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273: How Nuun Life Grew To An 8 Figure Business With CEO Kevin Rutherford

Today I'm thrilled to have Kevin Rutherford on the show. Kevin is the CEO of Nuun life, a company that sells hydration tablets that turn water into a Gatorade like drink with very few carbs. Nuun is a product that I personally use every single day to stay hydrated and feel productive. And today, we'll learn how Kevin has grown Nuun into a behemoth of a company. Enjoy the show! What You'll Learn How Nuun got started How Nuun grew to an 8 figure company What were the primary strategies to grow...


272: How To Get Free Press To Sell Your Products With Dawn LaFontaine

Today I’m thrilled to have Dawn LaFontaine on the show. Dawn was a finalist on the 5 Minute Pitch, my Shark Tank like show with Mike Jackness, Greg Mercer and Scott Voelker where we gave away 50,000 in cold hard cash. Dawn runs an ecommerce business selling card board boxes for cats. Her products have been featured in Parade, Product Hunt and the Boston Globe. And in this interview, we’re going to talk about Dawn’s triumphs and obstacles in launching her business. What You'll Learn Dawn's...


271: The Top 5 Best Entrepreneurship Books Of All Time With Mani Vaya

Today I'm thrilled to have my buddy Mani Vaya on the show. Mani is someone who I met at the Menfluential conference formerly known as StyleCon and we hit it off right away. Mani is the founder of and like myself, he’s a former electrical engineer who worked in tech for over a decade before starting his business selling courses and entrepreneurship book summaries. Today we’re going to discuss Mani’s business and his top favorite entrepreneurship books of all time. What You'll...


270: How To Build A Facebook Messenger Bot That Sells With Natasha Takahashi

Today I’m thrilled to have Natasha Takahashi on the show. Natasha is someone who I met at Social Media Marketing World and she’s an expert when it comes to Facebook Chatbots. She is the chief marketing officer and founder of the School Of Bots and she's spoken at many industry events like Social Media Marketing World and Traffic & Conversions. In this episode, we’re going to talk about the best way to implement a chat bot on an ecommerce store that sells physical products. What You'll Learn...


269: How My Student Makes 60K/Month Selling Party Supplies With Amanda Wittenborn

Today I’m really happy to have Amanda Wittenborn on the show. Not only is Amanda a student in my Create A Profitable Online Store Course but she was also a finalist in the 5 Minute Pitch, my Shark Tank like show, where she competed to win $50,000. Amanda started where she makes over 60K/month selling children’s party supplies online. In this episode, we’re going to talk about the triumphs and the struggles of entrepreneurship and how Amanda got started with her business....


268: How To Rank An Ecommerce Store In Search With Dan Shure

Today, I’m excited to have Dan Shure on the show. Dan is the founder of a boutique SEO consultancy called Evolving SEO and he is an SEO expert with a fantastic reputation. He’s helped entrepreneurs like Nathan Chan of Foundr Magazine and Noah Kagan of with their SEO in addition to popular startups like Ring, and Hint Water. He also runs a popular podcast called Experts on The Wire. In this episode, Dan and I discuss what it takes to rank an ecommerce store in search. What You'll...


267: The New Amazon Ads You Probably Aren’t Running Yet With Brett Curry

Today, I’m thrilled to have Brett Curry back on the show. Brett is someone who I met through Drew Sanocki at the Traffic And Conversions Summit in San Diego. He has spoken at my conference, The Sellers Summit, for the past 2 years and he runs OMG Commerce which is an ecommerce agency that has helped over 125 companies with their pay per click advertising. In this episode, Brett and I talk about combining Amazon PPC with Amazon DSP to grow your Amazon business. What You'll Learn What is...


266: How To Invent A Product From Scratch And Sell Over 300K Units With Kim Meckwood

Today I’m thrilled to have Kim Meckwood on the show. Kim was the winner of the 5 Minute Pitch, my Shark Tank like show with Mike Jackness, Greg Mercer and Scott Voelker where we gave away 50,000 in cold hard cash. Kim invented an ingenious product called Click And Carry that has sold over 300K units. Click And Carry is a tool that allows you to comfortably carry a bunch of bags all at once and sling them over your shoulder. In this episode, we’re going to talk about the triumphs and the...


265: How To Be More Efficient With Your Time With Thanh Pham

Today, I’m really happy to have my fellow Asian compatriot Thanh Pham on the show. Thanh runs the popular site where he teaches others how to be more productive with their time. He is considered to be one of the top thought leaders in the productivity industry and he has been featured in Fast Company,, Forbes, Huffington Post, and The Globe & Mail. In today’s episode, we uncover the lost Asian secrets of productivity. What You'll Learn Productivity tips on how to...


264: What Amazon Strategies Are Working Today With Brad Moss

Today I’m thrilled to have Brad Moss back on the show. Brad is the former head of Seller Central at Amazon and he’s also the founder of where he helps Amazon sellers blow up their businesses. As a result, he has intimate knowledge of how Amazon works from the inside. This year, Brad spoke at my conference, The Sellers Summit, for the 3rd straight year, and his presentation was very well received. Brad is one of my go to guys when it comes to Amazon and today, we’re going to...


