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The No B******t Marketing Podcast is all about living in a world free of BS marketing, and full of bold solutions. Tune in each week as Dave tells you how to cut the BS and listen to our guests discuss their Big Idea about messaging success.

The No B******t Marketing Podcast is all about living in a world free of BS marketing, and full of bold solutions. Tune in each week as Dave tells you how to cut the BS and listen to our guests discuss their Big Idea about messaging success.


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The No B******t Marketing Podcast is all about living in a world free of BS marketing, and full of bold solutions. Tune in each week as Dave tells you how to cut the BS and listen to our guests discuss their Big Idea about messaging success.






396: Serena Williams' Press Conference Teaches Us About Emotional Intelligence

In 9 Words, Serena Williams Just Taught a Major Lesson in Emotional Intelligence. Instead of focusing on Williams abruptly walking away from the interview, which is the reason the press conference made headlines, it was a perfect presentation of "emotional intelligence and personal courage." In this episode, Dave dives into William's emotional conference and shares his insight from his perspective as a leader. Link to Mindy Zetlin's article: Click here


395: How and Why You Need to Become a Better Listener to Become Better at All You Do

People often ask Dave “How do I become a great speaker?” His answer starts with “Are you a great listener?” In this episode, Dave focuses on why that’s a key question to answer because focusing on being a better listener helps you become a better speaker, presenter, teammate, communicator and leader. Dave walks through how we have to overcome our brain’s natural tendency to give us mental shortcuts which hurts our ability to listen. This episode gives you the tips you need to become an...


394: Super EQ Shown in Post Super Bowl Leadership and Communication

Dave talks about how important EQ is to leadership and communication. He gives examples from the Post Super Bowl messaging of Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, and the New England Patriots. Dave mentioned the books On Apology & The Dynasty which he’s referenced in previous blogs and podcasts.


393: Super Bowl Special: 6 Steps to Make Your Company or Personal Brand Super

Dave talks about Super Bowl Week and all the amazing stories tied to it. He breaks down how you can make your company or personal brand super, including how you can leverage the Seinfeld Storytelling Approach and reach and engage each target audience. Dave also touches on his ranking of The Top Super Bowl Ads of All Time You gain tips you can use immediately to help with your personal brand story or your company’s.


392: Which Jerry Maguire Catch Phrase is Your Favorite?

This episode is about the Sights & Sounds of Marketing circa 1996/97. It all begins with Dave breaking down how the movie Jerry Maguire led to multiple catch phrases... Show Me the Money! You Had Me at Hello... And so many more. Dave moves onto the other memorable storytelling that happened back then in TV shows, ads, sports, music and pop culture. He ties it all back to how you can make your story memorable and reach, influence and engage each of your target markets.


391: The 6 Traits of the Best CEO’s

In this episode, Dave reviews the six traits of the best of the best CEOs. McKinsey Global Institute surveyed CEOs over the past 25 years from public companies, 25 years worth of data from 3,500 public companies, and they noticed there were six mindsets, six traits of the best of the best CEOs. 1. Focus on beating the odds 2. Manage performance and health 3. Put dynamics ahead of mechanics 4. Help directors help the business 5. Center on the long-term ‘Why?’ 6. Do what only you can do


390: Why MASSolutions is Called "The World's Only No BS Marketing Firm"

You hear it in every podcast but yet, do you realize the importance of the statement "the world's only No BS marketing firm?" Through the passion of wanting to learn more in his academic field and the inspiration from the teachings of the Father of Marketing, Philip Kotler, Dave created a system that was built on not only creative art, but the behavioral science. Eventually, this became what we refer to as the No BS Go-To-Market System; manifesting MASSolutions into becoming the world's...


389: How You Can Avoid Information Avoidance and Make Your Story Memorable

In this episode, Dave explains what Information Avoidance is and how it impacts you. He also provides specific ways for you to avoid it.


388: What 2020 Taught us About Communication

In this episode, Dave talks about how the pandemic forced us to change how we communicate. Some leaders leveraged the power of storytelling to sustain or grow despite the difficult environment this year. Others struggled. Hear how you can communicate more and better to your key target audiences in 2021.


387: The Benefits of Adding Reading to Your Repertoire

Yes, reading is fun and reading is fundamental. You can still watch videos. You can still listen to podcasts. But, what about reading? Did you forget about that one? People read less today, especially for enjoyment. In this episode, Dave goes over the benefits of reading through enhancing your learning skills, communication, and writing.


386: How More and Better Note Taking Can Help You Grow—5 Quick Ideas You Can Do Today

In this episode, Dave outlines how you can make life easier and grow personally and professionally by taking more and better notes. Sound crazy? Listen and take advantage with these easy to follow tips.


385: The NO BS Self-Assessment on Your Storytelling

In this episode, Dave walks you through a self-assessment on your most recent emails, videos on your website or social platforms, presentation decks, and meetings to evaluate your storytelling while constructing tips to implement to take your storytelling to the next level.


384: How Today's Leaders Are Successfully Building Trust

In this episode, Dave acknowledges the difference in leadership formalities from the powerful leaders from the 1960s through the 1990s to leaders who are more inclusive. Today's leaders can successfully build trust in 3 Ways:


383: The Importance of Perspective & Recognizing Those Who Matter Most

In this episode, Dave discusses the importance of perspective in the midst of how busy we may all be. Through recognition, Dave expresses deep gratitude to his family, team members, and clients who make MASSolutions.


382: Simplifying Your Problem-Solving Processes Using Occam's Razor

As individuals, we often devalue the thought of simple solutions and unknowingly look for more complex ideas as we believe the ones with more details get more appreciated than others. It's a common problem, but we often forget less is more, simple is better. In this episode, Dave discusses using Occam's razor to become more efficient with your storytelling, leadership, and problem-solving.


381: Making Customers Happy Lowers Your Cost of Selling

In this episode, Dave discusses how building and improving the customer experience generates a lower cost of selling. About MASSolutions For No Bullshit marketing solutions, including B2E marketing, public relations, and storytelling, contact Pittsburgh Marketing Agency MASSolutions here.


380: How You Can Better Understand Your Customer to Keep the Ones You Have and Get More Good Ones

Dave gives you big-time value in only 5 minutes by showing you how you can better understand your customer and your marketing opportunity by doing more with your data collection and analysis.


379: Are You Treating Your Employees Like Customers?

Are You Treating Your Employees Like Customers? You Should Be. It’s called Business to Employee (B2E) Marketing and it was a “must do” for peak performing leaders before the pandemic but now falls under the Essential Leadership Activities category. In this episode, Dave breaks down how you can improve The 3R’s of B2E Marketing: Recruitment, Retention, and Results (productivity!). He also admits where he wants and needs to do better and takes the time to thank the MASSolutions team for all...


378: HBR Agrees: Storytelling Can Make or Break Your Leadership

As an avid reader of the Harvard Business Review, Dave came across an article that influences what he has been explaining his entire career through speaking and writing: Storytelling can make or break your leadership. That is the title of Jeff Gothelf's article in which he shares five characteristics he found most effective stories to possess. In this episode, Dave shares his insight on Jeff Gothelf's article from his perspective as a leader and storytelling expert. Jeff Gothelf works as...


377: Why Personas Are BULL$H!# and How You Can Do Better

Personas were a good concept to help explain and leverage segmentation until creating personas became more about making up names and images for each group (think Hostile Hank, Worried Wanda!). That's when it morphed into BULL$H!# Marketing instead of focusing on how real segmentation can help businesses grow. In this episode, Dave tells you why that happened and how you can avoid the BS and better leverage segmentation.