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The Power of Bold is a podcast exploring risk-taking, entrepreneurship, and bold living. By studying the greats and hearing from well-renowned guests, you'll learn how to supercharge your career, whether you're an entrepreneur or not. Each episode will deliver actionable insights that you can apply to your own life.

The Power of Bold is a podcast exploring risk-taking, entrepreneurship, and bold living. By studying the greats and hearing from well-renowned guests, you'll learn how to supercharge your career, whether you're an entrepreneur or not. Each episode will deliver actionable insights that you can apply to your own life.
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The Power of Bold is a podcast exploring risk-taking, entrepreneurship, and bold living. By studying the greats and hearing from well-renowned guests, you'll learn how to supercharge your career, whether you're an entrepreneur or not. Each episode will deliver actionable insights that you can apply to your own life.




Leah Gervais on Mastering Your Personal Brand

An entrepreneur's personal brand has only become more relevant in 2019. In this episode of The Power of Bold, Adam discusses personal branding with Leah Gervais. Leah is the founder of Urban 20 Something, the host of the Your Biggest Vision podcast, and your host's fiance. Topics discussed include: 02:50 - Leah's latest work with Urban 20 Something and Your Biggest Vision. 04:42 - Common transformations for those that become full-time entrepreneurs. 06:26 - The biggest roadblocks to...


Bruce Craven on Game of Thrones and Leadership

As we are in the thick of the final exhilarating season of Game of Thrones, we are delighted to share our discussion with Bruce Craven. Regardless of your interest in the series, Game of Thrones offers a wealth of insights on leadership—from Daenerys Targaryen's quest to "break the wheel" to Sansa Stark's evolution to a leader in Winterfell. Bruce is the perfect person to discuss leadership lessons from Game of Thrones. He has spent decades studying the links between fiction and leadership,...


Alan Manly, The Unlikely Entrepreneur

Alan Manly is an Australian entrepreneur who founded Group Colleges Australia, a private educational institution based in Sydney. Alan is also the author of The Unlikely Entrepreneur, a story of how Alan, armed with a ninth-grade education, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey. Alan spoke with Adam about his trials and tribulations as an entrepreneur and how listeners can learn from his experience. The conversation begins with Alan explaining how he became an entrepreneur (01:31 -...


Marc Trestman on Football, the NFL, and Risk-Taking

Marc Trestman has dedicated his life to football. Starting as a quarterback for the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers, Marc has traveled across the football landscape. He has served as both assistant and head coaches at some of the most high-profile football franchises, like the Chicago Bears. As the head coach for the Montreal Alouettes and Toronto Argonauts, he won three Grey Cups (Canada's equivalent of the Super Bowl). Most recently, he was named the head coach and general manager...


Lyn Graft on Entrepreneurial Storytelling

Lyn Graft is a serial entrepreneur who has founded eight companies. One constant in his career, however, is his passion for entrepreneurs' stories. Lyn has filmed over 500 entrepreneurs for television and video, including Michael Dell, Drew Houston, and Tony Robbins. Recently, he released a book titled Start with Story: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Using Story to Grow Your Business. In episode 42 of The Power of Bold, Lyn spoke with Adam about storytelling and how entrepreneurs can become...


Episode 41: Lessons From Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

We are all looking to become more persuasive and influential in our lives. But did you know that there's a way that we can leverage human nature to accomplish these goals? In episode 41 of The Power of Bold, Adam takes a break from guest interviews and shares his favorite insights from Robert Cialdini's classic book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. Cialdini's book has sold millions of copies and is already being called a modern classic. Anyone can apply Cialdini's lessons in their...


Episode 40: Ryan Berman on Pursuing Courageous Change

We all want to be more courageous in our professional and personal lives. But how do we actually go about it? To answer this question, we're excited to share our interview with Ryan Berman. Ryan is a serial entrepreneur, having started several companies like Courage Brands and Sock Problems. He is also the author of a new book titled Return on Courage: A Business Playbook for Courageous Change. Ryan joined Adam on the podcast to speak about his story and how we can become more courageous—no...


Episode 39: Fei Wu on Sharing Creators' Stories

Fei Wu is an entrepreneur, podcaster, and the founder of Feisworld LLC. She created Feisworld to help small businesses and individuals tell better stories, find new customers, and create new revenue streams. Fei shared her story and how listeners can begin creating products and launching them into the marketplace, whether those products are podcasts, blogs, vlogs, or something else. The conversation begins with Fei Wu and Adam discussing Fei's early days as a creator (02:13 - 03:57),...


Episode 38: Becky Sheetz on Conquering the Business Battlefield

The Art of War is a classic book on military strategy. But did you know that you can apply the lessons from this classic text to start or scale a business? That's the thesis of Becky Sheetz, my guest for this episode. Becky is the co-founder of Sun Tzu Strategies and is the author of The Art of War for Small Business. The episode begins with Becky describing her initial fascination with Sun Tzu and The Art of War (02:41 - 08:22) and why she thinks war may be a good metaphor for challenges...


