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Thanks for listening to THE PHENOM INVESTOR BLUEPRINT where we are giving you the insight to unlock your real estate success at the highest level…get pumped up, get dialed in and lets dive in to real talk without at fluff or boring concepts join your host Matt Garabedian “The Phenom Investor” as he shares his “real” talk and real experience on the real estate investing business.

Thanks for listening to THE PHENOM INVESTOR BLUEPRINT where we are giving you the insight to unlock your real estate success at the highest level…get pumped up, get dialed in and lets dive in to real talk without at fluff or boring concepts join your host Matt Garabedian “The Phenom Investor” as he shares his “real” talk and real experience on the real estate investing business.


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Thanks for listening to THE PHENOM INVESTOR BLUEPRINT where we are giving you the insight to unlock your real estate success at the highest level…get pumped up, get dialed in and lets dive in to real talk without at fluff or boring concepts join your host Matt Garabedian “The Phenom Investor” as he shares his “real” talk and real experience on the real estate investing business.






It’s Time To Overcome Those Negative Beliefs You Keep Holding Onto, Ep #28

One of the interesting things about being a human being is that each of us is unique, and with that, each of us has our own unique version of negative beliefs—about our lives, about our abilities, about ourselves. I’ve got my own version. So do you. For me, they manifest as a negative voice in my head, one I have a name for it that I’ll share with you a bit later on. But for now, just know this, I’m learning that the negative beliefs can be overcome, but not easily. It takes committed hard...


Buy Truth, Never Sell It, Ep #27

It may sound strange to you that you need to “buy truth” but the Bible says that’s exactly what we need to do. The idea is that the truth is so vital, so important to our existence and the way that we live, that if we were to find it for sale at the highest price imaginable, we should do everything we can to buy it, regardless of the price. That’s how important it is to live your life according to truth. This episode of the podcast is straight from Matt’s heart, thoughts he’s been having as...


Real Estate Investing, Identity, and True Success with NFL Phenom, Prince Amukamara, Ep #27

When you get the chance to speak with a world-class athlete like Prince Amukamara, you take it! What made the opportunity especially good for me is that Prince is not only an amazing football player (I’m quite a football fan myself), he’s also a fellow real estate investor and a brother in Christ. All of that, wrapped into one person makes for a fun conversation. You’ll hear Prince describe how he got into investing as he entered the NFL and how he knew absolutely nothing about it at first....


My Wholesale Real Estate Journey, Shared On The Flip2Freedom Show with Sean Terry, Ep #26

This episode features a conversation I was invited to have with Sean Terry, host of the Flip2Freedom Podcast. He was curious to hear how I got started in real estate investing and was particularly interested in why I chose wholesaling. It’s all about finding a property that can work for a wholesale deal and then connecting with the right buyer - and it’s not as difficult as you might think. I invite you to listen. Sean and I talk about my first wholesale deal - which was a mind-blowing...


Personal Fulfillment Doesn’t Come From Success: Matt Shares On The Real Estate Disruptors Podcast, Ep #25

Every human being on the planet wants to feel personally fulfilled and it’s all too common for people to turn to their career or work to find it. But nobody finds fulfillment in temporary things. Matt was invited to be a guest on the Real Estate Disruptors podcast recently and shared how his journey has taught him that truth. Only when he found a relationship with God did he come to know the true source of personal fulfillment. Join Matt and podcast host Steve Trang for this great...


Build Your Vision with Intentionality, Ep #24

Mustering the will to build your vision can sometimes be difficult! Matt encourages you to take the time to dig deep and know who you are, where you’re going, and why. Intentionality in building your goals and business will provide you an invaluable return on investment. Listen to the entire episode for key points of wisdom from Matt’s mentors and for the inspiration to push forward - even when it’s rough. Your vision needs to be big enough to scare you Matt is excited to announce a new...


Creating a Legacy as an Entrepreneur with Joe Evangelisti, Ep 23

Those who are creating a legacy for themselves, their families, and their businesses are those who believe they can succeed and view challenges in life as an opportunity for growth. Matt shares an interview he had with Joe Evangelisti, creator of The Legacy Blueprint podcast and founder of The Flip King educational series. Be sure to listen to this episode for the inspiration you need to jump into your business with the eagerness and strength to create a lasting legacy for you and your...


Diving into the Wholesale Real Estate Lifestyle with Kyle Stanley, Ep 22

Matt and Kyle Stanley tackle the hard questions about what it takes to get started in wholesale real estate, and why wholesaling is such an incredible game-changer for those who have persevered with it. Be sure to listen to the entire episode for Matt’s personal story of mistakenly diving into wholesaling and ultimately falling in love with it, and why wholesale real estate just may be the answer to your goals and dreams. Once you decide to wholesale - there’s no turning back! Wholesaling...


Wholesaling: the Opportunity to Control Your Own Income with Jaelin White

Success in wholesaling isn’t something that comes easily, but the rewards are entirely worth the grind. In this episode of The Phenom Investor, Matt shares an interview he had with Jaelin White - an experienced and successful wholesaler and entrepreneur. Matt’s experience with being a wholesaler vs. being a real estate agent Matt grew in his skill as a real estate investor and wholesaler by taking the path less traveled. Inspired by the opportunity to control his own income, he took his...


