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We designed the show to support you as you make your product the Next Big Thing.

We designed the show to support you as you make your product the Next Big Thing.
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We designed the show to support you as you make your product the Next Big Thing.




Change at the Right Pace

Do you want to be "the poster child for achieving goals"? (Two friends literally said a version of "Amy, you're the poster child for achieving goals" on Friday and Saturday last week.) Being able to change well and with grace is a skill. That means it can be learned and honed. However, the pace of change is a funny thing and there are a few contradicting forces that can speed you up if you use them well. Did you know 80% of those good intentions called New Year's resolutions will fall...


The 3 Minute Skill to Practice

Today we're going to practice a skill together that will fuel your holidays, business and happiness in the New Year. In under 3 minutes, you can master this skill used by a billionaire. Yes, that was a billionaire with a B. He is one of the most intelligent, heart filled and humble guys, too. This humble skill takes minutes to do and can be done by all of us. Anywhere. Anytime. Regardless of bank account. Guaranteed. Any questions about the Mastermind, contact


What Prototype is Good Enough

When you ask the question - "What is 'good enough' for a prototype?" there are two sides to the answer. One is factual. The other is energetic. On the surface it sounds like a straightforward question. But, did you know that there can be at least 5 different answers? The right FACTUAL answer for you actually depends on product type, goals and stage you are in. The right ENERGETIC answer is another matter. On this episode, we'll be talking about prototypes. Sure. AND we'll be...


After You Sell $1,000,000 in a Year

Today we'll be talking about what to do after you sell a million dollars of products. There are decisions to make then that usually bring up a host of questions and choices. I'll give you the signs to look for as clues that you're close to the next stage.


Top Ten Ways of Reaching Markets Now

In this episode of the Product Business Show, we're going to be talking all about how to reach the people you want to reach. There are different strategies and techniques that are effective for different purposes. Hope you enjoy and please subscribe. :)


Top 10 Ways to Leverage Holiday Sales

With the holidays just around the corner, I want to share with you 10 creative ways to get the most out of your holiday season. There is always room and even more ways to move forward. I hope you enjoy and remember to subscribe.


How to use packaging to build value for your product

We've been getting a lot of requests for us to do people's packaging artwork. In simple terms, the way to think about packaging is that it can either shred your value proposition (and sales) or it can leapfrog your product over tall buildings in a single bound. Ok.. well.... not quite that last part but you get the idea. It's super important. Given that your business' financial value (to you and investors) is directly related to sales, improving packaging can make a very big difference.


Write compelling marketing copy

Original. Compelling. Connects people to ideas then to the product. It surprises, delights, informs, evokes a subconscious response. What's the "IT"? It's "copy", specifically --- Compelling Marketing Copy. I've seen way more than my share of GOOD (aha!), BAD (eek!) and UGLY (gasp!) marketing copy. I'm going to share how to optimize the good, rewrite the bad and scrap the downright-ugly copy.


Effective Investor Pitches

When I was listening to the practice run of an investor pitch, there was a glaring change that needed to be made. So, even if you've been wanting to pitch to investor groups, pitch contests or television shows like "Shark Tank", "Elevator Pitch", "Dragon's Den", "The Profit" or "Billion Dollar Buyer", it's a world of difference to actually do it. I thought you would benefit from hearing what makes an Effective Investor Pitch


Facebook & Instagram Updates for Business

I'm going to share a few of the gems I learned recently at an all-day event with the business teams from Facebook and Instagram. You'll be able to use a few of the inside tips for products as early as today if you're paying attention. :)


What Happens When Business Doubles or Triples

I had a chance to spend some time with the guy that Starbucks CEO, Howard Shultz, relied on to help them when they wanted to explode from $165 million per year to $1 billion per year. In 3 YEARS! And they did it. He's currently advising Jamba Juice on their organizational development. I'm BLESSED beyond words to have been selected to be in THAT EXACT ROOM with Eric and learn from him the past few weeks. Join me to hear some of the lessons that apply to product businesses.


Getting your product out there.

This Episode is from our Product business Show, which aired on 7/23/2018


Packaging - Fixing Problems & the Best Process

Correct packaging can do everything from increasing sales, improving profit margins and signing deals to lowering returns and customer service phone calls. All of that helps you make money, save time and lower stress levels.


Managing your project simply

Ok. Let's get real here. You can have the best intentions in the world BUT if you don't manage your day-to-day actions in your projects, you'll never get to your goals. As entrepreneurs, we all need a simple system for organizing the amount of detail that comes with creating new things. And, yes, there are ways to still have it feel light and creative!


"Carving Out Focused Time" for your product business

This episode is about simple ways to create focus and time for building your product business. Let's face it. Life happens so quickly. AND... The best of intentions are completely useless without your commitment and action. Consistent action. An action that might require you to grow. We'll have super actionable, simple steps you can take from wherever your project is right now. This call is especially important for anyone who has:


Sales funnels to sell more products

If you’ve never heard of a sales funnel, this show will help. If your sales are lackluster no matter how many people see your product, there’s a good chance you should look at changing your sales funnel. (And maybe your packaging or pricing but those are different topics we’ve talked a lot about on our blog.) Even if you are making sales, this show will help. That’s because evolving your sales funnels lets you keep pace and continue growing. So how do you know if you have a good sales...