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The Nest Egg Podcast is your chance to hear from the experts, advisers and everyday Aussie investors about the biggest themes shaping the Australian investing, property, tax and retirement landscapes.

The Nest Egg Podcast is your chance to hear from the experts, advisers and everyday Aussie investors about the biggest themes shaping the Australian investing, property, tax and retirement landscapes.
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The Nest Egg Podcast is your chance to hear from the experts, advisers and everyday Aussie investors about the biggest themes shaping the Australian investing, property, tax and retirement landscapes.




Debunking common myths around SMSFs

Self-managed super funds have seen a rapid increase in the last few years, with many people seeking transparent alternatives to traditional superannuation providers for their retirement planning. Chris Brycki founded the online investment adviser Stockspot to help people grow their wealth by providing access to low-cost, diversified portfolio opportunities. SMSFs are an attractive avenue for investors; however, they require active attention to regulation and administration. Chris joins...


The importance of mindset in the investment game

Learn to Trade founder Greg Secker’s investment journey began with him working in IT on a trading floor supporting the largest currency trader in London. With no real knowledge of finance and a $5,000 gift from his mother, Greg entered the trading game. He joins the nestegg Podcast to discuss his journey to success. Having previously joined the show to share how he is making a full-time income in only a few hours a week, Greg Morgan also joins host David Stratford to share how Learn to...


Investing in property - A numbers game

With the recent upswing of the Australian property market, more investors are looking at property as a vehicle to excel their investment portfolio. In this episode of the nestegg podcast, host David Stratford is joined by group general manager at CFMG Capital, Andrew Thomson, to discuss the difference between active and passive investment approaches, how his client base has evolved over the last 12 months, and the ways his business distinguishes itself from others in today's property...


The benefits of defensive investing in the current financial climate

Portfolio manager at Lazard Asset Management Aaron Binsted joins host Grace Ormsby in this episode of the nestegg Podcast to dissect Australia's current "soft" financial climate, and why defensive investing could be the right strategy for a multitude of investors. Aaron defines defensive investing, comparing it to conservative investment options; analyses the types of investors who should be considering it as an investment strategy; and provides examples of industries where Lazard Asset...


Planning for tomorrow’s lifestyle today

In this episode of the nestegg podcast, David Stratford has a chat with Aberdeen Standard Investments head of retirement and product strategy for Australia, Jason Nyilas to discuss all things retirement. Investors will learn the importance of financial advice in retirement, since the default pension options available don't always match up with personal expectations. Jason also weighs in on whether the impending retirement income covenant goes far enough in supporting individual member...


Is history repeating itself? How to harness markets past

In this episode of the nestegg podcast, David Stratford sits down with Trilogy Funds Management's managing director Philip Ryan to discuss all things markets. Investors will learn how the application of lessons learnt from past trends and investment mistakes can help them to better inform themselves about today's economic world. Philip also shares his expertise to unpack the unpredictability of recessions, the impact made by commodities on countries and how investors can still get ahead...


Aligning our values with our money

In this episode of the Nest Egg Podcast, David Stratford sits down with Future Super CEO Simon Sheikh to discuss all things ethical investing. Investors will learn how ethical investing goes beyond 'doing the right thing' and incorporates technology, healthcare and educational services. Simon also shares the importance of active investment and why we are on the edge of the 'right side of history' as the major countries move towards a more sustainable future. You can keep up to date...


Trading in the era of Twitter

With 10 years trading experience, learn to trades’ Gurdas Sidhu joins host David Stratford to talk all things trading and the effect a single tweet from President Trump can have on the market. Gurdas reflects on how he has gotten to where he is today, the benefits of mentors for younger traders and the importance of understanding why you are losing. Gurdas also touches on the current trade war between the US and china, his opinion on crypto currencies and advice for investors when the...


Bitcoin and why we “aint seen nothing yet”

In this episode of the Nest Egg podcast, host David Stratford is joined by CEO & co-founder of Amber Aleks Svetski to talk all things Bitcoin, Blockchain and the crypto world we are moving towards. Aleks reveals why he continues to buy Bitcoin every day, his opinion on the stigma surrounding cryptocurrencies and the difference between Bitcoin now and in its peak. He also discusses his thoughts on Facebook's new currency Libra and the knock-on effect it has had for other...


All things Robo, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Exchange-traded fund (ETF)

Host David Stratford is joined by Kanish Chugh, Co-Head of sales from ETF Securities and Richard lightbound CEO of EMEA Asia for Robo Global to discuss the Robo global index and the way Robo global stitches into ETF Securities. Richard reveals the core parts of the Robo global index, how they are giving investors exposure to underlying technology’s, how technology is being deployed as product in society and changes in the world of commercial business. Thanks Kanish & Richard, for sharing...