Episode 37: Steve Glaveski on Becoming an Entrepreneur

Our guest for this episode is Steve Glaveski, an Australian entrepreneur who has founded several growing ventures, including Collective Campus, Lemonade Stand, and the Future Squared podcast. He is also the author of a new book titled Employee to Entrepreneur: How to Earn Your Freedom and Do Work That Matters. Whether you are actively thinking of making the switch from employee to entrepreneur or are mildly intrigued by the prospect of working for yourself, Steve has some unique insights on...


Episode 36: Year-End Recap

Adam wraps up an excellent 2018 by providing a year-end recap of the podcast. As part of this recap, Adam shares excerpts of conversations with some of his most memorable guests from the last year. This episode is divided into two: the first half is focused on his guests' views on mindset and the second half is focused on his guests' views on certain skills that are critical to our success—regardless of our goals. The year-end recap begins with Adam sharing some of his introductory thoughts...


Episode 35: Nick Morgan on Mastering Digital Communication

Nick Morgan is one of America's most renowned and respected communications experts. He has spent his professional life studying storytelling, body language, and how humans communicate with each other. He is the founder of Public Words, a communications consulting company, and has written several books on communication. His most recent book centers on digital communication and is titled Can You Hear Me? How to Connect with People in a Virtual World. The conversation starts with Nick Morgan...


Episode 34: Adam Kreek, Olympic Gold Medalist and Adventurer

Adam Kreek isn't afraid to push his limits. He is a decorated, world-class rower who won Olympic gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He is an adventurer who teamed up with three friends to try completing the first ever row from Africa to North America. Now, he is a management consultant and executive coach who helps clients solve challenges in their professional and personal lives. In his conversation with Adam Pascarella, Adam Kreek discusses his life, athletic career, and ideas on concepts...


Episode 33: Kevin Eastman, Former NBA Assistant Coach

Kevin Eastman's professional life has focused on coaching and interacting with some of the best basketball players in the world. From being an assistant coach for the NBA's Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers to becoming VP of Basketball Operations for the Clippers, he has had plenty of opportunities to study how the greats act, behave and think. Looking back on his own life and the lives of the best basketball players, Kevin released a new book titled Why The Best Are The Best: 25 Words...


Episode 32: Ryder Carroll, Creator of the Bullet Journal

Ryder Carroll is a digital product designer in New York City who created the Bullet Journal, a global phenomenon that helps users "track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future." Ryder stopped by to discuss the Bullet Journal, how he created it, and how it can improve our lives, as he outlines in his new book called The Bullet Journal Method. The episode begins with Ryder explaining why he created the Bullet Journal (02:26 - 06:16), including the roadblocks he was facing in...


Episode 31: The Art of Cold Emailing

In episode thirty-one of the podcast, we take a detour and discuss the art of cold emailing. Adam Pascarella shares his own insights and experiences to show how cold emailing can help you get in touch with individuals outside of your social network. The episode begins with Adam speaking about the power of cold email in his entrepreneurial career (02:17 - 03:52) and why cold emailing can help you with your professional goals (3:53 - 08:34). He then speaks about some of the inherent...


Episode 30: Former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb on Mastering Fear

Adam speaks with Brandon Webb, a former Navy SEAL, entrepreneur, and author of Mastering Fear. The conversation begins with Brandon sharing his early adventures and fears, including his early fear of sharks (02:29 - 10:07). Brandon then speaks about his experience at Navy SEAL BUD/S training and how he overcame the challenges within, arguably, the toughest military training in the world (10:08 - 16:04). The discussion then turns to the fear that Brandon felt in his military career and his...


Episode 29: Tim Alison, Founder of Screw The Naysayers Productions

In the twenty-ninth episode of the podcast, Adam speaks with Tim Alison, the founder and CEO of Screw The Naysayers Productions. Throughout their discussion, Adam and Tim speak about entrepreneurship and those naysayers who try to deter and distract you from achieving your goals. The conversation begins with Tim sharing his entrepreneurial origin story, including how he left his six-figure corporate job in Toronto to become an entrepreneur in a tiny Nova Scotian fishing village (02:23 -...


Episode 28: Daron K. Roberts, Harvard Law Grad and Former NFL Coach

Adam interviews Daron K. Roberts, a graduate of Harvard Law School who decided to forego a traditional career in private practice to become an NFL coach. The interview begins with Daron speaking about his interest in politics and debate at a young age (02:14 - 05:54) and how he was able to become student body president at the University of Texas (05:55 - 11:11). Daron then shares his initial interest in law school and how he was eventually admitted to Harvard Law School (11:12 - 15:54). From...


Episode 27: Storytelling Skills With Murray Nossel

Adam speaks with Dr. Murray Nossel, a storytelling expert, co-founder of Narativ, and author of Powered By Storytelling: Excavate, Craft, and Present Stories to Transform Business Communication. The interview begins with Murray sharing his origin story, how he became obsessed with storytelling, and why listening is so critical for effective storytelling (02:08 - 19:34). Adam and Murray then discuss Murray's career in film and on the stage, and the storytelling insights that we can gather...