263: How To Outsource Your Amazon Business For Less With Omer Riaz

Today, I’m really happy to have Omer Riaz on the show. Omer and I just hung out for 3 straight days at my annual event the Sellers Summit. He’s been an Amazon and Ebay seller for many years and now he helps others manage their own businesses. Today, he runs the popular Amazon VA service and in this episode we are going to talk about how to outsource and scale your Amazon business even if you are a one man show. What You'll Learn Common mistakes Amazon sellers make Which Amazon...


262: How Amazon Counterfeits Nearly Destroyed A 7 Figure Business With Kevin Williams

Today I’m really excited to have Kevin Williams back on the show. Kevin runs the site where he sells a power cleaning brush. Last time we spoke on episode 209, Kevin’s company was doing great, sales were going gangbusters and they had just been on Shark Tank. But last year, things took a sharp turn due to an unfortunate sequence of events involving IP theft and piracy. In today’s episode, Kevin and I talk about what happened and how he almost lost his entire business. What...


261: How My Student Kym Campbell Makes $400K/Year Helping Women With Their Fertility

Today I’m really happy to have Kym Campbell on the show and Kym is a student in my Create A Profitable Online Store Course. But her story is different compared to the other students in my class in that she doesn’t sell any physical products. Instead, she’s taken her business to over $400K in revenue this past year with a membership site and digital courses. As it turns out, marketing is marketing and it applies to both physical and digital products online. Today,...


260: Introducing The 5 Minute Pitch Podcast Episode 1 With Dawn LaFontaine

The 5 Minute Pitch is a Shark Tank like show where 32 contestants pitch us their business for the chance to win $50,000 in prize money. Think of it like an NCAA style basketball tournament for small companies! The judges are Scott Voelker, Greg Mercer, Mike Jackness and myself and we've put all of the episodes in a podcast for your enjoyment. Right now we are running a contest where we're giving away over $6000 in prizes. Click Here To Enter The Contest What You'll Learn What the 5 Minute...


259: How To Rank For Competitive Keywords In Google With Jimmy Daly

Today, I’m really happy to have Jimmy Daly on the show. Jimmy runs, which specializes in content marketing for SAAS companies. They are responsible for ranking many of the successful SAAS companies out there in Google search and clearly know what they are doing. In this episode, Jimmy and I are going to discuss the most important aspects of content marketing and how to rank in search. What You'll Learn How Animalz was founded How to formulate an effective content strategy Keyword...


258: A Recap Of Sellers Summit 2019 With Toni Anderson

We’re doing a special episode today. Sellers Summit 2019 just ended so I brought my partner Toni Anderson on the show to do a recap of the event. The Sellers Summit is a conference that we throw every year. This is our 4th time and the show is all about bringing ecommerce entrepreneurs together and learning new strategies on how to sell physical products. Today we’re going to talk about what worked, what didn’t and some key takeaways. What You'll Learn The theme for this year's event What we...


257: The Right Way To Outsource Your Business With Nathan Hirsch

Today, I’m really happy to have Nathan Hirsch on the show. Nathan is the founder and CEO of FreeeUp, a platform that connects businesses to freelancers and virtual assistants that specialize in ecommerce and digital marketing. In his prior life, he bootstrapped 2 multi-million dollar businesses and at one point he was managing over a half a million products selling on Amazon with over 1000 suppliers. In this episode, you'll learn the best way to scale your ecommerce business and how to...


256: Sunny Lenarduzzi On How To Start A YouTube Channel

Today, I’m really happy to have Sunny Lenarduzzi on the show. Sunny and I met at Social Media Marketing World where we were both speakers and she has over a decade of experience as an award winning video, social media and brand strategist. She helps entrepreneurs elevate their businesses on YouTube and her clients have generated over 5M in revenue from organic YouTube traffic. In this episode, we discuss using YouTube to grow an ecommerce business. What You'll Learn What type of videos work...


255: How To Make 6 Figures Selling Clothing For Moms With My Student Tsippi Gross

Today I’m really happy to have Tsippi Gross on the show. Tsippi is a student in my Create A Profitable Online Store Course and I distinctly remember her first sale when she sold 12 dresses just by showing off her samples! Today, Tsippi runs a 6 figure business at where she sells trendy apparel for breastfeeding Moms without using Amazon at all. In this episode, Tsippi and I discuss the triumphs and the struggles of entrepreneurship. Want To Learn How To Start A 6 Figure...


254: Meghla Bhardwaj – Global Sources Vs Alibaba And How To Find The Best Suppliers

Today I'm thrilled to have Meghla Bwardhaj on the show. Meghla is the head of content marketing at Global Sources, a company that helps entrepreneurs find Asian suppliers online. In addition, Meghla coordinates the annual Global Sources Summit in Hong Kong where they provide incredible content for ecommerce entrepreneurs. Today, we're going to discuss product sourcing, trade shows and everything supplier related. What You'll Learn The benefits of attending a trade show How to ensure the...