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#73 How to Market Yourself to Stand Out with Mallory Schlabach

In this episode, I interview Mallory Schlabach, Marketing Expert and mother of 4 about how she has grown her business while raising her family. She shares some amazing guidance on how you can use marketing stand out. What You Will Learn: The power and importance of personal branding. What Mallory Schlabach’s career looks like before and after her children? The simple approach to marketing yourself or business How can we blend traditional marketing with modern internet marketing? 3 Key...


#72 How Writing a Book Can Build Your Personal Brand with Deborah Ager

In this episode I interview Deborah Ager, Book Mentor and Founder of Radiant Media Labs, who helps clients write books that build their businesses and their personal brands. She also shares how she balances her career with being a mum. If you are anything like me, writing a book has been on your bucket list for some time, but it has always seemed like such a huge task. Well, I am so grateful that Deborah breaks things down today and shows us how simple writing your book can be. What you...


Quick Announcement

I am just about to end the launch of my brand new coaching program and realised that I never shared the awesome details here on the podcast. If you are feeling stuck in your career, head over to and join us for a 90-day coaching experience that will give you clarity and direction. Doors Close At 10pm on Thursday 26 September 2019. Click to view: show page on Awesound


#E71 - Mental Health in Motherhood with Amy Dunkell

In this episode, I interview Amy Dunkell, mother, photographer, nurse, and host of the Moms Rule the World podcast. We hear about how changing career direction helped her navigate the challenges of motherhood. Here is what you will learn: - How Amy's expectations of motherhood were different from her reality. - Why Amy started her podcast in the middle of a sleepless night with her baby. - What made Amy want to start a business shortly after having her baby. - How Amy dealt with...


#71 - Mental Health in Motherhood with Amy Dunkell

In this episode, I interview Amy Dunkell, mother, photographer, nurse, and host of the Moms Rule the World podcast. We hear about how changing career direction helped her navigate the challenges of motherhood. Here is what you will learn: - How Amy's expectations of motherhood were different from her reality. - Why Amy started her podcast in the middle of a sleepless night with her baby. - What made Amy want to start a business shortly after having her baby. - How Amy dealt with...


#70 - Getting Hired Without Online Applications with Austin Belcack

Career Change Series In this episode, we are talking about applying for new roles. My guest Austin Belcack will be sharing how you can avoid making applications that end up in the black hole of the internet. He talks about taking a more effective approach to your job search. This is a must-listen episode! Share it with a friend who is job searching. Connect with Austin via the show notes at Click to view: show page on Awesound


#69 - Improving Your Negotiation Skills with Michelle Gyimah

We are continuing the Career Change series. In this episode, I speak to Gender Pay Gap Consultant, Michelle Gyimah about a really important topic - negotiation. Here is what you will learn: - How Michelle navigated her transition back to work after maternity leave - The importance of learning how to negotiate your salary - What to do if you start a business that doesn't work out - Ways to shift your mindset to overcome reluctance to ask for what you...


#68 - From Teaching in Schools to Building Schools with Amy McLaren

We are continuing our career change series and have the pleasure of interviewing an amazing guest about her career change story. Amy McLaren is a former grade 1 teacher turned entrepreneur who has leveraged her classroom experience to make an amazing impact on the world as the co-founder of a not-for-profit organisation called Village Impact. What you will learn: How Village Impact began and key reasons for its growth over the years. The secret to Amy being able to juggle her family,...


#67 Signs its Time for a Career Change

I am excited that we are kicking off our Career Change series. If you are a cross-roads in your careers, you may be wondering whether you should take the leap and change career direction. In this episode, I talk about the 5 signs that it is time for a career change. Dive in and let me know if any of these resonate with you. ************************************************************* To get support with your career transition and connect with like-minded ambitious working mums, join the...


#66 Empowering Women in the Law with Sally Penni

In this week's episode I speak to Sally Penni who is a barrister and mother of 3. She wears many different hats. We talk about the importance of playing the long game when it comes to your career. She has some great suggestions for career advancement / development after having children. What you will learn: - How Sally has maintained her career as a barrister for 20 years while growing her family. - What inspired Sally to start Women in the Law UK. - Ways professional working women can...