Why investors shouldn’t be afraid of a slow down in the market

In this episode of the Nest Egg podcast, host David Stratford is joined by equity strategist Julia Lee from Bell Direct. Julia reveals where she is currently investing, her top tips to buying shares and discusses her role at Bell Direct. Julia discusses how investors can build a diversified portfolio in a low-interest-rate environment, explains why a market slow down doesn't mean doom and gloom, and why right now is a great time to be an investor. Thanks Julia, for sharing your...


Making a full-time income in just a few hours a day a few days a week

Greg Morgan's workday has changed significantly from his time in news television. In the latest episode of The Nest Egg Podcast, he reflects on one workday where he broadcast the capture of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad to the world, then on a more recent workday where he traded by the pool in Bali for a few hours, paying for the expenses of that holiday in just a few hours. Greg joins host David Stratford to share the story of his start in trading, how he has turned it into a lucrative career...


How savvy investors are turning otherwise idle cash into a wealth creation tool

In this episode of the Nest Egg podcast, host David Stratford is joined by both CEO of IPO Wealth, Ewan Laughlin, and managing director of Mayfair 101, James Mawhinney, to reveal how they are helping individuals grow wealth by better distributing the money that they already have. Ewan will unpack the model that IPO Wealth is implementing, the benefits of generating a financial return using its wealth model, and the significant growth that it has seen over the past 12 months. James...


Making the benefits of corporate bonds accessible to the everyday investor

In this episode of the Nest Egg podcast, Richard Murphy, CEO and Co-Founder of the XTB range of corporate bond securities on ASX joins host David Stratford. Richard outlines exactly what an XTB is, and how they have made corporate bonds - previously out of reach to most of us - available to the everyday Australian investor on the ASX. Richard will discuss the predictable nature of the bond market and the growth of "safe money" investment options, why diversification is so important, and the...


Just how defensive is your portfolio really?

In this episode of the Nest Egg podcast, Gopi Karunakaran, portfolio manager for Ardea Investment Management, speaks with host David Stratford about the current spotlight on the fixed income markets and also some top investment tips you can add to your portfolio and the way you invest yourself. Gopi gives a real breakdown into the theme of the total investment market across how portfolios are can potentially become unbalanced and for investors who are too heavily weighted in equities, you...


Unpacking the findings of the SMSF Trading Trends Report

In this episode of the Nest Egg podcast, Marcus Evans, CBA's head of SMSF customers, speaks with host David Stratford about the results of the latest CommSec SMSF Trading Trends Report and evaluates the happenings of "a tough six-month period" on the stock market. Marcus will reveal how the report is generated, what fundamentals are analysed and compared, and how judgments and hypotheses are reached. He will also discuss some of the changes that have been observed surrounding particular...


Is your investment strategy factual or fictional?

In this episode of the Nest Egg podcast, Steven Glass, deputy portfolio manager of the international equities fund Pengana, joins host David Stratford to reflect on his investing background and reveal how you can leverage investor psychology to your advantage. Steven will discuss the dangers of an oversaturation of data surrounding the market and reveal why it is in fact a long-term perspective that should shape your decisions, yet also why your strategy needs to be flexible so as to...


How the royal commission’s final report could impact your back pocket

In this episode of the Nest Egg podcast, Alex Whitlock, director of Momentum Intelligence, and Annie Kane, editor of mortgages at Momentum Media, join host David Stratford to unpack how the findings of the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry's final report will impact both the financial sector and those working within it, as well as the lives of everyday Australians. They will deep-dive into what the report set out to...


Why sometimes the best advice is to do the opposite of what the market is doing

With 2018 having seen market corrections across numerous investment classes and some claiming that the market would ‘struggle to get any lower’, many see 2019’s market as a great opportunity for investors to learn and take advantage of current conditions. In this episode of the Nest Egg podcast, Adam Truelove, global trading director at Learn to Trade, joins host David Stratford to reveal exactly how investors can do just that and why the 2018 market means good things for the year...


What can be learnt from 50 years of analysing the stock market

Internationally recognised futures analyst Jake Bernstein's reputation has been built over 50 years of analysing the stock market. An accomplished trader, educator and author with more than 40 books published, Jake has an enviable grasp on the market and the intricacies surrounding it. In this episode of the Nest Egg podcast, Jake joins host David Stratford to share why he chooses to invest and discuss the one key change he has seen in the market throughout the years which negatively...