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Welcome to The Overflow Taps Craft Beer Experience, hosted by social good tap house owners, Adam Stacey and Jesse Nelson. On this podcast, we talk about all things craft beer, with a heavy focus on tasting the beer. #craftbeer


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Welcome to The Overflow Taps Craft Beer Experience, hosted by social good tap house owners, Adam Stacey and Jesse Nelson. On this podcast, we talk about all things craft beer, with a heavy focus on tasting the beer. #craftbeer






A craft beer tasting of the Barrel Aged 11th Anniversary Stout from Fremont Brewing

Fremont is known for making some great BA beers, and this was no exception. If limited release beers are your thing, we officially launched our Cellar Club. With the holidays coming up, we're about to drop some new merch. Adam launched his Kombucha line over the weekend!


"Holy Lager Batman" — Bellingham crushes GABF. Old Schoolhouse makes a great fresh hop. We're buying you a 4-pack.

Bellingham is known for winning a lot of medals at GABF, and this year was no different. Old Schoolhouse sent us a 1/6 BBL of their fresh hop, and we really enjoyed the PNW vibes it brought us. We launched a new website and Adam wants to hand-select a 4-pack for one of our listens. Tune in to learn more! Text us: +1 (360) 205-9322


A Craft Beer Tasting of the Idaho 7 EyePA from Wander Brewing

This Single Hop IPA from Wander Brewing is tasty. We faced off in fantasy football last week. A new taphouse opened in Bellingham. We shout out to everyone in the wine club and share some news about a future beer club. Text us: +1 (360) 205-9322


"Steam Beer or California Common?" — Adam educates us on what makes a California Common so uncommon. Sober October has officially started. Our listeners share their best beer experience.

Wander Brewing is known for making a lot of great tasting beer, but did you know that they make an Amber Ale? We won't be participating in Sober October, but we've got some options for those who are. Our guests are amazing, so we asked them to share their best moments at Overflow. Text us: 360-205-9322


"Nelson. Nelson? Nelson!" — Block 15 is crushing it at both beer and distributing. The brewing industry loses billions. charity: water is at it again.

We always like to bring in anything with Nelson Sauvin hops, as it's one of our favorites. This one from Block 15 is amazing. The brewing and retail industry has been knocked down hard. Is a bailout in order? charity: water launched a September campaign to bring clean water to people in Mali. Text us: +1 (360) 205-9322 September Campaign:


"Hops, hops, and more hops" — Fresh hop season is here. GABF gets techy. Festbier is best served in a stein.

Stoup Brewing knows what we like in a fresh hop beer. Their Strata Fresh Hop Fiend is fantastic. GABF partners with local breweries to bring you incredible discounts. We broke out some Soktoberfest steins in celebration of festbier season.


"Living the lager life" - Lagers are on the rise. Chuckanut Brewery makes a great pilsner. Pizza and beer are the ultimate combo.

Ask a brewer what their favorite beer is, and they'll likely say pilsner. Speaking of pilsner, Chuckanut Brewery here in Bellingham makes a great one, and we'll tell you all about it. Our Bellingham location is getting a food upgrade!


“Taste the funk” — An education on mixed culture beer. The major can shortage affecting the beverage industry. Overflow Bellingham celebrates three years.

We really like mixed culture beer and decided to taste one on the show. The BioDiversity is a collaboration between Fortside Brewing and Logsdon Farmhouse Ales, and it’s pretty funky. The struggle for crowler cans almost feels like a pandemic toilet paper shortage. Our second location is officially three years old, and we take some time to reflect on the memories and people that have made it all happen. Text us:


“Otherlands Beer is the real deal” — Otherlands Wildflower IPA has a hint of Denmark to it. Hard Seltzer is here to stay. Structures Brewing lends a helping hand.

We’re frequent flyers when it comes to the newest brewery in Bellingham, Otherlands Beer. We share our thoughts on two of their amazing beers. With the popularity of Hard Seltzer, we couldn’t help but share with you its impact on the beer industry. Structures Brewing brews the Floral IPA in support of the Max Higbee Center in Bellingham. Text us:


“Boundary Bay Brewery steps up to the plate” — Boundary’s hazy take on the Cedar Dust IPA. COVID phase status. We get a little text happy.

We recently tapped a Hazy IPA from Boundary Bay Brewery in Bellingham, and it was delicious. COVID continues to rock small businesses. We touch base on what the current phase looks like for the food and beverage industry. And Overflow (yeah that’s us) just launched a uniquely engaging text platform. Text us: (360) 205-9322 For real, it's us!


A Craft Beer Tasting of the Block 15 Fresca Pilsner

We're back! Well, in an I just butchered this kind of way, =). There are many hurdles preventing us from getting together for these as often as we would like, so we're improvising. This one is just me (Jesse) tasting a pretty solid pilsner from Block 15. Enjoy! You can order this beer for to-go at both of our locations: Lynden Store Bellingham Store


Beer From Friends: Plainsman from Structures Brewing

Our good buddy San gave us this beer and it was tasty! We talk about our recent trip to Seattle and share some insight into a collaboration beer we brewed with Urban Family Brewing to help find a cure for MS. Tweet us: @overflowtaps


Drinking Something Special From pFriem Family Brewers

In today's show, you'll learn what "Cuvee" means while we sip on our first ever Hazy Pilsner. Yes, you read that correctly. A HAZY PILSNER! =) Tweet us: @overflowtaps


Testing Our Senses While Drinking IPA's

This is a special episode as we finally get a chance to test our senses with the Barth-Haas Hop Aroma Kit. We also talk about current and future collaborations and what's next for the podcast - beer releases. Let us know what you think! =) Tweet Us: @overflowtaps


Tasting a de Garde Brewing Beer With Friends

Allison and Steven Traff share a beer with us from their travels to de Garde Brewing. These two are long-time friends of Overlow and we're excited to have them on the show. Allison expresses her love for local craft beer and Steven talks about the influence his dad had on his love for craft beer. As an added bonus, Adam answeres the question "What is a spontaneous while ale?" Tweet Us! @overflowtaps


Tasting a Beer That Everyone is Talking About

The 3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze from Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen just might be the best beer we've ever tasted on the show. Our memory was a little fuzzy as to how we acquired this beer and Adam drops some knowledge on how to properly pour a bottle conditioned beer. Hope you enjoy the show! Tweet Us: @overflowtaps


A Craft Beer Tasting of the Wild Barrel Project #4 Apricot Grisette

Skookum Brewery isn't typically known for many styles outside of Barleywine and Hazy IPA's, but they did a great job on this beer. It was barrel fermented with mixed culture in wine barrels and then aged on fresh Yakima Valley apricots. Tweet Us: @overflowtaps


Barn Beer Tasting from plan Bee Farm Brewery

Our first podcast of 2020 was a fun one. In today's episode, we talk about new dad life while sipping on a beer you've probably never heard of. Tweet Us! @overflowtaps


Pairing Caribbean Inspired Food and Craft Beer /w Sarah Chan

For this episode, we sit down with Sarah Chan, owner of Calypso Kitchen. She is best known for her Caribbean inspired food, which we showcase on the show while sipping on some great tasting beer. She also shares her secret about where to find a key ingredient used in her cooking. We truly hope you enjoy this one. Hit us up with any questions or comments! Tweet Us: @overflowtaps Meet Sarah: @calypsokitchen


A Craft Beer Tasting of the Pumpkin Pie Clouds Hazy IPA

We don't normally like much lactose or pumpkin spice in our IPA's, but Skookum really balanced the flavors well in this one. It's even got some graham cracker crumbs in it. Hope you enjoy the show!