#65 - 3 Easy Ways to Find New Opportunities

Today I share some simple steps you can take to bring new opportunities in your direction. These are small actionable steps you can start implementing today. Episode Highlights: Janine Esbrand describes a recent opportunity that came her way. The common experience of working mums that Janine comes across What is the ideal scenario for the work you want to do? Why is your network a golden asset? What are ways to strengthen your relationships? Janine Esbrand is conducting a Live Career...


EP64 - Redefining Motherhood with Martha Spirk

In this episode I speak to Marta Spirk, Success Coach, Motivator, and Host of the Mom Does it All podcast for this 64th episode. Marta opens up about her experience becoming a mother of triplets, finding her gifts to share as a success coach, and the importance of getting to know and love yourself. Episode Highlights: Marta Spirk introduces her journey from Brazil to becoming a triplet mom and teaching English. What led Marta to coaching? What is it like for Marta to have...


#63 - When to Hire a Career Coach

In today's episode, I delve into when you should seek out a career coach. Janine will enlighten you on what the benefits are of hiring a career coach and what a successful interaction with a coach can look like. Episode Highlights: - Janine Esbrand shares a story of a mother she met that was returning to work. - What are the common negative feelings that mothers may have when returning to work? - How did career coaching assist the working mom Janine met? - How can a career coach help...


#62 - Confessions of a Working Father with Brian Ballantyne

In this week's episode, I chat with Brian Ballantyne about working fatherhood. Brian has been advocating for women's rights in the workplace for the last 10 years. I am really looking forward to sharing this perspective as we don't hear enough of the challenges that working fathers face who are juggling work and parenting. What You Will Learn: - Some of the great insights that Brian shares: - What his career life looked like pre-children compared to post fatherhood - How family dynamics,...


#61 - Organization Hacks for Busy Working Mums with Katherine Tupy

This week on the show, I interview one of the awesome ladies in my monthly membership community, The Collective. It has been so great to see Katy’s progress. When she first joined the Collective she was negotiating a flexible return to work and now she is launching her podcast where she will be sharing tips on organisation and productivity. She is sharing some of those tips with us today. You will learn: - How being part of The Collective has helped Katy to achieve some of her...


#60 Simple Ways To Improve Money Management With Christina Sjahli

In today's episode we are focusing on the importance of money management in your personal life or business growth. Christina Sjahli gives us some simple but impactful tips that we can start implementing today. What you will learn: - How Christina rebuilt her finance career from scratch after relocating - Why Christina walked away from her finance career after reaching the C-suite. - Simple ways to get started with tracking your personal or business finances - Why making more money is...


#59 - Why I Quit (And What's Next)

In this episode I am sharing the process I went through to make a tough career decision. If you are at a career crossroads, this episode is going to be relevant for you. I share why I decided to quit my role as part-time legal counsel. Here is what you will learn: - The importance of getting clear on your values and using them as a filter - Why a change of circumstances means a once perfect role can turn into a position that no longer serves you - What I love about having a...


#58 - International Women's Day 2019 #Betterforbalance

In this episode we are celebrating International Women's Day by hearing from a range of women leaders from varied industries about their experience and advice on women progressing in their careers beyond motherhood. We hear from the following amazing ladies : - Katy Fridman - Founder of Flexible Working for People Like Me - Lydia Rumley - Branding Expert - Sian Heath-Hadley- Consultant - Marlis Huebner - Founder and creator of Ctaft1Life - Miisa Mink, Founder of...


#57 - Creating a winning work schedule with Tarzan Kay

Finding the right work schedule for you and your family can be challenging. There are so many moving parts when it comes to achieving good work/life integration. In this episode, award-winning copywriter, entrepreneur and mum of 2, Tarzan Kay shares how she created a work schedule that truly works for her and her young family. Here is what you will learn - Why Tarzan loved law school but didn't become a lawyer - How she decided to become the sole breadwinner for her family - What...


#56 - How To Get What You Want Through Effective Email with Maggie Frank-Hsu

Communication is key to relationships in both our personal and professional lives. As women we can often be passive when it comes to getting what we want in our corporate work or in our businesses. In this episode, I speak to email marketing expert, Maggie Frank-Hsu about why using email the right way can lead to more sales or more yes' from the right people within your organisation. We also hear about Maggie's career journey and her experience as a mum of 2 boys. There is so much goodness...