Seven Steps to Successful Living, Ep #20

In this episode of the Phenom Investor, Matt shares seven steps to successful living that will help you build your business as you strengthen your character. Life is full of uncertainty and events that we cannot control, but Matt focuses on the areas of life that we can have an impact on. While life stresses can easily become overwhelming, implementing the following steps into your daily routine will help you overcome the stress by taking responsibility for what you do have control...


Leaving a Legacy of Positivity and Faith, Ep 019

Looking at the examples of others can remind us that we are leaving a legacy of our own examples. In this episode, Matt explores the challenges that face the Christian leader and how to overcome them in the pursuit of a legacy that glorifies God. We live in a culture that is saturated with followership - everyone’s lives, thoughts, and actions are displayed across social media for all to see. Keeping ourselves focused on the temporary and shallow themes so often displayed will leave us...


Unlocking Your Potential Through a Positive Mindset, Ep 018

Unlocking your potential is a unique challenge that every business owner and entrepreneur endeavors to pursue on the pathway to success. But how do you practically go about discovering their potential and know how to create something useful with it? Matt explores how adopting and practicing a positive mindset can serve as a strategy and technique to discovering the “why” behind what you love and do. He also addresses how eliminating negative thinking can open the road to greater success...


Why and How You Should Be Creating A Legacy Through Business, Ep #17

I speak a lot about creating a legacy, establishing a track record of things you’ve contributed to the world that benefits people in general and your family specifically. But most of us don’t know what it really means or how to accomplish it. I recently turned 40 years old and intentionally took time to reflect. It was a great time seeing the things that have happened in my life - and more importantly - what I’ve done in response to them. It was encouraging because I feel I’ve been blessed...


Self-Sabotage: How To Detect It And Destroy It, Ep #16

We’ve all experienced self-sabotage, that nagging little voice in your own head that tells you that you’re an imposter, that you are a fake, that you can’t accomplish anything worthwhile. Too often, we just plod away with that in the back of our minds hoping it will go away. But it won't - and it will keep us from moving forward in life in a positive way. On this episode, I want to walk you through the ways that my self-sabotage shows up and explain to you what I’m learning to do about it....


Do You Know Why You Are Here? Ep #15

I wonder if you know why you are here? Do you know the reason you were put on the planet in the first place? It may seem strange for me to ask you those questions when this podcast is about real estate investing - but there’s a reason I am asking. All of your success in real estate is rooted in this all-important thing: You must KNOW why you are here and what you’re supposed to be doing. This episode is another wake-up call - a call to get you to stop deflecting and to stop putting off...


I Must Crush Anxiety Before It Crushes Me. Here’s What I’ve Learned. Ep #14

All of us who are trying to run a successful business need to learn how to crush anxiety. It’s the thing that adds pressure to life and pushes us to make bad business decisions. It leads us into the situations none of us want - marriage crisis, financial indecision, fear, bad judgment, even physical illness. Yes, all of those come from anxiety. I used to get whacked out by anxiety. It was a bad habit that plagued me more than I care to admit. I still experience the feeling of anxiety, but I...


Invest In Yourself And Change Your Life, Ep #13

Do you use the time and money you have to invest in yourself? Most people listening to my podcast are involved in real estate in some way, so you understand the concept of investments. It’s putting an asset in a place where it can grow, to your benefit. We get that concept, yet strangely enough, we don’t really believe in how important it is to invest in ourselves. This episode is about that. I want to emphasize how important it is, for a number of reasons, to invest in yourself. I talk...


How To Tap Into The Power To Live Like A Lion with Jody Morgan, Ep #12

Would you rather live your life like a gazelle (being the prey) or like a lion (being the predator)? We’re not talking about hunting down other people, we’re talking about living life on purpose, with passion and energy and boldness that enables you to use your life for good. That’s what Matt’s guest on this episode is all about. You’ll hear it in his voice from the first moment he speaks. Jody Miller is a personal trainer from Clovis, NM who Matt has been working with for a while now. He’s...


Fulfilling Your Potential Comes From Tapping Into Your Infinite Source Of Power, Ep #11

We all want to succeed, to have a source of power that is able to propel us to success and impact. But the way we typically go about it - by tapping into every source of supposed wisdom available - simply doesn't work. In this audio, Matt speaks about the ultimate, infinite source of power that is available to every human being. He’s experienced the rotten fruit that comes from trying to power his life in other ways and he wants to help you avoid that road. Listen, learn, and apply what...


Your Path To Greatness Leads From Success To Significance, Ep #10

There is a lot of talk these days about the greatness within individuals. Everybody wants to tap into their greatness. The truth is, most of what is passed off for greatness is not really great at all. It’s self-interest in a Photoshopped Instagram wrapper. Greatness doesn’t come from lots of success and achievement. It comes from living a life that influences others in ways that are greater than the temporary things we often set our eyes on. On this episode, Matt bares his soul - and puts...