that are almost universally understood to be necessary. However, when it comes to choosing and paying for coverage, you have nearly infinite options. The range of coverage details, exemptions, coverage amounts, and limitations add complexity. This can make shopping for insurance seem like a maze without an exit. Without the knowledge of what to look for, your home and auto insurance can become a costly money leak. But overwhelm...


How to Shop for Insurance Part 1: 7 Tips to Save on Insurance – TMA 029

When you shop for insurance, it’s best to start with a game plan. Then you know what to look for and how to save on insurance without sacrificing value.  It’s just like shopping for groceries, a marketing strategist, or an investment property. First, you need to know what you want. Next, you want to know how to get the best deal. Finally, you need to know where to find it. If you’ve been following along in this series on protection, you know why you want insurance. You’re here because you...


The Go-Giver: The Unexpected Secret of Success, with Bob Burg – TMA 028

The Go-Giver is an engaging parable about the unexpected system of getting predictable, proven results in building a prosperous business.  This story reveals the five laws of stratospheric success, giving you the recipe to make more money in your entrepreneurial endeavors by adding value and increasing your impact. If you have been reading The Money Advantage blog for awhile, you may already know that The Go-Giver book played a central role in How The Money Advantage Began. Why It Matters...


Why You Want Insurance Part 3: It Costs More to Self-Insure – TMA 027

To navigate your insurance decisions, you must weigh the costs and opportunity costs of each option. While some choose to self-insure as a solution to reduce costs, there are additional costs hidden beneath the surface that you need to be aware of.  Insurance is fairly polarizing. Chances are, you either love it or you hate it. And for most, it all boils down to cost. If you’re in the maximum-insurance-for-all-time camp, you want as much protection as you can get. You see no expiration on...


Content Marketing That Attracts and Converts Happy Clients, with Maggie Patterson – TMA 026

Content marketing is a powerful tool to reach your future customers before they choose to do business with you.  If you’ve been in business for 20 years or 15 minutes, you’ve realized that one of the primary levers of success is having customers. With people to see, you can find out what works best, make money, fine-tune, and scale. But without them, you’re dying a slow and painful death that eventually takes you out of business. So how do you attract and convert happy clients quickly,...