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PLP-070 First Private Lender Academy event – Title Class

On March 27th, 2019 the first event sponsored by the Private Lender Pocast and the Private Lender Academy was held at Quest Trust Company in Houston, TX. Wendy Bryan from WFG Title was the keynote speaker as she dropped a ton of title insurance knowledge in a very short amount of time! Keith Baker even learned a few new things that he will be incorporating into his underwriting demands and title policy conditions.


PLP-069 Background Checks And Why You Should Use Them

Lending money can be difficult. Any good investor should understand the importance of doing background checks prior to finalizing any transaction. Who to loan money to can often be decided through that person’s reputation. No one would want to fall on the empathy trap and end up trusting the wrong person. Predicting and verifying are key to loaning money. The gut is a powerful tool in lending and instinct can make or break and investment.. Verifying is a crucial part of investing. In every...


PLP-068 Larry Goins on Buying And Selling Using Internet Marketing Techniques

Keith gets to interview one of his earliest mentors in the real estate game, Larry Goins of The Goins Group and author of Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine and Getting Started in Real Estate Day Trading. Larry takes us into his own life’s journey towards becoming a real estate investor, sharing great nuggets from the things he learned along the way. Getting into the more technical stuff, Larry talks about the different ways to find properties and how he uses internet marketing techniques...


PLP-067 Admitting My Mistakes And Thoughts On The Current Real Estate Market

When you are in the spirit of full disclosure, you release everything without any limits or boundaries. Today, I am in the perfect shape to let everything out in the open, and a lot will relate to the topic of financial instability. As I own up and admit that I've gotten myself a little behind the eight ball, financially speaking, we will dive into the flipside of credit and why you don’t need to put yourself in that constant worry. On the other side, we review the current real estate market...


PLP-066 Private Lending And The SEC with Attorney Amy Wan

Not all are mindful of the laws that go along with private lending since some lenders base their transaction on relationships and trust. Although it all boils down to trust, being well-informed of the legal aspects of private lending will not harm anyone. In today’s time, there is a practical reality that people trying to raise a small amount of capital have limited ability to be compliant with securities laws, and this is what Attorney Amy Wan delves into. Founder and CEO of Bootstrap...


PLP-065 Late Penalties And Why You Need To Enforce Them

Many people get struck by the question from private lenders about utilizing their right to charge penalties for late payments and to which extent. Two of the facts to remember are there is a late payment after the grace period legally stated in a signed contract, and the promissory note backed by the deed of trust fully allows the lender to charge a penalty. Today, we dive deeper into defining, utilizing, and threatening penalties for borrowers who are late on their payments. Off the topic,...


PLP-064 Title Insurance Explained with Josie Anderson

Title insurance is a one-time charge paid at the time of closing. It covers your right and legal ownership to your house or land that you have purchased against liens. Josie Anderson, VP of Marketing at Valero Title - the only title company in Texas that offers zero escrow on all products - discusses the importance of having title insurance from a lender's perspective. She also walks us through the company and what the title insurance cover, as well as touches on T19, title commitments, and...


PLP-063 The Difference Between Hard Money And Private Money

They say that hard money lenders are the solution to any real estate investor’s funding impasse. On top of that, there’s been an evident confusion on the difference between hard and private money. What are the distinctions despite seen similarities? Which one should you prefer if you wanted to scale up your business? Learn the top three answers to what makes them poles apart when it comes to funding deals. --- Listen to the podcast here: The Difference Between Hard Money And Private Money...


PLP-062 The Art Of Raising Private Money with Alan Cowgill

The beauty in private lending is that private lenders get to set the rules. Alan Cowgill, owner of Colby Properties, LLC and President of Integrity Home Buyers, Inc., tells us how this goes down as he goes deep into raising private money. He shares how he got started in the whole real estate game, taking us into exit strategies, keeping investors and landlords safe, and paying private lenders. Alan also touches on 401(k)s and self-directed IRAs. Ending it with more great insights, he shares...


