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Learn to bridge the financial gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Learn to bridge the financial gap between where you are and where you want to be.


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Learn to bridge the financial gap between where you are and where you want to be.






Getting Money Organized

Ceri Payne, MEd. Organized Life Coach, joined the podcast to talk all about getting money organized. To get organized in any area you have to figure out what your priorities are and why. Why do you want to pay off debt? Why do you want to save for a vacation? And you have to be very clear in your head about the why. When it gets hard, to save money or say no to spending, or whatever your challenge is, it's the REASON behind the WHY that is going to keep you on track. Enjoy the show with...


How to Intentionally Life Hack Your Way to FI (Financial Independence)

Kelly Gagnon from the Eff the Joneses shares how she is life hacking her way to financial independence. After stumbling her way into the financial independence movement she began to make major shifts in her own life. She designed and created a location independent lifestyle and that included renting out her house on Airbnb to cash flow her mortgage, travel hacking, side hustles and traveling for her work-cations. “If it doesn’t bring me joy I am not going to do it.” Don't miss the...


My Personal Story to Debt Freedom

Mesha Griffith from Refilling My Wallet opens up about her personal debt freedom journey. She talks about the bumps in the road, moving, getting married and working to save every penny. Support the show (


Traveling the World Debt Free

Imagine traveling to 30 countries by age 30 while being debt free. That is what our guest Alycia Austin from My Currency Canvas is currently on track for. She has 3 years to go and 15 countries left. She was debt free by age 26 and knows how to travel. She shares tips on the best time to travel, the best sites for deals and how to stay in budget while traveling. She also can teach you how to become debt free on any salary. Support the show (


Money and Marriage - Debt Free Journey

Join Melissa and Murphy From Fit n Funds as they share their financial journey with our Host Dave Hall. They talk about their struggles in marriage and how once they started to solve their money situation it helped them get closer and saved their marriage. This powerful couple shares lessons learned, what changes they needed to make and why counseling has been a blessing for them. The best part about the show is learning how they paid off over $200,000 in debt and how they did this together....


The First Step to Financial Freedom

Julie, a personal finance master coach from The Money Wisdom Coach joined the podcast to share the steps on how to handle your finances to achieve prosperity and complete financial peace. As a finance coach he job is to empower people to take control of their lives and financial dreams. Learn how to get started and how to stay on course to a debt free life. Support the show (


Episode 17: Your Financial Journey Starts Here

Parris Mills was in the Military and was getting a great paycheck. He also was given a credit card with a $15,000 limit and spent it all in Guam, Hong Kong, Korea and every where else he went. He has been out of the Military for a while, working and side hustling to pay off all of his debts. He is moving to a new place, sold his car for a beater Toyota and is learning how to become debt free. Parris shares his financial journey through Instagram and how he got started. Join us on this...


Episode 16: Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually, & Financially (Broke to Debt Free)

This journey is so much more than just getting out of debt. This is Deanna Broaddus and her journey of recovering from addiction of alcohol/drugs at rock bottom all the way to the top. Along her twisty path of discovery she lost her house to foreclosure, made poor relationship choices, and racked up a lot of debt. Once she turned to faith she found healing in self discovery, a new tribe, and developed new financial habits that lead her to paying off $47,763 in debt. Deanna is now investing...


Episode 15: Saving "Moore" Money with the Budget Queen

Clarissa Moore the Budget Queen joins the show to talk about budgets, credit scores, side hustles and so much more in the financial space. She loves everything personal finance and shares her insights with us on how she works with her clients to get them on a budget that works. Clarissa breaks down her 10 year college journey, she talks about ways to improve your finances, using credit cards wisely, smart budgeting, saving goals, and we focus more on managing your credit scores. "Passion...


Episode 14: Avoiding lifestyle inflation - From Attorney to FI Blogger

Are you ready to learn about some of the best Side Hustles that bring Kevin in cash every month? Kevin Ha is an attorney and the blogger behind Financial Panther. His journey is about paying off $87,000 in debt in 2.5 years and how he continues to live a baseline lifestyle that brings him joy and why he chose to not live as a big shot lawyer. Kevin is passionate about earning money using the sharing economy and you can see all the ways he makes extra income every month in his side hustle...


Gold Collar Jobs Thanks to Tech Schools

Dillon Hurt from Dixie Technical College in Southern Utah joined the Podcast to talk all about tech schools vs traditional college. And why they turn blue collar jobs into gold collar jobs. Support the show (


Making Your Finances a Family Matter

Kat Kahanic a freelance writer and graphic designer joined us to discuss family and finances. The thing I love about our guest Kat, is how she described getting into financial literacy. She said that there was not a silver bullet, or this one moment that came to her, but it was more of an evolution. She said it was really, "a gradual awakening" that put her on the financial path to tell her story. She does also credit the fact that FinCon was also a huge boost for her to help get her story...


All About Estate Planning

Curtis Olsen is an experienced Estate Planner for over 10 years and has done over a thousand estates. Curtis started in the financial planning game years ago and continues to stay close int he legal services industry. To get started we should talk about some of the questions that will be discussed in the podcast, like is it helpful for families to actually talk about death and assigning kids to be the trustee or there's assets out there, is it wise to have discussions about it prior to...


Are You in the Zero Percent Tax Bracket?

David McKnight bestselling author and speaker joins Dave Hall in episode 10 to discuss how he has helped put thousands of Americans on the road to the zero percent tax bracket. During the podcast they discuss how to protect your retirement savings from the impact of rising taxes. This is a show you don't want to miss. Support the show (


09: Student Loan Debt 101

Jay Fleischman from and the podcast is here to educate you on student loan debt. Support the show (


08: Frugality Can Lead to Happiness

When you hear the word frugal that can mean several things, but to Amanda Blankenship that means happiness. Amanda shares on this episode how to be happy and frugal. She recently got married, moved to Atlanta and is crushing her $90,000 of debt with over half already paid off. Learn her secrets to making a frugal life work with no spend challenges each quarter, weekly budgeting meetings, and how to get your spouse on the savings train. This episode is packed with tips and you will learn...


07: Understanding Your Relationship With Money

It's time to hear one of the most honest and open conversations about money and emotions with Byanna Dee. She is a Success Coach, Master NLP Practitioner & Clinical Hypnotherapist. She is also the host of the Shadowlight Podcast, a speaker, a writer and she can help anyone master their mindset and transform their life from the inside out. Support the show (


06: Side Hustle: How To Get Paid Doing What You Love

Are you ready to have your mind blown? We are talking all about side hustles on this episode with the talented Daniella Flores from Side Hustles are born out of a need for more money, a crappy job or just because you need something to do with your extra time. Daniella is no exception. She said, "side hustling came from spending too much and over compensating, because I kind of had a spending problem". Don’t we all? We all find ourselves going through cycles where we get...


05: The Secret to Cutting Your Grocery Bill in Half

How do you create a company that has generated over $6 million in revenue and over 2000 media segments with less than $500 in paid ads? We are not talking about an instant Amazon selling machine. We are talking about helping people save money on anything from their grocery bill, to travel, to cell phones, to you name it, with less than $500. I bet you are telling yourself that this has to be some sort of scam. Think again, this is all about building a formula that was born out of trial and...


04: Conquering a Mountain of Debt

Steven Donovan from Even Steven Money paid off over $100,000 in debt and shares his story of how we crushed the debt after he found his why and is now a successful Money Coach. Support the show (