PLP-061 Q&A Session On A Real Estate Bus Tour

What are your pain points and what are you struggling with when it comes to private lending? Is it finding private lenders? Is it convincing them? We answer these questions about private lending, minimal risk investments, and a whole lot more. Join us on this episode as we conduct a Q&A session with Mitch Stephen, his students, and other entrepreneurs on his bus tour. Mitch is a self-taught entrepreneur and the author of the book, My Life & 1,000 Houses: The Art of Owner Financing. Keith...


PLP-060c Is it time to tighten your lending criteria?

Private Lending, passive income, passive real estate, passive investments


PLP-060b Football Season is Over

~Football Season is Over~ by Hunter S. Thompson (18 July 1937 - 20 February 2005) "No more games. No more Bombs. No more walking. No more fun. No more swimming. 67. That is 17 years past 50. 17 more than I needed or wanted. Boring. I am always bitchy. No fun - for anybody. 67 You are getting greedy. Act your old age. Relax - this won't hurt." I'm still hiatus for the moment, but am looking forward to March 11th when it all kicks off again! Important Links: iTunes – Private Lender Podcast...


PLP-060 I need to take a short hiatus

Keith Baker is prparing an even better listening experience for those looking to profit from alternative investments


PLP-059 Listener Spotlight: Hypothecation – A Unique Approach To Private Lending with Nomi Yah

Nomi Yah is a practitioner of creative financing. She hustles to make things happen. She’s not just waiting for things to come to her, but she makes sure to go after it. After buying her first house for $90,000, she sold it in a few years for $140,000. Seeing the profit from real estate, she bought and sold several more houses, adding in-law units and becoming a landlord. After consistent success, some family members invested and the business grew until they had thirteen tenants and one...


PLP-058 Foreclosure Journal: Episode 4 – A New Exit Strategy

Just when Keith thought he had it all figured out, he found a new exit strategy for the property he and his partner landed. This fourth installment of the foreclosure journal documents is about how Keith and Landon made a property more profitable than reselling it with owner finance, taking a down payment, and coming up with a note. Find out more as he walks you through how it happened. --- Listen to the podcast here: Foreclosure Journal: Episode 4 - A New Exit Strategy Just When I Thought I...


PLP-057 Using Private Money From 8,000 Miles Away with Steve and Michelle Green

Working remotely in the USA from anywhere in the world is the new normal. Michelle Green is a professional real estate investor, ex-property Lawyer and Realtor/Real Estate who works virtually in Texas, USA from her home in New Zealand. In 2016, with her father Steve, she founded the Koru Group which specializes in seller financing homes to retail buyers and investors who are not currently able to qualify for conventional financing. Steve and Michelle share how they first got started dabbling...


PLP-056 How to Lend when Markets Turn Down

If you are looking for a way to learn how to increase wealth by using time-tested methods in an ever-changing world, then you are in the right place! Welcome to the Private Lender Podcast, the only podcast whose mission is to teach people how to become private lenders and to create an economy where people just like you and I can confidently invest and build wealth with old-world pragmatism, and without banks or Wall Street. I want to share with you 3 or 4 of the ways I help keep money...


PLP-055 Why You Should Use A Note Servicing Company

You need to listen to this episode!


PLP-054 From Silicon Valley To Real Estate With Private Money with Victor Menasce

Real Estate Espresso podcast host Victor Menasce spent the first 25 years of his career in the high-tech industry. On his eighteenth trip to Tokyo in a year and a half, Victor realized he was on the wrong path. He felt the way he was working wasn't right for him nor his family, so he made the conscious decision to move full-time into the world of real estate investment. Victor stops by to share his knowledge about investing in the US from his home in Canada. --- Listen to the podcast here:...


PLP-053 One Year Anniversary: Thank You To The Listeners

It has been one year since Keith has started this journey of communicating and reaching out to all in the private lender space. He thanks his listeners and gives a heads-up of what is to come and the latest on the Private Lender Academy. Sharing some plans, he invites you to stick with him as you share great information and insights about private lending. --- Listen to the podcast here: One Year Anniversary: Thank You To The Listeners One year since this great experiment began, I thought I'd...